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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: July 6, 1859

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Description of Page: Entire page is the text of a speech made by J. Jackson of Georgia in House of Representatives about slavery in the territories.

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Address of the State Committee
(Column 1)
Summary: Spirit publishes the address of the Democratic State Central Committee and praises it highly. Describes crisis of opposition to the party. Address is in columns 3-6.
Origin of Article: Pennsylvanian

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Markets in column 3. Page includes a report from Kansas Constitutional convention.

Hagerstown Trial
(Column 1)
Summary: The Manny Machine wins at a contest held in Hagerstown.
Full Text of Article:

--At a trial of Reapers and Mowers, at Hagerstown, on the 23d inst., the Manny Machine made its cut in grain of six feet, with a draft of 380 lbs., while the Whitenack made a cut of 4 ft., 6 inches and drew 350 lbs. In the trial at mowing, the Committee says:

"To the Manny machine we award the meed of excellence as the best Mower. Judging from the width of the cut, and the facility with which the cutting bar can be raised or lowered, whilst in motion, we think it entitled to all claimed for it as a mower."

(Column 2)
Summary: Smith was arrested for trying to rob Vanderow's house, near Waynesboro.
(Names in announcement: John Smith, William Vanderow)
The Fourth
(Column 1)
Summary: Celebration of the 4th of July. Described as passing very quietly, with Sunday School picnics, a band, and military companies.
(Names in announcement: Matthew Gillam, William Heyser, Charles Foster, George Stenger, Rev. Bauseman, Clay McCauley, Wilson Reilly, I.H. McCauley, W.S. Everett)
Full Text of Article:

--The Eighty-Third Anniversary of our National Independence passed off, in this place, very quietly, and without any demonstration of a general character.

The Sunday Schools, with the exception of the Lutheran and Presbyterian, had their usual pic-nics, and the small fry their accustomed amount of jolification.

The German Reformed School celebrated in Lehmans Woods and under the excellent arrangement of their Committee, of which Mr. Mathew Gillan was chairman, every thing was done up in admirable style. The Declaration of Independence was read by Wm. Heyser Esq., and eloquent and patriotic addresses delivered by Chas. G. Fisher, Geo. Stenger and Rev. Bauseman. At this celebration all passed off very pleasantly and the children seemed to enjoy themselves in a happy and delightful manner.

The Methodist School held their jolification in Shetters Woods, where they passed the day in pleasant and agreeable festivity. This celebration was largely attended by the children of other schools and by our citizens old and young generally. The Declaration was read in a very happy manner by Clay McCauley, and Hon. Wilson Reilly, I. H. McCauley and W. S. Everett Esqrs. made respectively, very able and appropriate addresses, which were well received and added much to the pleasures of the occasion.

Our Band spent the day, by invitation, at Caledonia Springs, and had a gay old time of it all round.

Our fine military company were out in full feather and done up some excellent firing. We never saw them look, march, or drill, better.

In the evening we had Fire works and a Balloon ascension in the Diamond.

We believe the day passed off to the satisfaction of all concerned and without an accident or unpleasant occurrence to mar it's enjoyment.

Major General
(Column 2)
Summary: Elections held for officers of 15th Division of Penna. Uniformed Militia. Franklin Co. voted for Walker of Fannettsburg.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Samuel Walker)
Death of an Old Citizen
(Column 2)
Summary: Blood, a former teacher in county schools, died on July 3.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Blood)
A Smash Up
(Column 2)
Summary: Shack blown down on Toad Island. Article contains sarcastic comments about "delectable" (i.e. free black) inhabitants.
Full Text of Article:

--On Sunday last a large frame building, erected on Toad Island, as a brick shed, was blown down and the material of which it was composed smashed up into very convenient firewood. The delectable inhabitants of the island took advantage of the disaster and their chimnies were soon observed to smoke as they had seldom smoked before.

A Pic Nic
(Column 1)
Summary: The advanced students at the Female Seminary took a six-mile trip on the new Franklin Railroad and then picnicked in the woods. The Spirit was pleased with their ladylike deportment.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Reeves, Mr. Dull, Col. O.N. Lull)
Full Text of Article:

--On Saturday morning last the pupils, in the advanced classes, attached to the to the Female Seminary of the Rev. Mr. Reeves, of this place, were permitted through the kindness of Mr. Dull, the gentlemanly Superintendent of the Franklin Railroad, to take a jaunt, of about six miles, in a passenger car, over the finished portion of the road. The car was generously tendered for the occasion by Col. O. N. Lull of the Cumberland Valley Road, and the whole train under charge of that able and careful engineer Mr. Jacob Switzer. We would like to say something in praise of the pro tem "conductor" of the train--the Ajax of the Transcript--but then our vocabulary of eulogistic terms is not ample enough to reach him.--Let expressive silence &c. We, through his munificence, occupied the distinguished and pecuniary comfortable position of a "dead head."

The scholars, with Mr. Reeves and his assistant teachers, left the cars at Heagy's woods, a spot admirably adapted for rural enjoyment, where they spent the day very pleasantly in rambling through the groves, partaking of the good things provided for the occasion, games, speeches &c. In the evening they returned to town by a car specially sent out to convey them home, all expressing themselves highly delighted with their excursion, and no doubt much benefited by the agreeable recreation. We were much pleased with the lady-like deportment of the pupils under care of Mr. Reeves. There were no romps or tom boys in the crowd which speaks well for the discipline introduced in this institution. We are gratified to announce the fact that this school is now in a most flourishing condition, and that under the excellent management of its present accomplished and gentlemanly Principal it has attained a degree of popularity and prosperity which is spoken of by all in terms of merited and high commendation.

At a Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: The Board of Directors of the Chambersburg School District passed resolutions honoring David Robinson.
(Names in announcement: David Robinson, Jno. Culbertson, Sam Lane)
Chambersburg Academy
(Column 1)
Summary: Praises performance of students and teachers at school examination.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Shyrock, B.F. Frey)
(Column 6)
Summary: Married at German Reform Parsonage on July 3.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Phillips, John Emrick, Mary Hammon)
(Column 6)
Summary: Stephen, age 13, died of apoplexy on June 28.
(Names in announcement: Stephen Johnston, B.C. Johnston)
(Column 2)
Summary: Mrs Sample, age 45, died on July 1; her son , age 17 on July 2.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Jacob Sample, John Sample)
(Column 6)
Summary: Age 78 years, died on June 22.
(Names in announcement: John Hiffelman)
(Column 6)
Summary: Age 2, died on July 2.
(Names in announcement: Maria Grove)

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