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Augusta County: Asher Harman to Albert Garber, September 24, 1862

Harman writes to his Uncle Albert to praise the bravery and dedication of his cousin, Thomas Garber.

September 24th , 1862

Camp near Charlestown

Dear Uncle,

I have been for some time intending to write you, but pressing times have prevented my doing so. For a wonder I am quiet this morning with nothing but the usual camp duties to perform.

Tom is well, tell his Mother that I have been very much & agreeably disappointed with him. When he left Staunton with me I though he would be hard to manage & in truth I thought him little or no account. But I have found him not only useful, generous and Brave to a fault, But I have found in him a pious regard for the truth, His word when given never broken, a disposition and temper rarely if ever muffled, and for one of his age a Boy that any one might be proud to call their son. In the Ardous & hotly contested fields we have operated on. He has always been at his Post. And at Brandy Manasas & Poulsville my heart

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beat with pride, when I saw the flag of my Regiment ever in front & borne proudly in the hottest of the fight by him. Say to his Mother that I will care for him as I would [deleted: & will] for one of my Boys if they were old enough to fight for their country's freedom. I have made no request of Tom, but that is has been readily granted. He has thrown aside whiskey smoking & tobacco, and I think is trying very hard to be all that you & his Mother would desire him to be. I have not written this to flatter him, but as a just tribute to a good & gallant Boy. My kindest Love to Aunt Mary Jane Addy & the Children By the way the Boys tell me Addy & Gen. Thomson are about making a match, tell Addy she must wait until Tom & me can come Home, to enjoy the fun & good things. Cousin Jimmy shall give her a big fuss. Good bye.

Your affec nephew

Asher W Harman

I saw Asher & Mike Sunday. Gen Lee said theirs was the best served Battery on the Field.

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