The Valley of the Shadow

Augusta and Franklin Counties: 1870 Taxation and Property Values

This table shows the relative property values, taxation, and public debt in each county. Taxation was heavier at the state level for people in Augusta, while people in Franklin were taxed most heavily at the town and county levels. Town public debt was higher in Augusta, while county public debt was higher in Franklin.

Taxation and Property Values

Assessed Value of County Property Total State Taxation Total County Taxation Total Town and City Taxation Public Debt in the County Public Debt in Towns and Cities
Augusta County $16,292,184 $104,605 $16,000 $5,358 0 $27,650
Franklin County $12,023,250 $9,775 $62,300 $96,000 $27,000 $9,500

Source: University of Virginia Geospatial and Statistical Data Center. United States Historical Census Data 1998. University of Virginia.
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