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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 30, 1859

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-Page 01-

Decay of Abolitionism in New England
(Column 1)
Summary: Letter from Joseph Lovejoy to his brother, lamenting the decline of abolitionist sentiment in the North. (very long, 4 or 5 col.)
Origin of Article: Washington Union
Trailer: Affectionately, your brother Joseph Lovejoy
A Sad Sickles Case
(Column 6)
Summary: Story about a slave in Leesburg killing another slave over a woman, similar to the Sickles case.
Origin of Article: Washington Star

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Description of Page: Local news (usually on p.5) starts in column 4.

The Black Vomit
(Column 2)
Summary: Anti-Greeley, anti-Republican party article.
How Our Negroes Live
(Column 4)
Summary: Article on African-American living conditions in Franklin County. Editorial suggests African-Americans exhibit low morals and bad manners.
Full Text of Article:

--Some twelve years ago we indited the following description of how our negroes then lived. It would appear by the columns of one of our local contemporaries that their morals and their manner of living have not much improved since that day. So long as miserable huts of the character we have described are erected, "filthy, theiving, whisky drinking negroes" will seek our community to inhabit them. If there were no such "local habitations" provided for them they would take up their abode in other quarters and this neighborhood would get rid of their troublesome presence. Strike at the root of the crib!--

UGLOW'S ARCADE.--In one of the back streets of our town there may be seen a long low range of buildings, of a sui generis style of architecture--baffling description in itself, and without a parallel for comparison. Come, reader, let me take you by the collar and drag you into this abode of crime and wretchedness of destitute and degraded humanity. We know you will not come willing, so come nolens volens. Now, take your stand in this corner and observe the "sights to be seen." Here, in this wretched apartment, eight by ten feet square, you may see by the light of that dim lamp, twenty human beings--fourteen women and six children--from a babe a week old to the urchin just entering its teens. Observe their actions and listen to their conversation. What disgusting obscenity! What horrid implications! Their licentious and blasphemous orgies would put to the blush the imps of pandemonium. Drinking whisky and inhaling tobacco smoke you would hardly suppose would keep soul and body together; yet you perceive no indications here that would lead you to suppose they subsist on anything else. You seem impatient to get out of the atmosphere of this room; mount that ladder and take a look in the room above. One look will be sufficient. Here huddled promiscuously together, on beds--no, not on beds; there is an idea of ease and comfort attached to a bed, that would never enter your mind on looking at these heaps of filthy rags--are men, women and children; arms, heads and legs, in a state of nudity, protrude through the tattered covering in wild confusion. Poverty, drunkenness, sickness and crime, are here in all their most miserable and appalling aspects. But, come, we have twenty rooms of this description to visit in this building, and we cannot devote any more time to this set. What! twenty rooms filled with beings of this kind? Do not let it startle you in the least, my friend, or disturb the serenity of your christian equanimity. They do not know they are accountable beings, and a society has been formed in this place to keep them in "blissful ignorance." Its satellites are very active in the good work, and we will one day furnish you with a copy of the report of their proceedings. As the exhibition you have just witnessed has no doubt prompted you to do something to meliorate the condition of this benighted portion of your race, we would advice you to go home, while in the mood, and make a generous donation to the Foreign Missionary Society, which will be gladly received and appropriately expended in a string of beads for the Heathen!

Township Elections
(Column 5)
Summary: Results of township elections, by town and office. Judge=j, Inspectors=i; Constable=c; Assessor=as; Supervisors=s; School directors=sd; Auditor=au; Treasurer=t; Justice of the Peace=jp; Clerk=cl. Chambersburg-- j: Alex Schafhirt (NW), H. M. White(SW); i: J.S. Eyster, John Noel (NW), S. P. Harbaugh, J. B. Wright (SW); c: George W. Bittner (SW), James McGeshen, (NW); as: John Rhodes. Hamilton--j: Jonas Palmer; i: Richard Woods, Josiah Allen; s: William Hafer, Jacob Oyer; sd: D. M. Leisher, William Borsert, John Server; as: R. A. Moore; au: Isaac Miller; cl: Samuel Clark; jp: F. Elliot; c: Andrew Beard. Lurham--j: John DeHaven; i: John Reed, Peter Seitharner; s: Henry Swanger, H. Baughman; sd: E. Bosore, J. D. Speer, D. Long; au: G. Shoemaker; cl: William Shoemaker; t: D. K. Shoemaker; c: John Wynkoop Metal--j: W. H. Davis; i: J. D. Walker; James Gamble; as: John Wolff; s: W. Flemming, J. P. Elliott, John Jones; sd: James Montgomery, Charles Campbell; au: N. W. Witherspoon; cl: J. M. Bair; t: S. O. McCurdy; c: John Miller. St. Thomas--j: D. B. Holman; i: Benjamin Huber; A. G. Shoeman; as: John Biyan; au: S. M. Linn, S. Shearman, Thomas Gillan; s: Joseph Christman, George Lidigh; sd: J. G. Elder, P. McGarvey; c: James Gilliam; c: D. S. Hunsler. Quincy--j: Jacob Beaver; i: John Thompson, John Middower; as: Daniel Logan; s: John Decker, M. Clesse; William Rock; sd: J. Funk, H. Middower; au: James A. Cook; cl: P. McFerren; c: John McCash; jp: J. R. Smith. Peters--j: Robert McKinnie (Mercersburg), R. C. Horner (Loudon); i: W. P. McGrath, Adam Smith (m); George W. Cromer, John Smith (l); as: William E. Hewitt; s: Joseph Ginrich, David Vance; sd: H. D. Heagy, Samuel Alexander; au: William McGrath; cl: P. Kunkleman, c: J. Haulman; jp: Jonathon Wright. Fannet (includes Concord, Dry Run, Sulphur Spring)--j: W. F. Morrow; Jacob Dunkle, James Emery; i: David Pollack, R. M. Morrow; Andrew Campbell, Samuel Elder, Wilson Piper, William Logan; as: W. H. Little; au: J. W. Doyle; sd: John Robertson, S. Holliday; s: John Harris, Jacob Eckenrode, D. J. Skinner; cl: Peter Piper. Southampton (includes Orrstown, Mt. Rock)--j: R. Weidler, William Cline; i: M. Reed, J. B. Stoufer, U. Corl; J. Koser; as: James Bard; William Nickles; sd: William Orr; C. Bomberger; s: James Bowen; John Shaseman; cl: James Blair; c: Hugh Smith. Letterkenney--j: David Over; i: S. Brenneman; William Stake; s: Abraham Weidner, J. Sleighter; sd: John Cormany, Daniel Galwix, William g. McClellan; as: Samuel Stake; au: Isaac Gipe; cl: A. H. Reigner; c-William Forbis; jp: W. W. Britton. Montgomery--j: James G. Rhoads, J. K. Keyser; i: G. W. Brabaker, S. Bricker, Jacob Brewer, John Seibert; as: H. B. Blair; sd: J. W. Craig; D. Hawbaker, J. S. Brewer; s: J. S. Bricker, Joseph Sprigs; au: Jacob Elliott; cl: John Smith; c: John McLaughlin Mercersburg--j: S. M. Bradley; i: J. Shire, D. Carson; sd: A. J. North. R. P. McFarland; as: G. W. Wolf; c: G. W. Wolf. Antrim:[illegible] Warren--j: Samuel Yankle; i: W. F. Snider; J. T. Moreball; as: J. M. Johnston; s: Isaac Duffydol, M. K. Brewer; sd: Isiah Beaver, George Yankle, Jacob Beer; au: John Myers; cl: ?? Cook; c: Jo. Brewer Washington--j: D. Hoolish; i: Henry Oaks, V. S. Gilbert; as: Joseph Anderson; sd: Simon Lochren, Daniel Potter; s: Josiah Burger, David Shively, John Shively; au: S. Niederman; c: Emanuel Stover; jp: William Huelich. Waynesboro--jp: M. M. Stoner; as: W. F. Horner; sd: D. B. Russell, David Sheep; au: Joseph Besore; c: Joseph Cooper. Guilford--j: William Venderaw; i: U. Henderson, S. Branthow; as: H. S. Miller; sd: B. C. Small; Jacob Stouffer; s: Samule Hykes, J. Fiske, John Zurker, Samuel Forney; t: S. S. Frederick; au: Samuel Miller, Jose. Hamrmanl cl: J. Wolfkill; c: George Sowers Green (including Fayetteville, Greenvillage) j: John Spidle; S. Heckersmith; i: J. E. Crawford, Jacob Etter, George Diehl, William Etter; as: J. Youst; sd: Samuel Garver, Charles Lego, Samuel Shively; s: J. Yossen, John Harklerode; cl: A. M. Criswell; au: Jacob Groves; c: Jacob Conrod.
(Names in announcement: Alex Schafhirt, H. M. White, J. S. Eyster, John Noel, S. P. Harbaugh, J. B. Wright, George Bittner, James McGeshen, John Rhodes, Jonas Palmer, Richard Woods, Josiah Allen, William Hafer, Jacob Oyer, D.M. Leisher, William Borsert, John Server, R.A. Moore, Isaac Miller, Samuel Clark, F. Elliot, Andrew Beard, John DeHaven, John Reed, Peter Seitharner, Henry Swanger, H. Baughman, E. Bosore, J.D. Speer, D. Long, G. Shoemaker, William Shoemaker, D.K. Shoemaker, John Wynkoop, W.H. Davis, J.D. Walker, James Gamble, John Wolff, W. Flemming, J.P. Elliott, John Jones, James Montgomery, Charles Campbell, N.W. Witherspoon, J.M. Bair, S.O. McCurdy, John Miller, D.B. Holman, Benjamin Huber, A.G. Shoeman, John Biyan, S.M. Linn, S. Shearman, Thomas Gillan, Joseph Christman, George Lidigh, J.G. Elder, P. McGarvey, James Gilliam, D.S. Hunsler, Jacob Beaver, John Thompson, John Middower, Daniel Logan, John Decker, M. Clesse, William Rock, J. Funk, H. Middower, James Cook, P. McFerren, John McCash, J.R. Smith, Robert McKinnie, R.C. Horner, W.P. McGrath, Adam Smith, George Cromer, John Smith, William Hewitt, Joseph Ginrich, David Vance, H.D. Heagy, Samuel Alexander, William McGrath, P. Kunkleman, J. Haulman, Jonathon Wright, W.F. Morrow, Jacob Dunk, R.M. Morrow, Andrew Campbell, Samuel Elder, Wilson Piper, William Logan, W.H. Little, J.W. Doyle, John Robertson, S. Holliday, John Harris, Jacob Eckenrode, D.J. Skinner, Peter Piper, R. Weidler, William Cline, M. Reed, J.B. Stoufer, U. Corl, J. Koser, James Bard, William Nickles, William Orr, C. Bomberger, James Bowen, John Shaseman, James Blair, Hugh Smith, David Over, S. Brenneman, William Stake, Abraham Weidner, J. Sleighter, John Cormany, Daniel Galwix, William McClellan, Samuel Stake, Isaac Gipe, A.H. Reigner, William Forbis, W.W. Britton, James Rhoads, J.K. Keyser, G.W. Brabaker, S. Bricker, Jacob Brewer, John Seibert, H.B. Blair, J.W. Craig, D. Hawbaker, J.S. Brewer, J.S. Bricker, Joseph Sprigs, Jacob Elliott, John Smith, John McLaughlin, S.M. Bradley, J. Shire, D. Carson, A.J. North, R.P. McFarland, G.W. Wolf, Samuel Yankle, W.F. Snider, J.T. Moreball, J.M. Johnston, Isaac Duffydol, M.K. Brewer, Isiah Beaver, George Yankle, Jacob Beer, John Myers, Jo. Brewer, D. Hoolish, Henry Oaks, V.S. Gilbert, Joseph Anderson, Simon Lochren, Daniel Potter, Josiah Burger, David Shively, John Shively, S. Niederman, Emanuel Stover, M.M. Stoner, W.F. Horner, D.B. Russell, David Sheep, Joseph Besore, Joseph Cooper, William Venderaw, U. Henderson, S. Branthow, H.S. Miller, B.C. Small, Jacob Stouffer, Samuel Hykes, J. Fiske, John Zurker, Samuel Forney, S.S. Frederick, Samuel Miller, Jose. Hamrman, J. Wolfkill, George Sowers, John Spidle, S. Heckersmith, J.E. Crawford, Jacob Etter, George Diehl, William Etter, J. Youst, Samuel Garver, Charles Lego, Samuel Shively, J. Yossen, John Harklerode, A.M. Criswell, Jacob Groves, Jacob Conrod)

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-Page 08-

Description of Page: Markets in column 1.