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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: June 29, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Literature and book notices, European news.

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The Transcript of June 8th
(Column 2)
Summary: More of the Spirit's fight with the Transcript over Taney and Dred Scott. Spirit argues that Transcript is taking Taney's most damning remarks out of context. The Spirit wonders why it is not getting its copies of the Transcript.
Slavery in the Territories--The Position of the National Democracy
(Column 6)
Summary: Article from New Orleans Courier expresses Louisiana Democratic Party opinion: Congress should not interfere with slavery in territories.
Origin of Article: New Orleans Courier

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Markets in column 4. Ads for many publications, including Scientific American, Godey's Ladies Book and Water Cure Journal.

Death of Mr. Robinson
(Column 2)
Summary: Robinson, a former Whig member of Congress, died on June 24. He was a native of Antrim. He had suffered from a mysterious illness for 2 years.
(Names in announcement: David Robinson)
McClure to the Rescue
(Column 1)
Summary: Article dealing with local politics. Using oblique language, the article pokes fun at the Transcript and the Opposition. Refers to a letter that appeared in the Transcript from "Heavy Peg" that was critical of the Spirit.
(Names in announcement: Col. A.K. McClure)
School Examination
(Column 2)
Summary: Announcement of open examinations of pupils at Chambersburg Academy. Praises quality of Academy education.
(Names in announcement: J.K. Shyrock)
Full Text of Article:

--A public examination of the pupils of the Chambersburg Academy, Mr. J. K. Shryock, Principal, commenced on Monday last, in the Academy Buildings, and will continue until Wednesday. The friends of education and the public generally have been invited to attend. There is no cause so deserving of our attention as that of education, and no opportunity, of a character like this, should be permitted to pass by without our bestowing on it by our presence that encouragement its importance demands. We trust that this examination may be well attended, and that our "future generation of citizen kings" may feel that some persons, other than their teachers, take an interest in their studies and progress in learning. We need hardly reiterate a truth, so well know, that the school taught by Mr. Shryock, and his talented associates, is about as perfect in every department as it is possible to attain. A visit to this school, at this time, will not only be an agreeable but a profitable spent hour, and will give us a better idea of the advancement education is making among us than we could obtain in any other way.

The Exhibition of the Music Class, in Franklin Hall, on Thursday evening, will, we are assured, be a most delightful entertainment.--It is sufficient to know that it is under the management of Mr. Shryock to predict for it a complete success, both as regards the proficiency of the scholars and the gratification their performance will afford the audience. The exhibition will be gratuitous, but we hope some means will be adopted to prevent the house from being filled with rowdy boys, who seem to attend such exhibitions for no other purpose than to interrupt the performance with their unmannerly clamor.

A Man as is a Man
(Column 2)
Summary: Amazement that Steake, at age 71, is still plowing his fields all day and keeping up with much younger men.
(Names in announcement: John Steake)
Resolutions of Condolence
(Column 3)
Summary: Resolutions honoring David Robinson, passed by the Franklin County Bar.
(Names in announcement: David Robinson, James Nill, Isaac McCauley, George Brewster, J.M. Sharpe, John Huber, Snively Strickler, A.K. McClure, F.S. Stumbaugh, James Ross, J.M. Sharpe)

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-Page 08-

Description of Page: Column 3 has list of grand and traverse jurors for August court. Print is very small.