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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: January 19, 1859

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A White Heiress Elopes With a Negro
(Column 2)
Summary: Article about a white girl who eloped with black farm hand.
Origin of Article: Detroit Free Press
Full Text of Article:

The Detroit Free Press of Thursday tells of a singular elopement in that vicinity on Saturday:

A young girl named Sarah Judson, whose father lives on a fine property a mile or two from Pontiac, eloped on Saturday and came to Detroit. The partner of her flight was a black man, who has been in the employment of her father for some time in the capacity of farm hand. the first intimation that the father had of the intention of the parties was conveyed by the fact of their flight. They immediately crossed over to Windsor, upon reaching the city, fully sensible that they could not accomplish their unnatural designs on this side, as no official or clergyman could have been found who would have so far transgressed the bounds of decency as to unite the couple, the appearance of the girl being such as would forbid the union in the mind of any sensible man, to say nothing of the law in the case. Some individual was found in Canada who performed the ceremony, however, and the two were made one. They are now in Windsor, enjoying the sweets of the honeymoon.

The brother of the girl came on the next day arriving here on Sunday, and ascertaining there whereabouts, went to her and implored her to return. She was contented, however--loved her ebony half--was happy in his arms, and couldn't think of going back. The emotions of a brother at such a sight can better be imagined than described. Some men would have blotted out their disgrace with a single blow, but he had been taught that it was no sin against God or man that his young sister should repose in the embrace of a negro, and at the same time calmly look [word missing] to the face and say that she was contented. He went home as he had come, alone.

The girl is about eighteen years old.--The family are said to have occupied a position in society which was first class, and the blow is, consequently a terrible one. The father is rich, and the girl and heiress, which makes it very nice for the African of her choice. The matter has caused an intense excitement in the neighborhood where the parties are well known, the girl having been born and brought up where her parents reside. It is difficult to imagine any train of circumstances by which a young and intelligent girl could be brought to form a connexion so repugnant to all the senses; yet the fact exists. A more complete retribution for the crime of fanaticism we never heard of. The least we can wish is, that the father, undoubtedly well cured of his belief by this time, may be able to save his young daughter from the terrible future that now opens to her.

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Description of Page: Congressional report. List of standing committees for the Pennsylvania legislature.

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Description of Page: Letter from Washington. Markets in col. 4.

Lady in Black
(Column 1)
Summary: Mysterious female gardener, dressed in black, has been patronizing local merchants.
At a Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: Report of meeting of Friendship Fire Company on January 12.
(Names in announcement: Spangler Early, Jacob Jarrett)
McCauley's Lecture
(Column 1)
Summary: McCauley's lecture before the Gibson Literary society was well received.
(Names in announcement: I.H. McCauley)
(Column 2)
Summary: Adams funeral attended by members of Hope and Friendship Fire companies.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Adams)
Shocking Accident
(Column 1)
Summary: Gibbons, blacksmith's assistant, fell into the fire and was badly burned.
(Names in announcement: John Gibbons, Samuel Frank)
A Thief
(Column 1)
Summary: African-American man named Ramsey was accused of stealing clover from Chambers mill.
(Names in announcement: David Ramsey, Benjamin Chambers)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on December 26, 1858
(Names in announcement: Rev. Joseph Hannaberry, Hezekiah McGovern, Isabella Conrad)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on January 4, 1859
(Names in announcement: Rev. Joseph Hannaberry, Jonas Kempton, Elizabeth Brandt)
(Column 5)
Summary: Joseph Adams died of consumption on January 11, 1859.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Adams, Jonas Adams, Martha Adams)

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