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This page allows you to perform an advanced search on the 1860 or 1870 U.S. Population Census in either Augusta County, VA or Franklin County, PA. These searches are separate due to differences in the data recorded by census-takers. For example, in 1860, census-takers recorded information about peoples' occupations, their birthplace, and whether they could read and write. Many of these questions were asked again in 1870, along with new questions about peoples' parents, their schooling, and if they were denied their right to vote. As a result of these differences, two separate Advanced Search forms have been provided to search the specific fields for each year.

This page allows users to search on all information found in the 1860 census (such as the dwelling number, rank in household, school attendance, etc.). If you would like to search only on basic fields found in the Census (name, age, sex, color, occupation, wealth, and birthplace) please use the Basic Search.

A basic search of both years of the Census can be accessed by following the link at the left.

Note: The wild card character is *. It can be substituted for any number of characters at the middle, or back of a word. Please see Tips for Searching for a full explanation.

Year: 18601870 County: AugustaFranklin
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