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Augusta County: Thomas Garber to Addie Garber, May 29, 1863

Thomas Garber writes to his sister about a recent church service in camp.

May 29, 1863

Camp Near Harrisonburg

Dear Sister Addie

We start tomorrow for the Rappahanock & as I don't when I shall have a chance to write to you again I thought I would write you a few lines this evening.

Mr Maury had church this morning in camp. he had a very slim congregation, but he gave us a very nice sermon. Give my love to Ash & Mike when you write to them tell them I hope to see them before long. Tell Pa that Cousin Ash said he would speak to him about my going to Lexington to school. Give my love to sister Seal & tell her I was sory I did get to see her when I was in town the other day excuse this short note as I have nothing else to say enclosed [illeg.] will find a note for cousin will you [illeg.]

Thos M. Garber

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