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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: July 27, 1859

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Legislative Corruption
(Column 1)
Summary: Complaints about the prevalence of legislative corruption. Defends their attacks on McClure as a public figure, as a opposed to a private citizen.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure)
Toad Island
(Column 2)
Summary: A note that Toad Island has passed into more reputable hands.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure)
Full Text of Article:

--Next to McClure's suit, the sale of Toad Island is the most interesting item of news we can this week afford our readers. This noted spot has passed from under the control of the former proprietor into the hands of those who will soon rid our town of this plague-spot on its moral character.

Fatal Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: Duke, a domestic servant in the Trostle family, was fatally burned in an accident with lamp fluid.
(Names in announcement: Margaret Duke, Daniel Trostle, N. Sterling, John Hardy)
(Column 2)
Summary: Exhibit of photographs at Shyrock, Taylor and Smith. Pictures are of local figures, including long descriptions.
(Names in announcement: G.W. Brewer, J.K. Shyrock, George Shyrock, Robert Knight)
An Important Invention
(Column 1)
Summary: Trial of a new machine for binding grain. Very labor-saving and efficient.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Laymaster, Charles McAleer)
Extremely Modest Indeed!
(Column 4)
Summary: Adams County paper is excerpting from a Transcript article about McClure's chances for Senator. Adams wants to choose, since the last Senator was from Franklin. Fulton County, however, thinks that it should get to choose.
Origin of Article: Fulton Republican; Adams Sentinel; Repository and Transcript
Trailer: Fulton Republican
Serious Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: Sons of both Davisons injured in accident involving runaway horses.
(Names in announcement: James Davison, Andrew Davison)

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