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Augusta County: Thomas Garber to Addie Garber, August 15, 1862

Thomas Garber tells his sister about the military company he has joined.

Aug 15th, 1862

Camp Gordonsville

Dear Sister,

I have wanted to write home but I have not had a chance I came up to Cousin John's for some bread and while they are cooking it I thought I would write a few lines home we have been on picket ever since Tuesday and just got off this morning. On Monday the whole Brigade were drawn up in line of battle I was sure we were going to have a fight but the "Yanks" commenced to shell out and we left the field in double quick time Gen. Robinson in the front I could see the Yankees very

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plainly they were about 1 mile off they had a great deal more men than we did I counted six Regiments of them all mounted. You asked me what company I had joined, I have joined Capt C J O'Ferral's from Warren County Va he has some very nice men in his company. I am carrying the colors for the Regiment it is not as much trouble as I thought it was at first they only trouble is I have is I cannot manage my horse very well. by the way tell Pa to see Col Frank about them spurs tell him I am very much in need of a pair I have but one and that is a very mean one. Col. Frank promised to have me a pair made at

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the state shops. I have seen Ash & Mike several times but have not seen Ned but once and then I passed while he was marching and I was caring a dispatch to Gen. Jackson so I could not have much talk with him he was looking very well, how is Sister Seal I hope she is not very sick give my love to her and tell her I will write to her soon give my love to Pa, Ma Kate & Nelly and all others who ask for me you must excuse me for not writing sooner but I have written a good many times and when I had finished I would have to go some where and would put the letter in my pocket until it

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was spoiled it is getting dark so I must stop I have to go 9 miles tonight so you must excuse me for not finishing this sheet.

Your Bro

Thos M Garber

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