The Valley of the Shadow

Porte Crayon (David Strother)'s
Drawings of Augusta County

The drawings that we have chosen accompanied several chapters of Porte Crayon's Virginia Illustrated. We have divided them into the three topical categories below. Click on the thumbnail image to bring up a larger illustration. The thumbnails are approximately one quarter the size of the original Tiff images.

We have included the first five chapters of The Adventures of Porte Crayon and his Cousins. They are available as text-only or illustrated versions:

Local Color Drawings

The Virginia Housekeeper The Virginia Housekeeper

Reception in Staunton Reception in Staunton

The Literary Valet The Literary Valet

Pheasant Shooting Pheasant Shooting

The Wagoner The Wagoner

Weyers Cave Drawings

Leonard Moler, the Guide Leonard Moler, the Guide

Entrance to Weyers Cave Entrance to Weyers Cave

Hall of Statuary Hall of Statuary

The Cataract The Cataract

Solomon's Temple Solomon's Temple

The Cathedral The Cathedral

"Le Fantome Noir" Le Fantome Noir

Jacobs Ladder Jacobs Ladder

The Gnome King's Palace The Gnome King's Palace

The Enchanted Moors The Enchanted Moors

The Oyster Shell The Oyster Shell

The Bridal Chamber The Bridal Chamber

Magic Tower Magic Tower

Places of Interest in Augusta County

Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb

Hospital for the Insane Hospital for the Insane

The Chimmnys, Mt Solon The Chimmnys, Mt Solon

The Great Tower The Great Tower

Porte Crayon Sketching Porte Crayon Sketching

The Sign Post The Sign Post

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