The Valley of the Shadow

Augusta and Franklin Counties: 1870 Churches

Church life was prominent in both counties in 1870. Because of higher land values in Pennsylvania than in Virginia, Franklin churches held more valuable property than those in Augusta. Both were dominated by protestant christian sects, with Methodist congregations being most prevalent in Augusta and Reformed German in Franklin.

General Church Statistics

Total # of Churches in the County Total # of Church Buildings in the County Value of All Church Property in the County
Augusta County 95 78 $239,350
Franklin County 90 88 $383,700

Church Denominations

Baptist Episcopal Lutheran Methodist Presbyterian Reformed German United Bretheren in Christ Roman Catholic
Augusta County 19 2 8 35 12 3 15 0
Franklin County 11 1 15 16 13 21 0 2

Source: University of Virginia Geospatial and Statistical Data Center. United States Historical Census Data Browser. ONLINE. 1998. University of Virginia. Available:

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