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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 2, 1859

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Description of Page: Harriet Beecher Stowe story in col. 1 "What is to be Done with Our Charley"

Miss Judson Goes to Indiana and Gets a Divorce
(Column 5)
Summary: Michigan woman who eloped with a black man has gone to Indiana to get a divorce from him.
Origin of Article: Detroit Free Press
Full Text of Article:

--Miss Judson, the heroine of the Anglo African elopement which caused so much commotion about six weeks since, arrived in town yesterday on her way homeward, having been to Indiana, in company with her brother, and advertised Joe for a divorce. Joe hadn't any money to take him there to plead his own case, and, time being up, he was repudiated, and his bride made a free woman. She was just in the nick of time, as the statutes were immediately afterward amended so as to cut off all such operations in future. Indiana is no longer the haven of domestic difficulties. The poor disconsolate darkey is now alone again, and, although he is said to still wander on the shore by moonlight, looking for his love to return, he will never be able to embrace her again.

The operation is all unnecessary, as the girl was never legally married to the nigger. If the ceremony was performed on this side, it was illegal, because the marital connection of black and white persons is not only contrary to law, but the functionary who officiates to such a union is liable to severe punishment; and, if they were married on the other side, it was illegal, because a license was required, which was not obtained. She says that they were married on this side by a negro preacher who lives in Canada.

The effect of the affair is of the most salutary nature. The publicity which has been given to it has brought it into notice from one end of the Union to the other, and the amiable Judson is as famous as he can possibly desire. We will venture the assertion that it has placed Abolitionism and amalgamationism in a position that years of reasoning and argument would not have effected.--Detroit Free Press.

Trailer: Detroit Free Press

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Description of Page: Congressional report. Sickles case, Presidential message.

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Description of Page: Markets in col. 4.

(Column 2)
Summary: Report on the legislative sessions with local business and petitions mentioned. Debate (with shouting) over building a monument to Pennsylvania's Mexican War veterans.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Nill, Mr. Lawrence)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on February 22. Some connection to the Valley Spirit.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Snively Strickler, Helen Michael, Dr. Charles Michael)
Editorial Comment: "In the midst of the happiness and enjoyment which this announcement implies, the printer was not forgotten. A magnificent and delicious cake accompanied the above notice which was duly distributed among our employees. If the happy couple enjoy one tenth of the blessings vouchsafed to them by all hands in our office, their lives will be ones of uninterrupted felicity, and their home a place where love delights to dwell."
(Column 3)
Summary: Article praising the Chambersburg Female Seminary.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Henry Reeves)
Joint Consistorial Meeting of the Grindstone Hill Charge
(Column 4)
Summary: Meeting of Grindstone Hill charge of German Reformed Church. Rev. Rodrock is resigning as pastor. Trailer illegible.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.D.C. Rodrock)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married at Indian Queen Hotel on February 24.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G. Sill, Isaac Whitmore, Christiana Penninger)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on February 22.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. Breidnbaugh, Hiram Kempner, Catherine Kinnle)
(Column 5)
Summary: Frank, aged 2, died of Catarrh Fever.
(Names in announcement: Frank McCreary, James Piper, Ann Piper)

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