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Southern Claims Commission: Claim of William W. Hailey, 1875, Claim No. 19,511

Summary: William W. Hailey filed this claim in 1875 for $215, claiming Union forces under General Hunter took two horses and a saddle in 1864. William was 74 year old farmer near Sherando. In 1863, Confederate soldiers from Georgia carried him 10 miles from home and threatened to hang him before turning him loose. He helped his sons hide in the mountains and eventually flee to the Union in order to escape Confederate Service. The commission allowed $200.

Items Claimed:

Item Claimed: Amount Claimed: Amount Allowed: Amount Disallowed:
1 Mare $100.00 $0.00 $0.00
1 Horse $100.00 $0.00 $0.00
1 Saddle $15.00 $200.00 $15.00

Claims Summary:

Mr. Hailey is 74 years old-a farmer & has lived on the same place 65 years near Sherando in Augusta Co.Va. In '63 soldiers from Georgia arrested him, threatened to hang him, carried him off 10 miles, & turned him loose. He appears to have had the reputation of being a Union Man. Mr. Joseph H. Rankin testifies decidedly in his favor. He refers to several of his neighbors. -We incline to find him loyal.

The two horses were taken by Genl. Hunter's troops in July 1864 when on the march from Staunton they crossed the Blue Ridge.

We allow $200.00

AO Aldis, JB Howell, O. FerrisCommrs of Claims

Testimony: William W. Hailey

Deposition of W. W. Hailey claimant

1 My name is William W Hailey, my age is 74 years. My residence near Sherando, in Augusta County. I have resided at the same place 65 years. My occupation a farmer.

3 Ans. I was born in the State of Virginia.

4 Ans. My residence at the same place as above.

5 Ans. My sympathies were with the Union, at the beginning of the war, and continued so until its close.

6 Ans. I never did or said anything against the Union cause.

7 Ans. I felt at all times ready and willing to help the Union if I could.

8 Ans. I did nothing.

9 Ans. I had no relations that I know of.

10 Ans. I was not in any service at all.

11 Ans. I never made a contribution.

12 Ans. I took the Union side.

13 Ans. I adhered to the Union after secession.

14 Ans. I mourned over any defeat of the Union Army.

15 Ans. I had no favors granted.

16 Ans. I did not take the Ironclad oath.

17 Ans. David Rankin, Henry Dedrick. They are not here for the want of means to get here, they are old men.

18 Ans. I was threatened to be hung. It was about 1863. Soldiers from Georgia, who arrested and carried me off about ten miles, and turned me loose. I took no oath. I was not injured.

20 Ans. I had no property taken.

21 Ans. I had no property confiscated.

22 Ans. I never did anything for the Confederates.

23 Ans. I did nothing.

24 Ans. I was in no business or service of the Confederate authority.

25 Ans. I was in no kind of duty.

26 Ans. I took no oath.

27 Ans. I never had charge of property of any kind. I did not sell anything to the rebels.

28 Ans. I never was in the blockade trafic.

29 Ans. I had no interest in any vessel on any waters, for any purpose.

30 Ans. I never made a loan and had nothing if called upon.

31 Ans. I never contributed anything for any purpose.

32 Ans. I never give any information.

33 Ans. I belonged to no society.

34 Ans. I never took any oath.

35 Ans. I never received a pass.

36 Ans. I had no relations in the service.

37 Ans. I was under no disabilities.

38 Ans. I had nothing to ask pardon for.

39 Ans. I took an amnesty oath, after the war, in 1865 at Staunton, Va. I took it because others were doing so. I had no special reason.

40 Ans. I was never was a prisoner by the United States.

41 Ans. I never was arrested.

42 Ans. I never was fined or assessed.

43 Ans. I had no property taken or sold under the confiscation laws.

44 Ans. I did not vote at all. I did not vote for any candidates or for ratification.

45 Ans. I never belonged to any committee, of any kind or for any purpose.

46 Ans. I never was in any military organization.

47 Ans. I had no connection with any department civil or military, or an way engaged in service.

48 Ans. I never had charge of anything.

49 Ans. I never worked in any business or trade, or did anything for the Confederates.

50 Ans. I had nothing to do with soldiers or prisoners at any time, for any cause.

51 Ans. I never was in the Union service, except to carry provisions to persons, who were escaping the rebel lines.

66 Ans. I owned the property charged in my accounts.

67 Ans. The property was taken from a farm of 80 acres, about 40 acres cleared & 40 acres in timber.

68 Ans. I have never been in bankruptcy.

72 Ans. I was present and saw the property taken. The horses were taken out of the field and the saddle from the house.

73 Ans. The property was taken about 3 O'clock P.M.

74 Ans. I made no complaint, I got no receipt. I did not ask for one.

76 Ans. I have never been paid anything at all.

77 Ans. The property was taken, by troops marching.

78 Ans. The troops were a part of Genl. Hunter's Army, and came from the direction of Staunton, to my house and went on across the Blue ridge Mountain. I heard no names except that of Genl. Hunter. There were a large number of troops, all Cavalry & Artillery. There was a skirmish in about three miles of my house.

79 Ans. One horse was a bright bay, five years old, in pretty good order, about 15 hands high. Worked well, but not much of a riding horse. I really would not have taken $150 in gold for him. The Mare was a dark bay. Eight years old, in good order, of good size, worked well and also rode well. I would not have taken a hundred dollars for her. The Saddle was not much worn. I paid $19.50 for it.

William W. Hailey

Testimony: Joseph H. Rankin

Deposition of Joseph H. Rankin

My name is Joseph H. Rankin, my age is 33 years, my residence near Stuart's Draft in Augusta County. I am a farmer. I am not related to the claimant, and have no special interest in the claim, except as a neighbor. I testify in behalf of the claimant.

53 Ans. I have known the claimant twenty or twenty five years. I have known him intimately all that time.

54 Ans. I lived about 1/4 mile from him during the war.

55 Ans. We met often, sometimes every day.

56 Ans. I often conversed with him about the war. I have heard him say that he did not care how soon the Union Army would come, and that he hoped they (or it) would come. And he was invariably opposed to the rebellion and secession.

57 Ans. I know that he kept his sons out of the Confederate Army, by hiding them in the Mountain, and finally sent them through the lines.

58 Ans. I never knew him to do anything against the Union cause.

59 Ans. I never heard anything said against his loyalty to the Union.

60 Ans. His reputation was that of a Union man. I never a word to the contrary. I know his sentiments by my often talking with him on that subject, and also hearing from his neighbors.

61 Ans. My father David Rankin, Henry Dedrick & Jacob Furr. They could all testify to his loyalty.

62 Ans. I was an adherent of the Union cause, and so regarded by the claimant.

63 Ans. I heard of treats. he was arrested at one time by some rebel soldiers and carried away a short time distance and then turned loose.

64 Ans. He never could have proved any loyalty to the Confederacy by me.

I know nothing of the taken of the property charged. I know that the claimant was the rightful owner and that they horses were good and valuable. I think they were worth more than he has charged for them. The Saddle was good one, and worth $15 or $18.00.

Joseph H. Rankin

Testimony: Martha S. Hailey

Deposition of Martha S. Hailey

My name is Martha S. Hailey, my age is 27 years. I reside near Sherando. I am the daughter of the claimant.

72 Ans. I was present when the property was taken, and saw them when taken. There were a large number of Soldiers present. The horses were taken from the field, and Saddle from the house. The horses were rode away. They were marching toward the mountain and came from the direction of Staunton. I did not hear any officers name mentioned.

73 Ans. It was about 2 or 3 Oclock in the evening. I heard nothing said at all about the taking of the property. They were Cal Cavalry and Artillery.

74 Ans. There was no complaint made, that I heard.

75 Ans. I heard of no receipt.

76 Ans. My father has never received anything in payment for the property. This is the only claim that he has ever presented.

77 Ans. There was no encampment. They were marching. There was a skirmish two or three miles from our house. They told us they had a fight at Piedmont a few days before.

79 Ans. The bay horse was a good animal and so was the Mare, and the Saddle was a little worn. I do not knwo what they were worth.

Martha Susan Hailey

Testimony: Sarah J. Hailey

Deposition of Sarah J. Hailey

My name is Sarah J. Hailey, my age is 40 years. My residence near Sherando. I am the daughter-in-law of the claimant.

72 Ans. I was present and saw the property taken. The two horses were taken from the field, which was in full view of the house, and the Saddle was taken from the house. The horses were rode off. There were a very large number of Soldiers present. I heard no officer named.

73 Ans. The horses and saddle were taken in the afternoon. There was no secrecy shown at all.

74 Ans. I heard no complaint made.

75 Ans. No receipt asked for or given that I heard of.

76 Ans. I never heard of any payment being made or asked for except by the present claim.

77 Ans. The troops were marching at the time the property was taken. They came from the direction of Staunton, and went on in the direction of the mountain. I heard them say they had a little brush not far off.

79 Ans. The horses were both in good condition, and the saddle not much worn. I do not know anything of their true value.

Sarah J. Hailey

Bibliographic Information : Southern Claims Commission: Claim of William W. Hailey, 1875, Claim No. 19,511, Source copy consulted: National Archives, College Park, RG 217, claim #19511.

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