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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, February 4, 1862

Kersh reacts to the news from home about the death of his mother.

George P. Kersh

February 4th, 1862

Camp Allegheny, Pocohontas County, VA

Dear Brother

I received your letter on the 3rd stating the unexpected death of our Mother Little did I think when your letter come to hand that it contained such sad news My feelings may be better be imagined then described being away from home and being denied the pleasure of ever seeing her face again on earth The thoughts of never seeing the object I held most dear on earth makes me feel very sad indeed But we have the consoling thought that she is gone to a better world where the wicked cease from trouble and the weary are at rest Therefore we ought to try and walk more upright and try to obtain that rest which is prepared for the righteous in a better world than this That we may meet together in that land where parting is no more If it would been any chance of getting furlough, I would have come home long ago But there is where they fooled us when we volunteered promised us furloughs but never gave them it is still rumored in camp that we will get furloughs before long the Married men to go first but I wont believe it till I see it We had a snow here on the 2nd about five inches deep it drifted some the snow being very fine and the wind blowing kept our cabins pretty wet inside the boards on our cabin do not fit down very close therefore it has all chance to come in the weather is fair here now and it is not so very cold the winter here so far is about like our common winter in Augusta the roads here are froze up and dont appear very bad now trains of wagons come in regular still with provisions we fare pretty well here much better than I expected we get plenty to eat still nothing strange going on in camp the boys are lively and kicking around all our company are well except two that are here and they are getting well again they had the fever one of our messmates come in the other day he stated that the balance were coming in a few days that had went home on sick furlough we have ten or twelve able to come as I have no news of importance I will close I am in good health and hope these few lines may find you enjoying the same blessing

Your brother

Adam W Kersh

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