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Augusta County: Lewis Harman to Addie Garber, July 20, 1863

Harman informs his cousin Addie that he is sending Thomas Garber's belongings back home following his death.

July 20, 1863

Hd.Qtr. 12th Va. Calvary
Rippon Jeff Co

Dear Addie,

Your letter of the 15th has just been received & as I expect we will be marching soon I will answer it at once. I started Dear Tom's knapsack home on the 17th inst. in the care of [unclear: Ferd Callighan ] who took Uncle Ash's baggage home after his sad accident which I suppose you have heard of before this. I have also poor Tom's knife & Testament which I failed to send by Ferd on the 17, I will take good care of both & send them home to you by first opportunity. Unfortunately I did not see dear Tom on the morning after he died, as we moved forward at dawn in pursuit of the enemy, when I had gotten back in the evening he had been buried by a party of his Company who had been sent to bury the dear fellow. The poor fellow suffered very little Dear Cousin, & I am sure he died as I wish to die & all other brave soldiers fighting in our most just cause. When I see you which I hope will not be a very long time from this I will tell you all I know. You must excuse this short note, as I have not the heart to write after my late misfortune in loving my dear Uncle. Goodbye love to all

Yr affectionate cousin


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