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Augusta County: Diary of Harvey Bear (1862-1863)

About Harvey Bear:
Harvey Bear lived near Churchville in Augusta County during the war. Along with his slaves and family members, Bear cultivated his land, practicing mixed agriculture and raising livestock for sale and consumption. In his diary, Bear chronicled his transactions nearby in his community and surrounding towns and further away in Richmond, sometimes for cash and sometimes for exchange. Shorter entries reveal Bear's involvement in agricultural organizations, religious activities, and local politics. Though Bear primarily described the work of a wealthy farmer and his laborers during the war, he also provided glimpses into the lives of his own family members and those of his friends and neighbors. Brief references to the war include the movement of troops, interactions with military officers, supplying the Confederate army, and the actions of the local militia.


January 1862

Jan 1st

very windy Was in Staunton today hired Hardin to Colonel Harman, day passed off quiet, no sales, very few [illeg.] men,

(Jan 2)

hired Lyons [footnote: Later, Bear referred to Lyons as a "Man of Colour."] to chop, sent letter to J S Effinger Richmond concerning Plaster +c


pulled off corn too dry quit, hauled rails +c commenced sleeting in evening. wrote to Mr Lochridge concerning yoke steers,


still cloudy very dry Hauled 5 Loads wood to Churchville Very slippery + dangerous Hauling


Sunday Very cold rained + Snowed some at night


Chopping Wood Mr Seig + Mr N H Hotchkiss rode over my farm to report to our Farmers Club next meeting

Jan (7th)

Cold + Cloudy


Farmers Club met today at Mr Trimble's day passed off fine


carried Captain Hoover's sheep home, traded sheep with Samuel Cochran


entered in bond with Thomas N. Lindsey as Postmaster.


Brought Jack from Mr Seig's to my house commenced Plowing sent Mrs Fisher 9 1/2 lbs Pork rained at night

Sunday (12)

Stayed at home all day (Fannie sick)


Plowing Hill




Sent team to Forge for Iron for Mr. Euritt rained + sleeted best part of day.


Went to see about a school for Rebecca eat dinner at F Hoover's found his babe sick


prized up negro House drizzling rain nearly all day repaired sill Mssrs. Dedrick + Hotchkiss helped,

Sunday 19

warm + cloudy went to church


Cloudy + warm some rain considerable Thunder + lightning


Cloudy + wet paid Mr. Thomas shoe at 5 80 bought 8 lb While lead 15c lb sent 106 Dollars to C H Bear to lift firm note still owe him $5.12


still cloudy + damp some snow,


sent a letter to Jacob Hanger concerning the purchase of a yoke of steers settled with Mr Hizer Recd pay for Horse. Recd side soleather, Recd, Recd order of James Wilson Esqr for necessaries furnished Mrs Fisher + Mrs Grady, Claimants to County fund for [illeg.] sent a letter to Mr. Effinger (Richmond) for 2 ton more plaster


chopped on clearing 1/2 day Mr. Hotchkiss came over + rived out a lot of Plow handles. Commenced Snowing about 12 O clock snowed very fast + still snowing when night came on. heard today my plaster is shipped.


Hauled manure on wheat sowed plster on the manure after spread, sowed narrow strip plaster on Wheat from stack at edge of manure to the fence corner above cherry + two cedar trees ground covered with snow now

Jan Sunday (26)

Went to church,


went to Staunton Sidney went along left her, Deposited ninety five Dollars in bank (Valley) had Hotchkiss bill of sale recorded recd 21 Dollars 3 cts of county, paid one Dollar for recording bill of sale, received bill of Plaster +c of R W. Pierce +c Amount due him 56.18 Recd note of Harrison H. Teaford for Abram's board for this year to end with this year, 31st Decr 62


Returned Mr. Hizer 15 Fifteen Dollars (5 + 10) note for current, Howard Huston here on his way to Rockingham,


Chopped clearing James Henry [footnote: James Henry was probably a younger relative of Harvey Bear. He appears as a member of the Bear household in the 1870 Census, but not the 1860 census.] Deposited 35 Dollars in bank, brought Sidney Home, very pretty day very war,


Killed Beef, rained all day


went to church Mr. Junken preached cut up beef in evening sent Mrs Fisher 47 +s also 3 1/2 lb Lard

February 1862

Feb (1st)

went to church ground covered with snow this morning very slippery riding received letter from Effinger containing receipt of check sent him 56.16 called on Mr. Jed Hotchkiss saw his maps +c.

Sunday (2nd)

Sacrament of Lord's Supper administered at our church to day Mr Junken assisted all the time 4 persons admitted in our church by Examination Mr. Junken Preached in Churchville in evening

Monday (3rd) Feb

Snowing early in morning Hardin came home this morning. Rebecca went up to her school, called and settled with Jacob Hanger, paid him chopped wood for Mrs. Fisher


Thrashed off clover seed and covered apples in garden found them keeping pretty well, packed up 3 barrels to send to Richmond, Received letter from Jacob Hanger, James Henry Started to school Salted beef 4th [footnote: This last line appears as a notation in the margin of the page.]


was going to butcher today but rain prevented rained nearly all day, cleaned clover seed 2 3/4 bushels filled 4 bags with B Flour 5 to each left empty barrel at mill Mr H. Harris came + stayed all night


helped dig grave for Mr. Snelling's Daughter Buried in evening, Miss Kate + Angie + Miss Teaford paid us a visit


put up new style + hitching rack Received letter from Mr Burk concerning Plaster, Dr. Wilson paid me for 4 ton Plaster $64.20, James Henry went to see Rebecca

(Sunday 9)

was at church thin congregation


Sent Wagon to Staunton, for Plaster sent 3 barrels apples + 6 Bags B Flour to Richmond to Taylor + Son, Deposited 101 Dollars in bank


Killed 6 Hogs weighing 1007 lbs average weight 168 lbs

Feb 12th

Salted pork lightly, spread on floor put beef steak in pickle sent Biby 2 loads wood. sent Mrs Fisher 18 lbs chine [footnote: a cut of meat] +c


Farmers Club met at Mr. Seig's, was there, sent Dennis to Staunton for plaster, also sent 1 load wood which he left on road, road very bad could not haul it,


Received order from James Wilson to Furnish Mrs Grady 1.25 cents worth of provisions for Week it being her allowance from county fund. furnished her 5 1/2 lbs Bacon, plowing today commenced Pruning orchard, Furnished Mrs Fisher 3 1/2 lbs Lard,


Snowing early in morning Dennis plowing + turned down 3 inches snow, Salted pork

Sunday 16th Feb

was at Church very bad riding [illeg.] met + appointed delegate to got to Presbytery at Staunton on 20th


Rained moderately all day Received letter from Jacob Hanger concerning yoke steers,


Hauled wood to Chruchville 2 Loads Mr. Euritt 1 Mrs Fisher 1 Mr. Thomas Thomas paid 1 Dollar Settled with Mr. Lindsey he fell in my Debt 14.16 sent $14.16 with him to Richmond to buy Cotton yarn, warm + Clear,


rained all day Andrew Ervine stayed until evening hauled Mr. Lindsey some straw brought it up from shop sleeted,


went to Staunton Presbytery met + Received Mr. Samuel Brown's resignation + declared the Falling Spring church vacant. settled with Mosley + Taylor fell in their debt 5.63 paid, Came by Mr. Hoover's + Found him quite sick, [illeg.] River quite high, Plowed Mr. Hotchkiss + Mr. Dedrick Called both Stayed until after Dinner, Settled with Mr. Dedrick fell in his debt 4.30 credited the same in my book, let him have 14 1/2 lbs Bacon


Chopped + Hauled wood with 2 horse team, Plowed Hauled Mr. Euritt 1 Load Rained all night,

(23) Sunday

Went to church at Churchville Mr. Arnold Preached at Funeral for Mr. Stephen Myers's Children which had been buried some time before,


very pretty bright morning, commenced storming about nine o'clock rained some wind blew very hard the balance of the day, blew over one of my Hay stacks, also a considerable amount of fence settled with Benjamin H. Licklider fell in his debt 1.82 paid him, Sent to Staunton for 5 lbs Nails paid 15 per pound bought new Boots from Shoemaker for self + Hardin


went to saw mill brought home 222 Feet plank bought of Mr. Koontz am to pay him 2.25, worked colt did very well, fixed up hay stack, making boxes for hens to lay in, had 1 shoe put on horse


very pretty morning, put up fence, Brined my Pork, Plowing, rained after Dinner,


Chopped Wood + Hauled 4 Loads to Mr. Biby, 1 To Mr. Dedrick, 1 to Rev Arnold, Mr. Thomas took measures to make slippers, Dr. Wilson Borrowed Horse To go to Staunton,


went to church, this day was set apart by the President for humiliation + Prayer, very windy + cold,

March 1862

(March 1st)

cut corn stalks, finished pulling corn had 2, 2 horse Loads hauled it in barn, Hauled some fodder in stable mow, ground frozen clouded up a while after dark Took slipper patterns to Mr Thomas to make Fannie Received letter from Harrisonburg informing her that Bettie Effinger was Very sick, went to prayer meeting at night, furnished Mrs. Grady 27 1/2 lbs Flour furnished Lyons (Man of Colour) 14 lbs flour for one day's chopping,

(Sunday) morning

slight [illeg.] of snow, commenced raining about 9 o'clock, started to Harrisonburg with Fannie + Frank about 10 o'clock, found the road very bad commenced sleeting + snowing about 12 o'clock considerable Thunder + lightning between 12 + 1 o'clock, (something very unusual) we stopped at Mrs. Neffs + warmed + dried our selves ceased raining we got along with the exception of the road being Very bad arrived at Harrisonburg about 6 o'clock, was informed Bettie Effinger something better, stayed all night with Mr. Bell


next morning (3) called to see Bettie, started home with Frank between 9 + 10, commenced raining about 12 rained very fast stopped at Mrs. Neff's horses fed + dinner, arrived at home some time after dark nearly 8 o'clock,


Trees all covered with Ice, ground slightly frozen, Hauled corn to crib Hauled Mr. Thomas 1 Load wood Hauled in small stack Hay, Captain Huff paid Mrs Grady's account (4 of 3.60)


T. N. Lindsey paid his account of 14.16. had George's colt shod behind very hard to shoe, Trimmed apple trees after Dinner, bought 4/4 Angus of Mr. Lindsey,


Hauling Wood in fore part of the day Plowing after Dinner wrote letter to Col Baldwin Preserving Currents + [illeg.]berry's


Hauled Fodder 1/2 day hauled rock after Dinner went to funeral of Koontz's + Biby's children Recd letter from Fannie Bettie is better

Sunday (9)

went to church in morning in evening went to funeral of Helem's child,


raining in morning Dinner Plowing, pruning Trees, removed Turnips to seller,


sent 36 Dz egges 18 1/2 lbs Butter 2 1/2 bus Turnips 1/2 bus Beets to Staunton, lent Mrs Lindsey horse to go to her brothers, sent letter to Fannie enclosed $10 to her recd pay for Eggs +c 20s for Eggs 35s for Butter 50s for turnips + [illeg.] came that the Militia must report themselves in Staunton on Friaday next with two days rations to march immediately to Winchester


Sowed clover seed on rye in newground, received answer to letter from Col Baldwin,


this is the day our of our regular Club meeting, but postponed until next Wednesday, by request of Mr. Greding at whose house we meet, Election day for or against nullifying the constitution to kept open 3 days very votes polled to day I acting as one of the commissioners, sowed plaster on rye + grass in new field in the morning commenced raining about 10 Oclock came thunder, rained nearly all day bought first reader for Frank found sow with a litter of 10 pigs, (in woods,) hope they may do well, this evening at candle lighting was appointed for prayer meeting, none attended owing to the excitement, sorry for it,


Plowing, the Militia order to report in Staunton, they returned in evening to report next morning, I attended the election all the time to day,


went to Staunton for Fannie we returned in evening, rained nearly all day, the Militia ordered to report Monday, some men from our neighborhood disgraced them selves + familys by running to the mountain, to avoid being drafted,

Sunday 16th

went to church small congregation.


The 160 regiment of Militia started for Strasburg where they have to report to Genl Jackson, Mr. Dinkles little Maggie Died poor child had to suffer immense sick some 20 days, she is to be buried tomorrow 11 Oclock,


helped dig grave, very pretty day,


Farmer Club met at Mr. Gredings, 7 members present, next meeting to be at Dr. Wilsons planted Peas in evening, commenced raining,


went to Mr. Shueys sale bought Old side saddle, roads very bad, rained lightly all day in evening rained harder at night quite hard


Snowing in morning


brought carriage body from saw mill


ground paint +c


Sunday was at church no preaching, Prayer Meeting


went to Staunton saw Mr Seig getting better, very cold, heard Federal troops left Winchester Gen. Jackson following them up,


ground paint for carriage heard this evening Jackson had a battle five miles this side of Winchester on last Sunday heard he was repulsed with considerable loss, not know how many the Federals lost,


settled with Mr. Hensel, Mr. Ervine called to day on his way to Mr. Crawford, did some spading in garden,


Painted carriage, worked in garden +c


Sowed clover seed + chopped on field above barn,


Sowed plaster on wheat above barn + on wheat + grass in second field above orchard rained in evening froze on trees +c


Sunday went to Church at Churchville


Sowed 3 bus Barley in Corn stalks field sowed the balance in Oats 14 bus plowed it in with double shovels without plowing with [illeg.]

April 1862

April 2

planted a row potatoes in garden 1 row peas,

Apl 3

Planted Garden [illeg.] planted potatoes in patch behind Dry house,


painted carriage


Rained Hauled 1 Load to Everitt,

6 Sunday

went to church,

Monday 4th,

painted Carriage, Sowed plaster in field next to newground went to Staunton, snowed + sleeted all the evening

8th 9th

rained sleeted + snowed both days made brooms, as many as 12


Farmers Club met at Dr. Wilsons, had a very pleasant time, Hauled wood 1 Load to Rev. Arnold 1 to Everitt 1 to Thomas, call to see Mr. Sellers in evening


Hauled Wood 1 Load to Mr. Helms paid 1 2 to Mr Biby 1 to Rev. Arnold pruned Trees in Orchard trimmed George's Hair, made several chicken coops +c Have a young Calf


Hauled Leaves in barn yard Home company met at churchville + organized they are to meet next Saturday 3 o'clock,

Sunday 13th

went to church

Monday 14th

Sowed Oats it was too wet quite sowed clover seed where I sowed oats, harrowed corn after dinner, still cloudy + has been nearly every day since the 5th)


Raining, brought 6 Barrels flour from Mill put it in smoke House Hauled C. 1 Load wood


Presbytery met at Union church Rev. Mr. Junkin preached the opening [illeg.] [illeg.]

17 18

was over every day adjourned to day very pleasant meeting


Dr McFarland preached rained very hard army [illeg.]


Sunday Sacrament very rainy very few persons at church Great Excitement caused by a move ment in the Army excitement on yesterday still continues rained all day


Rained all day + at night last night water high excitement not abated Genl Johnson passed through Churchville to day on his way to his army at West View took Dinner with Mr. Lindsey Mr. Emmerson at my house Mr. Price left this morning


went part the way with Rebecca on her way to her school, stopped at the camp near west View found the soldiers in fine Spirits


Great excitement concerning the move ment of the enemy some of their scouts in Jennings Gap took Wm Hite prisoner with two others. Number of our cavalry in churchville scouting the roads we expect the enemy in here Howard Hudson here


Sent 10 pieces Bacon to Mr. Lindseys 9 hams 1 shoulder, sent Mr. Dedrick 113 lbs Bacon sent Barrels To J Hanger

April 25

Sent Captain Hottle horse to aide to Mt Solon J. B. Sellers rode bay horse Fan To Rockbridge to have her out of the way of the Federals if they come in he is to sell her if not return her,


brought brand + some Flour from J. H. [illeg.] excitement still prevailing not knowing what the move ment of our army will be, the evacuation of the Valley seem evident, sold 76 lbs Bacon to Camp at Churchville

Sunday 27t

went to church but few numbers, Bishop Glossbrenner preached at churchville in evening large assembly sent 100 lbs Bacon to camp at Churchville Clear weather


Heard to day the Federals leaving the grass gone across Shenandoah Mountain Harrowed in corn ground Capt Hottle returned with horse sent G M. with him to coamp still clear


Sowed Oats cloudy rained some in morning, Shearing sheep, sent 10 bus Oats to Camp Churchville Rockbridge Cavalry


31 1/2 bus Oats by Mr. Myers, sowing Oats, washed Wool, Planted peas + Beans 30 bus Oats to Rockbridge Cavalry Cloudy some rain,

May 1862

May 1st

Cloudy + Drizling rain rained all night, 30 bus Oats Rockbridge Cavalry 70 1/2 lbs Bacon R. C, sowed clover seed


Clear this morning, shower rain at 2 Oclock, lent Andrew Ervine horse to go home to be back tomorrow Mare Souce Has a colt this morning boys repairing fence, pruned apple trees, sent Jas Henry to Staunton with a check from Mssers Hotchkiss to pay note in Col Baylors hands Baylor did not receive it 20 1/2 bus Oats to R Cavalry 6 to Churchville Do Daved Bear Hopkins + Whitner stayed all night, with us,


Harrowing corn ground very pretty day, 29 bus Oats R. C. 60 lbs Bacon C. C. A Ervine returned with horse, Lieutenant Hanger Q. M. paid me $35 75-

Sunday 4th

went to church at Churchville Rev Mr. Arnold preached. Rev. Mr. Walker preached in evening


Commenced planting corn, sold 15 lbs Bacon ham to Capt Mc[illeg.] sold 71 lbs Bacon to R. C. 22 lbs to C. C. heard to day Gen Jackson bringing reinforcemtns to Staunton Federals at McDowall some this side Shenandoah Mountain expect an attack in a few days


Sold 41 lbs Bacon to Charlotte Cavalry, 61 lbs D to Churchville Cavalry finished planting in far field


Harrowing for corn helped J. H. B Sellers to plant corn Col. Johnson passing with his army through the Mountain,


Planting corn very pretty weather, heard cannon from 12 to about 3 Oclock supposed to be the federals on Bull pasture Mountain,


finished planting corn in chesnut tree field


Dennis + the boys helped C. B to plant corn, finished plowing in orchard, rode [illeg.] to Dr Wilsons

Sunday 11t

went to church at Churchville Rev Mr. Davis preached, Bishop Glossbrenner preached in evening


Sowed Oats in Orchard + Sowed orchard Grass + Clover after dinner commenced plowin in Mr. Hotchkiss's field,


Raining set out plants +ce.


Farmers Club met at Mr. Hotchkiss had a good time, Cavalry left Churchville, Genl Jacksons army came on this side of S. Mountain, raining nearly all day,


Went to church very few persons there [illeg.] wagons across the river to day in evening visited Army in Jennings Gap, returned home at dark found a lot of soldiers at my house for the night,


Rained all day Hauled 2 Loads Wood to Mr. Biby commenced plowing in orchard, helped Mr Hotchkiss to scrape manure, took Mare Huldy to Dr Wilsons, 3 soldiers here for the night with 2 Ambulances, Sidney + Jas H went to Mr. Trimbles, cloudy + warm Gen. Jacksons + Johnson's army near S. Springs,

18th Sunday

went to church Churchville, Sacrament administered, Methodist,


Plowing at Mr. Hotchkiss, Plowing in Orchard at home, had Mare Fran to Jack,


finished Plowing Orchard Marked calves, +c,


Planted corn in orchard some sugar Cane,


Election for Sheriff Commissioners of revenue +c, very few votes,


[illeg.] corn ground at Hotchkiss's


Planted corn rained slightly all day,

Sunday 25t

went to church at Churchville


took my Cattle to Mountain (7 head) Harden Plowing Corn


Planting potatoes in Orchard, received 147.75/100 Dollars of G. A. Hanger Q. M. have on hand 340$


went to Staunton lent Dr Wilson 2 horses + driver to haul a load of lumber to Staunton, helped Mr. Hotchkiss to haul Manure with 2 hands + one two horse wagon


Went round to hire teams to start to Winchester to morrow for stores taken by our army from enemy succeeded very well fixed up my team with Capt Sterretts.


Going with teams have charge of them have 80$n have 7.50$ for Mr. E. (Teams went by Staunton) Started to Harrisonburg by way of [illeg.] took Frank with me, stopped at mr. Ferry's out of a storm hailed considerable, arrived in Harrisonburg in evening but my horse at tavern stayed with mr. Bell,


Teams arrived here about 12 Oclock, paid Mr. Effinger $7.50 stayed all night with A. B. [illeg.] about 3 miles from town,

June 1862

Sunday June 1st

Started to over take teames, teames ordered back when they were a short distance below Mt Jackson, owing to the advance of the enemy,


passed through HB. loaded my teams with hauling from Rockingham teams, traveled up + crossed the South river, stayed all night on on the back of River rained during night very hard,


River fast fording, delivered our Loads at Staunton all safe, arrived home in evening

Wednesday 4th

rained all last night waters very high rained all day

Thursday 5th

Wading Oats [illeg.] [illeg.] thining corn was sick all day,

Friday 6th

Wm A [illeg.] shipped with us on his way home from army sick looking very badly went home with him in evening, stayed all night Fannie + Frank was along, left the boys to plant potatoes +c

Saturday 7th

went to Mountain to Salt Cattle failed to find them, returned home in the evening very tired found Mr. Boyd + Mr. Whitmere at my house, traveling out of the way of enemy,

Sunday 8th

went to Churchville to church Bishop Glosbrenner preached

Monday 9th

heard cannonading from 7 Oclock until about 9 in the direction of Port republic, Mr. Byod + Whitmere started up the valley Plowing corn very cool in morning, commenced raining about 3 Oclock, rained until night,

Tuesday 10th

raining sold steer to government sent him in Mr. Siegs lot he to receive pay for him weigh 966 lbs helped to lot of cattle beyond Staunton very little news to day concerning army Genl Jackson repulsed the enemy on yesterday with considerable loss to enemy has now in Browns Gap awaiting reinforcements, considerable of his men wounded

Wednesday 11th

thining corn, set out potatoe slips,

Thursday 12th

F Clubs met at Chapt Sandersons, very pleasant time adjourned to meet 2nd Thursday in August at Jas Wilsons Esq, quite clear + warm good day for wheat + corn, wheat threatened with rust, paid to F Club Ten Dollar for Mule [illeg.],

Friday 13th

Sent by Jas F. Bell $129.50 to pay to J. B. Trimble, for Lindsey Wilson + Bear recd of Bell $28 for sheep replanted corn in Orchard

Saturday 14th

Plowed corn Jas Henry Plowing for C Bear

Sunday 15

Went to church Churchville,

Monday 16th

finished Plowin one corn at home went to field at Mr. Hotchkiss after dinner, very cool weather feels like frost,

Tuesday 17

still cool finished plowing at Mr. Hotchkiss, plowed Mr. Biby's lot

(Wednesday 18)

planted potatoes in peach Orchard [illeg.] Hauled Wood Plowed Mr. Arnolds lot + Mr Lechtilers, Mr. Nicholas Rhyon paid me 25 Dollars for Bacon got one years age

(Thursday 19th)

commenced plowing back of orchard for Buck Wheat, plowing + bowing corn, one hand mowing clover

(Friday 20th)

plowing + hoeing corn all hands, Uncle Andrew [illeg.] us a visit

Saturday 21th

finished hoeing the upper field corn boy brought in lot of hay + went Fishing after dinner

Sunday 22st

went to church

Monday 23nd

howeing corn in chesnut tree field

(Tuesday) 24rd

went to mountain to salt cattle only found two,

Wednesday 25

working in corn boys mowing

(Thursday) 26th

working in corn

(Friday) 27

making + hauling hay

Saturday 28th

Sent Mr. Tates note by Jas Henry for collection he left it with Jas F Bell.

Sunday 29th

went to church at churchville

Monday 30

Plowing at Mr Hotchkiss for Buck Wheat made hay +c.

Tuesday July 1

Jas H + Hardin helped Mr Hotchkiss to harvest finished plowing sowed B wheat plowed [illeg.] in

Wednesday 2nd

rained all day

Thursday 3rd

Jas H + Dennis helped Mr H. to harvest finished sowing B Wheat in bottom sawed 5 bus Harvested some at home

Friday 4

Jas H + Dennis cutting wheat Harden Plowing back of orchard woed B. Wheat 2 bus + 1 bus Rye harrowed it twice G. M. went for Rebecca this evening, Cherry ripe

Saturday 5th

Cutting Wheat three hands from Mr. Hotchkiss

Sunday 6th

pd 50 in collection

Monday 7th

cutting Wheat 3 hands from Mr. Hotchkiss

Tuesday 8th

sent Jas Henry George + Hardin to Mr. Hotchkiss

Wednesday 9t

sent Jas Henry to Mr. Hotchkiss still cutting at home Wheat dead ripe

Thursday 10th

Finished cutting grain by 5 Oclock, went to C B + cut after supper

Friday 11t

raining in the morning finished cutting C. B. grain after Dinner

Saturday 12

Dennis + Hardin harvesting for themselves Cleaned Garden + sugar cane Jas Henry harvested at Mr. Sterretts after dinner

Sunday 13

went to church

Monday 14t

hoed potatoes +c Jas Henry + Dennis plowing corn

Tuesday 15t

Plowing Corn +c finished hoeing Potatoes + Beans rain in evening

Wednesday 16

Hauling in Wheat hauled 102 Dz out of field at barn, Shower of rain in evening Jas F. Bell here for hands to Harvest, Wm Sellers + Mr Wood here on a Visit, rained nearly all night was 7 Days cutting grain

Thursday 17th

Sent Jas Henry George Dennis + Hardin to help Jas F. Bell harvest very warm in morning rained about 1 Oclock continued all evening very gentle rain rited up my Wheat stacks in morning

Friday 18th

Rained all day Mended Bridles +c

Saturday 19t

put brush to cucumber Vines, set out some sweet potatoe slips sold Dr Cosin 14 lbs Bacon 1/6

Sunday 20t

went to church Rained about 2 Oclock

Monday 21st

Hauling in Wheat with two 2 horse teams Rebecca gave me 5$ on deposit

Tuesday 22

Hauling in Grain Finished Hauling Wheat

Wednesday 23rd

Plowin corn mowing +c brought Mr Bells mower down

Thursday 24th

Mowing with mower, cut C B. Oats

Friday 25

finished mowing in with mower put up hay +c Hauled C B. Oats

Saturday 26

rained last night put up hay in meadow sent Mr. Hotchkiss 43 lbs Bacon, plowed Corn fine morning rained a shower about sundown

Sunday 27th

went to church

Monday 28th

Stacked Hay in meadow

Tuesday 29t

stacked Hay in field commenced cutting Oats

Wednesday 30th

rained slower in morning plowed + hoed potatoes Hauled Oats in evening

Thursday 31st

Cloudy all day hauled in some Oats + hay finished cutting Oats in back field, commenced mowing in meadow at barn exchanged horses with Mr. Sickliter he wanting a gentle one to work in buggy

August 1862

August 1stFriday

Hauling Oats

Saturday 2d

finished mowing meadow below barn put up the hay in evening finished hauling Oats open field cut oats in Orchard

Sunday 3rd

went to Church preaching in evening by Mr. Walker in Churchville

Monday 4t

Stacked Hay in meadow commenced mowing in back field

Tuesday 5th

Hauled in Oats out of Orchard finished cutting hay in back field + put it all up cutting Timothy seed, sowed Turnip seed, helped C B put up hay in evening Recd Twelve Dollars of Mr. Harauf by the hands of C. B. J D Imbodens company of artillery camped at Mrs Siegs to night

Wednesday 6th

Stacked hay hauled in grass seed rained at 2 Oclock dug potatoes in garden sowed turnip seed, J Henry helped Jas F Bell to mow +c

Thursday 7th

stacked hay for C. B. measured up 6 Bus potatoes to take to Staunton to morrow borrowed Mr. Lindseys wagon

Friday 8th

went to Staunton Sidney along, sold potatoes at 352 per Bus Bacon 35c Recd for Bacon potatoes +c 39.50 paid 12 Dollar to Dr Chapman for Dentist Work done for Sidney

Saturday 9t

Went to Mountain to salt Cattle brought steer home, Sowed turnip seed in newground,

Sunday 10t

Went to church at Churchville

Monday 11th

Hauling manure

Tuesday 12th

Went to Rockingham

Wednesday 13th

returned home Jas H George + Dennis helped Mr Hotchkiss to thrash after noon

Thursday 14th

Club met at Esqr Wilsons we adjourned to meet at Mr. Dudleys on the 2nd Thursday Sept, Recd of H. B. Sieg 57.86 for steer sold to Confederacy, pd Mr. Sieg 1.75 for work done last summer, Jas H. + George helping Mr Hotchkiss to thrash

Friday 15t

Still Hauling manure went to church at churchville Mr. H finished thrashing this morning about 9 Oclock

Saturday 16th

Went to church Churchville, Lutherans have a conference meeting

Sunday 17th

went to Church churchville - sacrament administer in Lutheran Church

Monday 18th

Thrashed Oats

Tuesday 19th

Thrashed Timothy seed +c paid Jas F Bell for Jas B Trimbles note against Lindsey Wilson + Bear 94.30 out of my own funds,

Wednesday 20th

boys went to Mountain for Whortleburg, pained Carriage +c

Thursday 21st

boys returned about noon got very few berries too late nearly all gone, finished painting carriage,

Friday 22nd

Started to Harrisonburg had Frank along arrived there at 11 Oclock started back in evening put up for the night at Mr Coffmans, Hauled Mrs 1 Load Wood

Saturday 23

Started home arrived about 1 Oclock, sent Capt Polmer 8 shoals at 10 lbs

Sunday 24t

went to Church

Monday 25

Wheat Thrashing Mr. Hotchkiss sent 2 hands + mules sent Capt Polmer 7 more shoals all weighed 675 lbs at 10s $67.50 recd pay for them, Mr. Ewen Siblings was burned to day

Tuesday 26

put seed wheat in granery 90 bus, commenced thrashing for C. B.

Wednesday 27th

finished thrashing C. B. Wheat 50 bus by noon or little after

Thursday 28th

still thrashing Mr. Hotchkiss 2 hands helping

Friday 29th

finished thrashing at noon

Saturday 30th

Put Wheat to Mill 25 bus to J. Hanger's, 143 to [illeg.] [illeg.]
6 bus small wheat
20 " Tailings
Jas Henry helped J B to thrash

Sunday 31st

went to church churchville no preaching

September 1862

SeptemberMonday 1st

Varnished carriage Mr. Walker here.

Tuesday 2nd

Went to Staunton pd Chapman $7.50 for fixing Rebecca's teeth pd $1.25 for Stone pitcher commenced seeding in corn

Wednesday 3rd

started to Presbytery, which met at Providence church went as far as Capt Goliday's

Thursday 4th

Went to the church it was opened at 11 'Oclock stayed all night with Mr. Withers

Friday 5th

stayed all night with Mr. Hustens

Saturday 6th

I adjourned about 2 Oclock to meet at Tinkling Spring on second Wednesday in April next, had a verry pleasant meeting went back to Mr. Hustons

Sunday 7th

sacrament administered very large audience, held a collection raised 296$. went to Capt Martin's in evening for night

Monday 8th

started for home, had a very pleasant night, found the day very warm met with rm. J Trimble he paid me 10$ for Rebecca arrived at home about 1 Oclock

Tuesday 9th

Wednesday 10th

Thursday 11th

[illeg.] in corn cutting clover seed +c

Friday 12th

Went to funeral of J Hangers little girl, she died yesterday morning Rev Mr. Arnold preached

Saturday 13th

Finished repairing carriage +c

Sunday 14th

Went to church in carriage Rev Mr. Harris preached.

Monday 15

took Rebecca and Jas Henry to Brownsburg to school paid Mr. Trimble 120$. boys cutting corn.

Tuesday 16th

Returned home

Wednesday 17th Sept

Made fire in dry house to dry fruit somewhat cloudy, no rain

Thursday 18t

went to church thanksgiving day

Friday 19th

cutting corn Cleaned out ditch in meadow Killed shoat weighed 50 lbs

Saturday 20

working at corn + plowing over corn ground


went to church

Monday 21st

Cutting corn plowin in cornground went to Staunton

Tuesday 22

Working at corn +c

Wednesday 24rd

Rained a little this morning not enough to wet ground, cut timber for hog per pen. Mr. Dedrick helped after dinner

Thursday 25th

Mr. Dedrick hewing timber or lumber for hog pen plowing over corn ground in newfield that has been sowed 10 Days ago

Friday 26th Sept

Working at hog pen

Saturday 27th

put up Frame for hog pen Mr. Dedrick quit this evening he helped 3 1/2 days at $1.50 per day opened Barrel flour

Sunday 28th

Went to church

Monday 29th

Cutting Buck Wheat +c

Tuesday 30th

Riving out clabboards Mr. Dedrick helping, Hauling logs to mill

October 1862

Oct 1st Wednesday

paid C B ten dollars for Rev Walker Hauling saw timber to mill Mr. Hotchkiss sawing [illeg.] Henry home for Dinner he went with me to see steer Which I wish to buy of J H. B. Sellers, offered him thirty five Dollars for them

Thursday 2nd

went to Staunton to attend Synod, I found a verry good attendance for the times. Sermon by Rev. Mackelwain very good Mr. W. Made a sheet in the evening concerning chaplancy

Friday 3rd Oct

Fannie + Sidney accompanied me to synod to day, Rev. Mr. Boman preached Mr. Bancock had an address concerning chaplancy to army, [illeg.] feeling

Saturday 4th

worked at hog pen +c

Sunday 5t

went to preaching Rev Mr. Barr preached, he also preached in Churchville in evening

Monday 6th

Worked at hog pen my self

Tuesday 7th

Mr. Dedrick here at work

Wednesday 8th

Thrashed Buck Wheat +c

Thursday 9t

finished B. wheat had a very small turn out only 20 bus in all went to club meeting at Mr. Dudleys, adjounred to meet at Mr. Rondabes the 2n Thursday in Oct.

Friday 10th

Went to see Mr Hite about going for salt

Saturday 11t

Went to Staunton for summons in Siegs case finished hog pen to day Mr Dedrick Worked at it in all 9 Days at [illeg.] per day put hogs in it in evening, Went up to Mr. Lasleys to see about sending Dennis with him for salt he agreed to take charge of him, he consented to do so, I pd him Sixty Dollars to perchase salt +c

Sunday 12th

Went to church

Monday 13

Started 2 horse team for salt Capt Sterrett put in one horse, Dennis driving borrow 5 hogs of Mr Gardner for Sterrett Sterrett put in 5 hogs feed I put in six + five empty bags, Came by Jas H Bear's pd him $403.45 noted executed to him by Lendry Wilson + Bear firm Money 32$ the bal my own Money $371.75 Which I have charged in my day book, paid postage to Lindsey on Register, Whig 1 quarter, or childs [illeg.]

Tuesday 14th

Gathering corn at Mr. Hotchkiss. Rev Mr Morten from Loundon Co here

Wednesday 15th

finished gathering corn at H very bad turn out not more than three or four bus pr acre Mr. Martin left here this morning about 5 Oclock for Richmond

Thursday 16th

Sowed rye for J. H. B. Sellers finished gathering fodder at Hotchkiss

Friday 17th Oct

Went to Shoemakers (Wheeler's) had half soles cut out for shoes +s bought 16 1/4 lbs soleather at 6 1/2 lbs [illeg.] of Hizer at 6/ + 10/6 Went to church Rev Mr Preston preached he came home with us for Dinner, Opened barrel Flour. Hauled C. B. 2 Loads Wood

Saturday 18th

Went to church went to Staunton in evening

Sunday 19th

Went to Church Mr. Preston preached Mr Martin Preached in evening at Churchville

Monday 20th

Sowed Wheat for Sellers they Borrowed 4 bus seed wheat shucked corn this evening

Tuesday 21st

Mr. Martin started home, Mrs. Shaver + Daughters came here made fence around hay stack

Wednesday 22nd

Picking Apples +c

Thursday 23rd

Sowed 2 bus Wheat in orchard plowed it in both ways with double shovel.

Friday 24th Oct

Sowed Wheat in sweet potatoe patch 1 bus

Saturday 25th

Sowed 1 bus Wheat in newground made Cider for Vinegar brought 2 barrels of flour from mill

Sunday 26th

Rained last night rained all day Mr. Walker preached at Churchville

Monday 27-

Still raining this morning cleared off about 4 Oclock started a plow,

Tuesday 28th

Plowing +c

Wednesday 29th

Plowing shuckin corn +c

Thursday 30t

Three of Sniders boys helping to shuck corn

Friday 31st

Very pretty weather got plow paint of Mr. Hotchkiss. Dennis returned home with 1500 lbs salt sent half of it to Capt Sterrett

November 1862

Saturday November 1s

Took apples to Staunton sold for [illeg.] 151- bus deposited 30 Dollars in Bank

Sunday 2n Nov

Went to Church

Monday 3d

Notified to be in Staunton to serve in a jury, jury was made up before I got their, Deposited 20 Dollars in bank, Sniders 3 boys shuck corn

Tuesday 4th

Sniders boys shucking corn + brought back sheep

Wednesday 5th

Planted onions

Thursday 6th

Divided Salt with Capt Sterrett Sowed Wheat after Dinner

Friday 7th

Finished Drilling Wheat sowed 8 1/2 bus very cold wind from the north quite dry cant plow any more until it rains, Hauled C B 4 Loads wood (cold)

Saturday 8

put away Cabbage Hauled Ashes on Wheat in Orchard

Sunday 9th

Went to church Churchville Cold

Monday 10th

Choped Wood Sniders boys helping hauled Mrs. Knowles 1 Load 4 to Mr [illeg.], bought 1 pr steers of [illeg.] [illeg.]

Tuesday 11th Nov

Chopping Wood Mr Sniders boys helped haul [illeg.] [illeg.] 1 Load + Mr Ewell 4

Wednesday 12th

Killed 6 hogs very pretty day Mr. Ewell + family came to see us

Thursday 13

Went to Sale of Mr. [illeg.] property

Friday 14

Salted pork [illeg.]. Ervine returned home hauled Mr. Lindsey 1 Load Wood Shucking corn The Farmers Club met at Mr. Rondabushes adjourned to meet at Mr. S. C. Wilsons or my house on the second Wednesday of Decr 5 1/2 Oclock

Saturday 15

Found my stray calf at Mr. G. Baylors brought it home

Sunday 16th

Went to church Churchville

Monday 17th

Hauled Mr. Biby one Load Wood paid Jerry John 100 Dollar for one yoke steers

Tuesday 18th

Sold Mr Trimble 4 Steers + one cow for 270 Dollars. bought a yoke of steers of Jerry Johns paid 150 Dollars

Wednesday 19th Nov

Delivered cattle to Tremble Thrashed Oats (Fran Coult)

Thursday 20

put away Oats had 60 bus put away 43 bus for seed

Friday 21st

put 25 Flour Barrels in Rennolds Mill Gathering Corn

Saturday 22n

Went to Mountain for pine got a very good Load

Sunday 23d

Went to church

Monday 24th

Gathering corn

Tuesday 25th Nov

Sowed 3 bus Rye on cornground harrowed it in it had been sowed in Sept, but the dry weather caused it not to come,

Wednesday 26th

Hauling Wood

Thursday 27th

Butchered 13 hogs

Friday 28th

salted pork

Saturday 29th

Plowed garding

Sunday 30th

Went to church

December 1862

December 1st Monday

Hauling fodder Hardin helped Mr. Sellers to butcher

Tuesday 2nd

finished hauling Fodder out of one field Hauled C. B. 1 four horse Load Wood hauled Mr Biby's two horse Load.

Wednesday 3rd

Went to Funeral G. A. Wilsons child Dennis Hauled Mr. Stover one load pine from Mr. Shaver's,

Thursday 4

Chopping + Hauling Wood

Friday 5

Hauled C. b. 2 Loads Wood Snowed.

Saturday 6th

Went to the funeral of Jacob Hangers child boys cut Wood on wood pile

Sunday 7th

Went to church at Churchville

Monday 8th

put out stove chopping Wood +c

Tuesday 9th

In company went down to Mr. Rondabush to look over his farm that we might report at our next Club meeting Hauled coal for Mr Everett Hauled Mr Biby Loads Wood 2 horse

Wednesday Decr 10th

Hauling Coal for Mr Everett (2 Days)

Thursday 11th

Club met at my House, Mr. Jno Sellers paid me 22 Dollars for Vicks pine, Mr. Jno Trimble paid me 270 Dollars for Cattle, Sent my wagon above Middlebrook for corn for Mr. Lickleter, Election held to day for Delegate to Legislature,

Friday 12th

Had hands + shuck corn in barn

Saturday 13th

put corn in crib Wagon returned gone 2 1/2 Days Mrs Johns pd $32.24 for Lindsey Wilson + [illeg.]

Sunday Decr 14th

Went to church

Monday 15th

Thrashed clover seed H Ervine stayed all night with us last night on his way home

Tuesday 16h

Finished thrashing clover seed had about 2 bus rained last night started a plow after Dinner paid Jno H. Bear $205.75 + took in my check for that amount which I have him some time since, Mr. Everett paid me $127.55 the Amt of his note.

Wednesday Decr 17th

Went to Staunton Mr. Lickleter paid me $15.75 - . Deposited $200. In Bank Cash in hand $67.35

Thursday 18th

Choping +c

Friday 19th

Sent for Jas H + Robert Jacob Hanger went, finished plowing

Saturday 20t

Children return from school, Hauling wood,

Sunday 21st

Went to church Churchville

Monday 22nd

Butchered 9 hogs sold 843 lbs to Dr Donaghe at 25 [illeg.]

Tuesday 23

Delivered pork Sold 6 Barrels flour @ 14$ 36 1/2 lbs Bacon 31-amount received for pork +c $311.75 bought Rebecca's Bonnet home paid Mrs Stephens $11. For repairing bonnets

Wednesday 24th

Joshua chopping Wood Harden Hauling Sowed 1 1/2 bus Rye Hauled Mr Thomas 1 Load Fodder $10.

Thursday 25th

Christmas Dennis + Hardin Hauling Wood for themselves

Friday 26

Hauled CB 4 Load Wood I went to church

Saturday 27

I went to church Dennis + Harden take Holiday

Sunday 28

Went to church Sacrament administered

Monday 29th

Hauled 4 Loads Wood to Mrs Taylor 1 to Rev. Mr. Arnold I went to P Burkholders he was from home Mr. B. was from home

Tuesday 30th

Returned home

Wednesday 31st

Hauled Wood 2 Loads to Mr. Stover 2 to Mr. Biby 1 to Mr. Arnold


January 1863

January 1st 1863

Went to Staunton Sold Hardin for 1950.00 I left the check with Capt Peck for amt found a blanket on my way home Mr. Teaford paid me 124$ Uncle Abrams board

Jan 2d

Splitting wood on clearning + Hauling Mrs Walker + Miss Martha all night with us went to Loch Willow to exhibition

Jan 3d

Saturday Boys have holiday

Sunday 4

went to church

Monday 5t

Splitting + Hauling

Tuesday 6 7

working on clearning

Thursday 8

Club met at Mr. J. Wilsons had a pleasant time next meeting at Mr. Geedings cutting stalks Mrs. Gooch at my house


working on clearing, sent wheat to mill

Saturday 10th

Working in clearning +c

Sunday 11th

went to church

Monday 12th

Hauled cord Wood for Mr. Lindsey, Hauled fodder.

Tuesday 13

Finished Hauling fodder commenced Hauling tan bark to Mr. Heizer's

Wednes 14Thursday 15Friday 16

Finished Hauling Bark had 9 cord at $20 pr Cord to be pd in Leather at $1.50 pr sole + $2.00 for upper

Saturday 17th

Working in clearing. Laid up with Rheumatism paid Mr Ziegler $100 for [illeg.] W. + B. Owe Z 79 cts

Sunday 18

still laid up

Monday 19th

Hauling Ice in Mr. Lindseys House

Tuesday 20th

boys working on clearing Miss Seigs + Mrs Hotchkiss here commenced snowing in eveing Mrs H Stayed all night

Wednesday 21st

Snowed all night 15 in deep wet + heavy, warm.

Jan 22nd Thursday

Snow melting slowly Dennis + Jas Henry Thrashing Rye with Flails Fannie took shirt to Mrs Cousin's to make.

Friday 23rd

Still warm Recd Coffee of Mr Lindsey finnished thrashing had bus Rye still housed up with Rheumatism, (better)

Saturday 24t

Hauled wood 2 Loads to C. b. 1 to Mrs Fisher 1 to Gregory Hauled some straw to Mr. Lindsey sold Mr. Gregory 29 lbs Bacon he still owes me 60[illeg.]

Sunday 25th

laid up still with Reumatism

Jan 26th Monday

boys working in clearning Willie Bear here

Tuesday 27

Sent doller with Willie to Mr. Ervine raining in morning. Settled with mr. Judson, owes me 68 lbs flour boys in clearning

Wednesday 28th

Snowing all day

Thursday 29t

Killed Beef made a broom Dennis sprained his ankle

Friday 30t

Nothing doing

Saturday 31st

Cut up beef + sold Mr. Gregory 1 Barrel Flour 14 Dollars to [illeg.] [illeg.] 30 lbs Beef 15. [illeg.]

February 1863

Feb 1st Sunday

Went to church Mr. Walker preached at churchville in evening

Monday 2nd

Dennis helped Dr. Wilson to thrash

Tuesday 3

Dennis helped Dr to thrash Jas Henry took plow point pattern to Harrisonburg

Wednesday 4th

Hauled Jno. Powers 1 Load Wood Mr. Biby 1 Load Mr Taylor 1 Load Do Cousins 1 Load

Thursday 5th

Snowed all day

Friday 6t Feb

Hauling Manure or Wheat

Saturday 7th

Hauling manure bought Plank from saw mill sent 6 Flour Barrels to Trinity to mills. recd of Mr. Gregory let him have 14 1/2 lbs Bacon

Sunday 8t

Went to church

Monday 9t

Hauled cord Wood for Mr. Lindsey 1 Load to Mr. Stover. Settled with Mrs. Hotchkiss they fell in my debt 26 10

Tuesday 10th

Went to Hotchkiss sale talked with Capt Sterret about settling the [illeg.] [illeg.] I left it to J. G. Stover + H. B. Sieg to set the price on horse + wagon they set the price at 60 cts per day for both

Wednesday 11th

Boys choping rained after noon

Thursday 12th

Went to Club meeting met at Mr. Geedings Hauled 5 Loads Wood to Rev Arnold Capt Hottle called a while in eveing Andrew Ervince her for the night Mr. Hotchkiss called Mr. Snider + 2 boys here choping

Friday 13th

Commenced plowing Snider + Boys here choping Started 2 plows [illeg.] too wet

Saturday 14t Feb

Plowing settled with Mr. Biby Sent calf Skill to Swope

Sunday 15

Went to church

Monday 16th

Carried Carriage spring to Capt Polmer to mend settled with him, got a plow point of Mr. Hotchkiss (hill side) bt two collars of Mr. Biby for 6$

Tuesday 17t

Snowing all day sent 3 single trees to Mr. Everett [illeg.] + chains to mend

Wednesday 18th

Hauling manure part of day rained all day

Thursday 19t

Hauled manure on meadow brot 6 Barrels Flour from mill let plank from mill bought 47 ft lumber from Lickleder for Hanover

Friday 20 Feb

Hauled 1/2 Day for Mrs Hotchkiss. Sled [illeg.] of Potatoe patch, was up at Mr. Swopes tan yard Rev Mr. Arnold paid his of $13.25 Mr. Biby repaired collar for carriage harness

Feb 21st

Huling Manure, went to Mr Evenes Fannie + Frank along. comemnced Snowing about dark snowed all night,

Sunday 22

Snowed nearly all day,

Monday 23

Started home left carriage very bad riding,

Tuesday 24

Haled out Straw stack boys hauled hay stack in yesterday

Wednesday 25

Hauling manure on cornground

Thursday 26th

Rained all day had stove doon mended Settle diwht C. B. pd him 20$

Friday 27

hauled wood to churchville 2 Load to Mrs Taylor 2 to Biby,

Saturday 28th

Hauled 2 Loads to Mrs Taylor 1 to Biby 2 to Powers + 1 to Mr. Arnold I went to Mr H. Sale no sale, made Hot bed in evening

March 1863

Sunday March 1st

went to church churchville. Mrs Taylors smoke house burnt down Last night

March 2nd Monday

Plowing. Sent Mrs Taylor a piece Bacon

Tuesday 3rd

Recd of Mrs. Knowles 4$ Plowing had a very heavy snow storm which lasted about 15 minutes,


Plowing very cold considerable cold + snow +c very little plowing dun

13th Friday

F Club met at Dr Wilsons. I was elected Secretary next meeting at Rob. Chochrans

Thursday 19t

Sowed Barley + some Oats snowed before I got it harrowed in [illeg.] Conference of the M. Church met at Churchville M. South [illeg.] + May Ball staying with us [illeg.]

20 to 24

sowed clover seed this morning + Orchard Grass in field back Orchard

Wednesday 25th

rained last night water high sent Preachers to Staunton by the Bredger



Friday 27t

went to church, went to [illeg.] Henry's. brought upper Leather from Mr. Hizers, Mr. Ervince here on his way to Mr. Hustons.


rained nearly all day. [deleted: took Leather to Mr. Smith],

Sunday 29t

went to church

(Monday 30t)

went to Staunton Sent barrel Apples to Richmond to Tyler + Son to sell, bought 50 peach trees 6 Apple of Mr Davis

(Tuesday 31)

Snowed nearly all day took Leather to Mr. Smith Settled with him paid him $17 00 have a young Lamb

April 1863

Wednes April 1st 63


(Thursday 2)

plowing plowed potatoe patch,

Friday 3 + Saturday 4

Setting out fruit Trees planted potates on Friday in garden Sowed cabbage seed. Finished setting out trees today

Sunday 5

went to church

Monday 6

Sowing Oats finished plowing for Oats + Sowing Oats on Friday


Planted potatoes

Sat 11th

Sunday 12th

went to church

Monday 13th

finished sowing clover seed

Tuesday 14t

Huled Hay stack

Wednesday 15th

Went to Staunton Deposited 280 Dollars in bank got 9 plow shears of Mr Eubanks

Saturday 18th

Dovoded Sweet potatoes,

Tuesday 21st

went to Staunton Deposited 1100 $ with agent for Coupon bonds drew out of Bank 775 Dollars

Wednesday 22nd

Sorrel mare has made a mule coult cow has a calf covered Grainery

Thursday 23rd

Raining cliped 11 head sheep washed wool same day hailed considerable

Wednesday 29

finished cliping sheep 11 head washed wool same day

Friday 30

Rone mare has a coult Took 4 Sorrel mares to Jack commenced planting corn on 28 Apl, Sent Fan to [illeg.]

May 1863


Finished planting the two Fields


Thursday 14th

Club met at Capt Gundersins adjourned to meet at Jas Wilson Esqr.


planted potatoes

Thursday 21st

planting corn in newground

Wednes May 27

Had coalts operated on by Mr. Holler paid three Dollar a piece


borrowed 90 Dollars of Mr. Lindsey started with Mr. Trimble to Wood stock for a cane mill


Sold Mr. Donalsen + bargained for a mill. Returned home + arrived

June 1863

June 1st

June 2nd

Planted Pumkin seed + weighed wool 83 lb 8 1/4 lb for government

Saturday 6th

Went to Staunton.

Monday 15th

Met at Churchville to divide cotton finished Wednesday

Tuesday 16th

went to Staunton Deposited 700 $ for registered bond

Thursday 11t

Club met at James Wilsons. adjourned to meet at H. B. Seigs 2d Thursday in June

Saturday 13t

Distributed cotton

Monday 15t

coloured wool +c

Wednesday 16t

took 5 head cattle to Mountin. left them on top at grasy place

Friday 19

went to see Mr Bradon in gap

Tuesday + Wednesday 23

Mowed Hauled in some very dry no rain Since 15th May

Friday 26

commenced Raining

July 1863

Wednesday July 1st

Saturday 4t

Rained nearly all day

Monday 6th

Set out Potatoe plants sold Mr. [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.]

Tuesday 7th

Commenced Harvesting rained nearly all day

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