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Franklin County: Diary of Amos Stouffer

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About the Electronic Version:

Franklin County: Diary of Amos Stouffer (1863)
Stouffer, Amos

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Amanda Mushal
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Amanda Mushal, Virginia Center for Digital History

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Created: 2002

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About the Print Version:

Franklin County: Diary of Amos Stouffer
Amos Stouffer

Source copy consulted: "The Rebs Are Yet Thick About Us": The Civil War Diary of Amos Stouffer of Chambersburg, ed. William Garrett Piston, Civil War History: A Journal of the Middle Period 38:3 (September 1992), 210-231. Reproduced by permission of The Kent State University Press.

Used with permission from Published Source

Originally Created: 1863-01-06-1863-12-13

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