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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, September 23, 1861

Kersh provides news of the battle of Cheat Mountain.

George P. Kersh

September 23, 1861

Ottobine Chappel, Highland County VA

Dear Sir

I take this opportunity to inform you how we are getting along I have nothing of importance to write to you there are rumors come to camp every day nearly but they prove to be false as I stated in my other letter that the Yankees were leaving Cheat Mountain proves to be false it is said that they are still there and well fortified Our men cant fight them where they are to any advantage it is their intention. now I believe to surround them and cut off their supplies if they can their provisions must be scarce now as I heard some of our boys say the other day that their rations was one cracker a day for each man I dont know how true it is so many lies are raised The news came to camp yesterday morning that they Yankees fired on the militia at Petersburg with their artillery and scattered them every direction but it is believed to be a false report now they say that the Rockbridge Militia is called out to go to Petersburg Our Colonel Received a dispatch from Winchester yesterday that they want a Reinforcement there They intend to tare up some railroad and burn some Bridges probably we may go there yet in the rounds. the fact is we dont know where we may be called to go as I had stated in the letter I written before this that we started for Greenbrier River and had to change our line of March for Petersburg we Marched ten miles on our way for Petersburg camped and are still encamped at Strait Creek Autobine Chapel some call it forks of waters Autobine Chapel I dont know which is the proper name

The regiment and artillery that was to meet us here from Bedford part which was in Staunton when we left went down to Wises Legions The Danville flying artillery come here on Tuesday evening from Greenbrier River they had [illeg.] artillery they had intended going with us But the two regiments that had started from Greenbrier River to meet us here and were called ordered back again and so they started early this morning for the Allegheny Mountains We had a company of troopers from Monterey Captain Miller intends making an artillery company he is going to Start to Staunton to Morrow to see if he can get cannon We have a very nice camp ground flat bottom between the Mountains Since I written first Some of us have been taken sick Junius R Craun has the yellow Jaundice he is getting well again William Cupp has been right poorly getting better Joseph Goin William vanfossen also went to the Hospital the three some of the boys has got the Measles some the Mumps none but James Craun in our mess sick as to myself I am well as common the boys are all in good spirits and seem anxious for a brush with the Yankees I would like for you to write how you are all at home if you write Direct your letter to Hull in care of Colonel Baldwin 52nd Regiment Virginia Volunteers

Yours Respectfully

Adam W Kersh

P S Colonel Baldwin has an express which follows his Regiment which enables soldiers to send and receive letter promptly

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