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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 23, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Entire page is taken up by "An Address delivered by I. H. McCauley, Esq. before the Gibson Literary Society of Chambersburg on the history of Chambersburg and inhabitants.

-Page 04-

Another Reply to the Transcript
(Column 1)
Summary: Another article accusing the Transcript of distortions on the tariff issue.
The State Convention
(Column 2)
Summary: Article about the State Democratic convention, noting with pleasure the selection of Rowe, of Franklin, as Surveyor General. Convention proceedings in column 3.
(Names in announcement: John Rowe)

-Page 05-

Too Fast
(Column 2)
Summary: Complains that the Independent misunderstood the Spirit's coverage of the Poor House Appointments and suggests that the Spirit meant only to mock the rush for patronage offices.
Origin of Article: The Independent
Trial List for the April Term, 1859
(Column 4)
Summary: Trial List for April term, by Week. First Week: William Stevenson, et al v. John D. Grier, et al; John S. Kerr v. Abraham Wingort; J. McIlhenny v. John Wyskoop; John B. Sudman v. H. C. Keyser; William C. McNulty v. H. C. Keyser; William C. McNulty's man v. Foreman and Oysler; ? Guitner v. James and William Hudson; Frederick Foreman v. Henry G. Funk; Joseph Rock v. Thomas Rock's Adm'rs; ?. P? and T. W. Morley v. North Central Rail Co.; Alexander Spout v. Benjamin Kuhn; John Winebrenner v. Frederick Walk; Nancy Wingest v. Elizabeth Wingest, Ad.; Allison Christy v. A. M. Criswell; Jacob Rock v. Joseph Rock; Henry F. Davis v. J. and H. Funk; Joseph Conner v. P. B. Houseman; George Knepper v. Alex Knepper and Wife; Robert Davis Adm'rs v. Samuel Myers; ? William A. Barts v. Peter Artz et al; Nelson Bell v. Cum[berland] Valley Railroad Co.; Francis Myers v. Joseph R. Winters; Second Week: David R. Funk v. Daniel Myers; Samuel Reisher v. Council of Franklin Co; Saving Bank v. William McGrath et al; William Snyder v. William Christ and G. W. Wolf; William Christ v. Elizabeth and Jno. Snyder; David C. Bruce v. Simon P. Shields; William Millhouse v. Christopher Laydig; Sarah Cook v. William C. McKnight; Elliot v. Lewis Kitler; George N. Witherspoon v. J. Milton Lytle; Alexander Martin v. Chambersburg School District; Jacob Miller v. Isaac Winger; George Brown v. Isaac Winger; W. G. Cressler v. Samuel Angle; John Kean v. Rev. J. Hasmeberry; George Aston's Adm'r v. Solber and Oaks; Conrad Moub v. John Kinocher; Jacob Cusler v. David Witters; Mason and Co. v. David E. Stoner
(Names in announcement: William Stevenson, John Grier, John Kerr, Abraham Wingort, J. McIlhenny, John Wyskoop, John Sudman, H. C. Keyser, William McNulty, H. C. Keyser, Guitner, James Hudson, William Hudson, Frederick Foreman, Henry Funk;, Joseph Rock, Thomas Rock, T. W. Morley, Alexander Spout, Benjamin Kuhn, John Winebrenner, Frederick Walk, Nancy Wingest, Elizabeth Wingest, Allison Christy, A. M. Criswell, Jacob Rock, Joseph Rock, Henry Davis, J. Funk, H. Funk, Joseph Conner, ; P.B. Houseman, George Knepper, Alex Knepper, Robert Davis, Samuel Myers, William Barts, Peter Artz, Nelson Bell, Francis Myers, Joseph Winters, David Funk, Daniel Myers, Samuel Reisher, William McGrath, William Snyder, G. W. Wolf, William Christ, Elizabeth Snyder, Jno Snyder, David Bruce, Simon Shields, William Millhouse, Christopher Laydig, Sarah Cook, William McKnight, Elliot, Lewis Kitler, George Witherspoon, J. Milton Lytle, Alexander Martin, Jacob Miller, Isaac Winger, George Brown, W. G. Cressler, Samuel Angle, John Kean, Rev. J Hasmeberry, George Aston, Conrad Moub, John Kinocher, Jacob Cusler, David Witters, David Stoner)

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