The Valley of the Shadow

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The communities in Augusta and Franklin Counties sent men into over 40 different military units, U.S. and Confederate. After the war, the United States collated the battlefield reports, dispatches, and other documents that related to the war and published them under the title Offical Records of the War of the Rebellion. As these records indicate, the experiences of Augusta and Franklin Units who served in the war ranged widely.
The Valley Project has extracted all of the reports and correspondence from the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, which relate to our two communities and their regiments of soldiers. We have used the Broadfoot Publishing Co. CD-ROM version of the Army Official Records as our source. We have found the Broadfoot edition to the be the best CD-ROM edition of the Official Records and thank the Broadfoot Publishing Co. for permission to reprint the limited selections here.
This collection contains approximately 1500 records. These records are indexed by date and by the author of the record, and may be examined by county. Additionally, the text of these records may be searched.

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