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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 16, 1859

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-Page 01-

Remarks of Mr. Nill of Franklin County
(Column 1)
Summary: Nill's remarks in the legislature on erecting a monument to commemorate those who died in the Mexican war. He opposes it as an unnecessary expenditure
(Names in announcement: Mr. Nill)

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Description of Page: No Page Information Available

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Description of Page: Humorous column.

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Description of Page: Markets in column 6.

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Description of Page: Bottom too blurry to read.

The Franklin Railroad
(Column 2)
Summary: Details of the construction of the new railroad
(Names in announcement: Col. O.N. Lull, A.J. Jones)
Full Text of Article:

--During the latter part of last, and the beginning of the present week, some eighteen cars passed over the Cumberland Valley Railroad, and arrived at the Depot in this place, loaded with the iron for relaying the track of the Franklin Railroad. This iron is o the very best quality being first class T rail. The workmen have commenced operations on the first section of the road, and along the entire line the timber is being delivered as fast as it can be produced. Mr. Sam'l Seibert, our esteemed fellow townsman, has been very successful in his contracts for lumber to construct the road, and has pushed forward the business entrusted to him with commendable energy. We are gratified to learn that the road is to be constructed under the Superintendency of Col. O. N. Lull. No better man could have been selected for the purpose. He is thoroughly conversant with railroad matters, and understands how to make as well as manage a road, equal to any other man in the country. We have no doubt whatever that this road will be completed and put in running order in a very few months. Its president A. J. Jones, Esq, of Harrisburg, deserves much credit for the successful manner in which he has surmounted all difficulties, and carried forward this enterprize to its present and gratifying prosperous condition. We are well satisfied in our mind that he will find it a safe and good investment, and one from which he will realize a handsome remuneration.

The Public Schools
(Column 2)
Summary: Shoemaker, the Superintendent, has been examining all the county's schools in an effort to improve them.
(Names in announcement: P.M. Shoemaker)
Full Text of Article:

--During the past week the County Superintendent, Mr. P. M. Shoemaker has been engaged in examining the scholars in the Public Schools of this borough. These examinations were conducted in a very systematic and thorough manner, and exhibited a degree of care and proficiency on the part of the Superintendent which cannot fail to make himself and his office popular with the people. Our schools, one and all, are in a most excellent condition which speaks loudly in praise of the teachers, reflects much credit on the scholars, and the system of instruction which has been inaugurated.

Mr. Shoemaker has labored faithfully to perfect our system of common schools, and advance the cause of education in our county.--He has ridden by day and night nearly a thousand miles over our highways and byways; examining over two hundred schools; and nearly a thousand pupils since the 3d of October last. Through his instrumentality our schools have attained a standard of excellence to which those who take an interest in the progress of education may refer with feelings of pleasure and pride.

We understand it is the intention of our Directors to have a public examination of the pupils in the Public Schools, at the close of the present session in the last week in June, at which the State and County Superintendents are expected to be present.

Attention Battalion!
(Column 2)
Summary: List of the privates in the Poor House Battalion. Officers listed in 03/09 edition. The Spirit satirizes the rush for patronage positions.
(Names in announcement: Valentine Keckler, Jacob Conrad, David Davis, David Piper, Peter Snider, ??? Detwiler, John Hippert, ??? Harmony, ??? Lightcap, Henry Appenseller, John Spindle, William Durboraw, Daniel Hawbecker, John Bowman)
Local Legislation
(Column 3)
Summary: Report of actions taken and petitions read by local legislators.
(Names in announcement: Brower, Nill, McClure)
For the Valley Spirit; County Superintendent in Southampton Township
(Column 4)
Summary: Report of meeting of "Friends of Education" in Orrstown. They want to start their own school district and Superintendency.
(Names in announcement: John Orr, David Spencer)
Trailer: Southampton
The Poor House
(Column 3)
Summary: Praise of Poor House officers.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Shininfeld, Dr. Bowle, J.Wyeth Douglas)
Origin of Article: The Independent
Editorial Comment: Notes the Independent's praise of the new Poor House officers.
Full Text of Article:

--The time for which the present Steward, Mr. Shinifield, was appointed does not expire until the 1st of next October. The Physician and Clerk go out of office on the 1st of April. The Independent gives the following very flattering notice of the present incumbents:

"It is due to the gentlemen who have had the management for the past few years, to declare that they have performed their duties with great ability and integrity; and that any improvement upon their administration need hardly be expected. The House and Farm have been kept in excellent order by Mr. Shinefield, the intelligent and competent Steward, who has discharged his trust with fidelity to the County and to the unfortunates under his care. The medical supeintendence has been highly creditable to the professional character of Dr. Boyle, whose place his successor will find it no sinecure to supply. The well-known reputation of J. Wyeth Douglas, Esq., is sufficient voucher for his competency as Attorney and Clerk. The gentlemen who have been lately appointed will doubtless give satisfaction; and we look to them for a continuance of the good management now obtaining."

An Election
(Column 3)
Summary: Election of Directors of Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Company. From Franklin and Bedford.
(Names in announcement: W.M. McDowell, T.B. Kennedy, N. Easten)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on February 10 at Mrs. Fisher's Hotel.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.D.C. Rodrock, Peter Whitmore, Susan Knepper, Samuel Holliday)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on March 2 in Greencastle.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Robaugh, James Horner, Martha Hollingsworth)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on February 8.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J.F. Camp, Thomas Wallace, Elizabeth Johnston)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on February 16.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. . Schneck, John Morary, Sarah Goshert)

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Description of Page: Youths' Department, col.1

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Description of Page: Serious Reading, col. 1--seems religious

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