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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: May 18, 1859

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(Column 2)
Summary: List of new construction and home improvements in town.
(Names in announcement: George Mason, John Smith, Henry Greensweld, Mr. Yeager, L. Wampler, Samuel McKeeson, Charles Huts, Dr. A.H. Senseny, J. Allison Eyster, Samuel Reisher, George Eyster, Martha Heck, Hiram Senseny, J.K. Shyrock, Charles Eyster, Mathew Gillan, Charles Miller, John Miller, Mr. Cooper, Samuel Armstrong, F.S. Gillespie, George Flack, George Deitz)
Full Text of Article:

--It is gratifying to witness the evidences of improvement which are everywhere going on around us at the present season. The large number of dwelling houses in the course of construction in the various parts of our town gives evidence of the rapid growth of this place, both in size and population, and the most encouraging hope for its future welfare and prosperity. Without enumerating the many fine residences put up within the past year we would note the following improvements now in progress and rapidly approaching to completion:

Geo. J. Mason is erecting a dwelling house on Second street between Catherine and German streets.

John Smith is putting up a brick dwelling in the same neighborhood.

Henry Greenwald--a brick house on German street between Main and Second streets.

Mr. Yeager a brick building on the corner of Washington and Water streets.

A German man not known a building back on Water street.

L. Wampler a back building to his residence on Main street.

Samuel McKesson a back building to the property on which he resides on Main street.

Chas. Hutz has purchased the property adjoining the residence of Dr. A. H. Senseny and has re-constructed the front house, and erected a large and commodious back building. Mr. Hutz intends to reside in this property himself; the repairs are now nearly finished, and when completed, it will be a very convenient and comfortable residence.

J. Allison Eyster is erecting five dwelling houses of brick, to be three stories in height, on Washington street between Main and Second streets. These building will be splendid specimens of architectural taste and add much to the locality in which they are erected.

Samuel Reisher has added an aditional story to his house--making it a three story building. Mr. Reishers improvement will add much to the appearance and convenience of his property, which is now among the most desirable in location and construction in the town.

Eyster & Bros: have purchased the Rhodes property on West Queen Street and are erecting an elegant front building intended as a residence for Mrs. Geo. Eyster.

Miss Martha C. Hock is putting up a fine two story brick residence on the Cadow lot, on East Queen Street.

Hiram Senseny has just completed three dwelling houses on Washington street extended.

Eyster & Bros: have purchased the old Cooper property, on East Market Street, remodeled the building formerly used as a Cabinet-ware room and converted it into an elegant and convenient dwelling house. They have also put up a large and well finished back building to the same property. This is now one of the most complete properties in town. It will be occupied by Mr. J. K. Shryock as a private residence.

Charles W. Eyster has erected a large brick back building attached to his residence on West Market Street.

Mathew Gillan has purchased the Faber property and is improving it in the most extensive and handsome manner. He has already erected a wing extending back 62 feet, from the front house, on the east side. The front building will be entirely re-constructed and extended 28 additional feet front, with a wing on the west side running back 70 feet. This whole property is undergoing an entire and thorough renovation, and when the work of repairing and improving, which is now going on steadily, is completed, it will be one of the most commodious and desirable properties anywhere to be found. Mr. Gillan has just erected on this property a large brick barn, two stables and wagon house, all under one roof, extending 61 feet in length and 24 feet deep. This building is constructed in the most substantial and convenient manner.

Chas. Be Miller (Landscape Gardener,) has purchased one of the "Circus Lots" on West Market street, upon which he is erecting a snug residence. From the well known taste of this gentleman in beautifying and improving property, we have no doubt that in a few years his property will be quite an ornament to that end of the town.

John Miller. (Hotel) has just completed an extension to his house. This improvement is of brick and is quite a handsome addition to the appearance of the house, as well as a convenience which Mr. Miller's increasing custom demands.

Mr. Cooper, a gentleman from Gettysburg, has purchased the property between Hoke's Store and Montgomery's Hotel, and is engaged in improving it in a thorough and handsome manner. It is his intention to construct a large and commodious store room in the front building . . . [text missing].

Saml. M. Armstrong has just finished a large brick dwelling house and store room on Second Street between Market and Queen Streets.

F. S. Gillespie has erected a brick dwelling on Second Street north of Market.

George Flack is engaged in improving his property by the erection of a large back building constructed of brick.

Geo. Deitz is about completing a very handsome brick residence on Second street near the Falling Spring.

At the northern end of town the "Lamp of Alladin" seems to have been at work--quite a little city has sprung up there, which, by common consent, is termed "CLARKSVILLE," and which bids fair to extend itself along the turn pike and railroad ad infinitum. In addition to the many handsome and substantial buildings erected within the past year in this delightful locality, we hear of some ten or a dozen under contract to go up the present season in this neighborhood.

(Column 3)
Summary: Announces upcoming concert, circus, military encampment, and theater engagements. Also requests housing for strangers.

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