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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 24, 1859

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-Page 01-

(Column 1)
Summary: Announcements of candidacy for local political offices. County treasurer: Samuel Fisher, J. C. Snyder; Sheriffalty: A. J. Brand, Jacob C. Sechrist, William Rebert, Jacob Sellers, James Piper, George Morganthall; District Attorneyship: D. Watson Rowe, William S. Everett, John R. Orr, George Eyster, George Welsh, James P. McClintock. Also appeared the week before.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Fisher, J.C. Snyder, A.J. Brand, Jacob Sechrist, William Rebert, Jacob Sellers, James Piper, George Morganthall, D. Watson Rowe, William Everett, John Orr, George Eyster, George Welsh, James McClintock)
More Amalgamation; A Mysterious Disappearance Accounted For--Rich Developments Among the British Abolitionists
(Column 4)
Summary: Story about the wife of a Canadian abolitionist running off with a black farmer who had been living with them. She was found in a house that is owned by a black and supposedly used for immoral activities.
Origin of Article: Detroit Free Press

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Forney's Press on Personalities
(Column 1)
Summary: Valley Spirit is now fighting with the Philadelphia Press, because of the Press's "outburst of virtuous indignation at the personalities of the Valley Spirit." All stems from Spirit's attacks on McClure. Spirit calls the Press a "Black Republican dung-spreader" and a "reeking pest-house of personal defamation-a filthy sewer of stinking slander."
Origin of Article: Philadelphia Press

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Markets in column 5.

A New Song
(Column 2)
Summary: Song mocking McClure, especially for his libel suit against the Spirit.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure)
Editorial Comment: Dedicated to McClure's Menagerie, to be howled through the present Senatorial Campaign.
Fred. Douglas [sic]
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports Douglass's visit to Chambersburg, but does not mention his meeting with John Brown. Compliments him on his oratory, but not his message.
(Names in announcement: Frederick Douglass)
Full Text of Article:

This gentleman of color paid our town a visit, on Saturday last, to brighten the prospects of his Republican friends which are now so hopelessly in the dark. There is no calling in question the extraordinary ability of Mr. Douglass as an Orator. He is an elegant and powerful speaker, and possesses a clear well modulated voice, and a style of elocution unaffected and impressive. His discourse was well received by a large and attentive auditory, and with occasional demonstrations of applause from those who seemed disposed to favor his peculiar doctrine. His aim is to place the negro on an equality with the white man--to have him eat at the same table, sit in the same pew, and vote at the same ballot box. He would appear to forget altogether that the Creator Himself has made a distinction when he established the great and immovable barrier of color between the races. Mr. Douglas certainly does not benefit his cause by opening his vials of wrath on religion, or by representing our leading divines as monsters of inhumanity. They certainly are as capable of knowing what is right and what is wrong as he is, and may be supposed to be as honest in their views. We are constrained to say that that portion of his discourse deserved the pointed rebuke of the whole community.

McClure's Slander Suit
(Column 1)
Summary: Spirit is mad that McClure is suing them for libel.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure)

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