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Franklin: Edward Denton Cottrell to Sarah Jerdone (Toler) Denton, October 16, 1862

Cottrell describes a Confederate raid on Chambersburg to his grandmother.

October 16th 1862

Camp Near Martinsburg

My Dear Grand Ma

I returned yesterday to camp and found your welcome letter I have just returned from one of the greatest raids on record General Stuart left camp the 10th and returned on the 15th traveling over 400 miles in 5 days. We [added: went] through Maryland into Pennsylvania about 80 miles to a place called Chambersburg destroyed 300 thousand dollars worth of property of the federal government such as Coffee Sugar molasses bacon flour boots shoes hats and clothing of every description I equipped myself fully. I got 8 pair of boots 4 overcoats 5 pair of pantaloons 2 hats 6 pair of socks 6 pair draws 6 over & undershirts some coffee & sugar. We also took 1600 very fine horses from the citizens we had to ride so fast that it broke down over five hundred of our horses. we would get another as soon as ours gave out. Oh, how I wish I could get some of the nice calico silks and all things for making ladies' dresses [added: to you all]. Tell Buffie if he will come up here I will give him two nice suits also two for Papa. I got two pieces of calico & two of silk I gave to some ladies in Maryland We burnt the Depot; there were things of all Description there. I wish I could have gotten some of them home. We went all round the enemy's lines and landed in Old Virginia safely, having only one small fight those we routed directly I believe it is the greatest thing that has ever been done. Fanny I traded for a horse smaller I found she could not stand it so I thought I better trade her as I would never get home safe & sound again. Tell Pa to go to Samuel Cottrell's saddle shop when he goes to Richmond and he will find something for Mollie & Isa there. As I am in a great hurry I must conclude to stop give my best to all the Family, tell Ma She must write to me as soon as she can I have a nice present for her if I only could get it to her. Excuse bad writing & mistakes as I have not time to correct my letter I have been [illeg.] going night & day for nearly a week and am so hungry & sleepy I can scarcely keep my eyes open.

Write very soon to your devoted grand Son

Edward Denton Cottrell

P.S. Don't be uneasy about me. I have a plenty of every thing better fixed than ever before in my life. I can work my way through this world if any one else can. Edward Denton Cottrell

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