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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 31, 1859

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Description of Page: Stories on this page all have moral lessons, especially for women on how to be a good wife (undemanding, quiet, good housekeeper etc).

(Column 4)
Summary: A political poem talking against Skeeters (mosquitoes)--that is a reference to Republicans.
Full Text of Article:


August--and yer here, skeeters.
I hev been a lookin for ye sum time since,
An a hopin that ye woodnt cum
At all, but yer bein here
Wont keep me from speakin out mi mind,
Fur ive got no respect fur yer presents ye tarnal
Pests, wurs than the frogs that plagued old Noar,
And made him let the gyptians all go free;
But that's an ole subjec.

e needn't be buzzin roun an makin so much ado,
For yer nothin but a skeeter no how,
A cussed little thing, and a littler yit
When ye was a wiggle tail,
Spose ye don't remember whar ye cum frum,
Folks ginerally do it when they git up a notch,
But I can't think what ye was made fur, no how,
Cept it was to keep the perlice awake; well, I spect that was it.

Sum say ye sing, so does a hoss,
The durndest singin ever I hearn, if yer call it singin,
Ye can quit, or else ile own ive get no year
For musick; if other poits can find virtues in ye,
Skeeters, its morn I kin, I don't think yer
Performans'll ever raise an angel to the skies,
Specially if I'm the angel.

Well yer a tricky varmint after all;
Ye put me in mind of lawyers, and yer bout as tricky.
Yer always found inside a bar, reddy to
Run up a bill, and it keeps a feller sparrin
To keep yer off, he gits no sleap,
Ye make the nite mornin, and the mornin,
Nite, fines.

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A Split Lion
(Column 2)
Summary: Story is about McClure, but first few paragraphs are about a lion in a circus being split in two and reattached. Draws an analogy to McClure--he has two contradictory sides.
Blondin Coming
(Column 2)
Summary: More satire aimed at McClure.
For the Valley Spirit; Our Country as it is
(Column 3)
Summary: Partisan letter, addressed to "Mr. Editor," about how wonderful America is. Its greatness can only be protected by the Democratic party.
Full Text of Article:

MR. EDITOR:--There is no nation upon the globe that enjoys greater blessings, both religious and political, than the people of the United States, bound together, as it were, by the strong chain of "Virtue, Liberty and Independence." For nearly one century has the "Star Spangled Banner" been waving "over this land of the free and the home of the brave," and prosperity and happiness have crowned the toil and labor of its citizens.

But what has been the cause of all this greatness? What else, but the liberal principles embodied in that great Chart, the American Constitution, framed and handed down to us by that noble band of Patriots, whose memory is cherished with veneration by every true hearted American? That Constitution with "Equal Rights and Equal Laws" as its motto, stands without a parallel in the history of nations, and will ever be cherished with admiration by a grateful people. Under that Constitution our Country has been extending its bounds with unparalleled rapidity. State after State has been added to the Union, and the cry is "still they come."

The Democratic party, under whose rule for the last fifty years--with but few exceptions--we have grown with such giant steps, has ever aimed to carry out the provisions as they are laid down by this great National Chart. It is the Democratic party whose aim has always been to promote the prosperity of our people. She has been the protector of our country's rights both at home and abroad. She has vindicated the unsullied honor of our Union. The Democratic party, sir, has given her aid to protect the oppressed of all nations who seek this country as an asylum. History itself testifies to these facts, and no party on earth can rob her of these laurels.

Notwithstanding all these facts, however, there is still a faction of unprincipled men, who would vain make one believe, that our country is ruined, that we are on the verge of bankruptcy, and that another course of policy must be pursued if we are to continue an independent people! There hatred to any and all measures which are advocated by the great Democratic party, is notorious. No matter how salutary a measure may be, if the Democracy support it, the Opposition are down to it, "like a thousand brick." The fact is the Opposition cannot boast of one great measure which they ever advocated that stood the test; hence their opposition to anything that has its origin in the Democratic party. The Opposition not only attack every Democratic measure, but they heap the foulest calumny upon its men. What is it to them to abuse our honored Buchanan, the man who holds the highest office in the gift of a free people? What is it to the Opposition party to hurl their malice upon the venerable Cass, or the high minded, talented Black? men, whose whole life has been faithfully devoted to the welfare of our common country; men, who are an honor to any nation, and whose services are and will ever be appreciated by the generous hearts of our people.

But there is a time coming when the sovereign people of the United States will hurl back with contempt the calumny which the Opposition party heap upon our great men, and be more firmly united as freemen, belonging to the great National Democratic party. More anon.


Trailer: Franklin
The Slave Trade and Sensation Manufacturers
(Column 4)
Summary: Discussion of measures that the government has used to curb the African trade. Argues that these measures do not favor the South or slave traders. Believes that Republicans are just trying to stir up trouble.
Origin of Article: Patriot and Union

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Description of Page: Markets in column 5.

Democratic County Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: Report of Democratic County Convention. List of Officers and delegates (print is very small and very faint). Elections for County Ticket.
(Names in announcement: Wilson Reilly, Sam Gilmore, D.B. Russell, Hiram White, John Spear, E.J. Small, Samuel Phillipy, Woodrow Rhodes, Aug. Sheary, William Keyser, John Pike, John Jacoby, V. Miller, Fred Long, Alex Campbell, J.M. Sharpe, Samuel Brandt, G. Harman, S. Ward, William Hearty, D.M. White, J.T. Hotchkiss, Samuel Holliday, Isaac Clagston, Joseph Elder, S. Stockbridge, William Piper, Benjamin Lowell, Samuel West, R.A. Moore, John Spear, Jacob Elliott, Jacob Sellers, N.J. Brand, Jacob Sechrist, William Reber, James Piper, George Morganthall, Simon Harburg, Samuel Fisher, J.C. Snider, D.W. Rowe, John Orr, George Welsh, William Everett, James McClintock, J. McD Sharpe, J.W. Douglas, John Cushwan, Gen. Robert McAllen, William McClure, John Mowar, Josiah Allen, Jacob Elliot, James Nill, Dr. L.M. Miller, Dr. M. Kennedy)
High Treason!
(Column 2)
Summary: Spirit includes Transcript's article about Frederick Douglass's visit, which basically accuses the Spirit and the Democrats of being abolitionists and cozying up to Douglass. According to the Spirit, McClure and the Transcript are being hypocrites, since Douglass is a Republican and had his advertisements printed at the Transcript office, and the Transcript's editor called on Douglass.
(Names in announcement: Frederick Douglass, Frank Myers, A.K. McClure)
Origin of Article: Transcript
Full Text of Article:

--The Nigger Democracy, in a rage at their loss of influence and power in the South, are beginning to turn their backs upon their former friends and allies.-- Last Saturday night their leader Fred. Douglass, the notorious Negro Orator from the State of New York, delivered a flaming address to his friends and admirers, in the Public Hall in this place. We noticed one of the editors of the Valley Spirit sitting in a front seat--evidently as the "right supporter" of the sable speaker. What is Democracy coming to? What expedients will not that party resort to in order to rescue their sinking political ship? They have brought this man here for political effect. They became in 1844, the most ardent friends of the Tariff of '42, and succeeded in carrying the election, under that banner. Are they now about to don the garb of abolitionism? Do they foolishly think this will enable them to carry the North? If they are after this game, why not pursue it openly? All underhanded work is despicable. How did it happen that the principal [sic] editor of the Spirit--that is when there is any editorial in that barren sheet--John M Cooper, a clerk in Attorney General Black's Office, at Washington, and this wooly headed son of Africa, Fred. Douglass, both dropped so suddenly and unexpectedly into our midst, about the same time?

The above is a pretty fair sample of the quality of mental food dished up Weakly [sic] to the readers of the Transcript. The concern was at low ebb enough before the libellous pen of McClure resumed its willing work of defamation but his bad example has sunk it so low that contempt can hardly reach it at a nine days tumble. Let us see how a plain tale will knock the music out of the above niggerism. The nigger Douglass visited this place as a well known ally of the Republican party. His bills for his meeting were printed at the Transcript office. The editor of that paper honored him with a call at the negro house he stopped at, somewhere on the suburbs of the town, under pretence of getting his hair oiled. The same editor held the "second post of honor," with two other niggers, on the evening of the lecture, acting as usherer behind the scenes, and taking upon himself the dignified business of introducing prominent members of his party to the Darkey. On Sunday while Douglass remained in town he sent an Ambassador of State, in the person of Frank Myers, a colored individual, to the residence of the editor of the Transcript to know if he required his services any longer in this locality. The little editor was cheek by jowl with the nigger in all his movements, but his piety seems to have received a shock from the infidel sentiments, and treasonable doctrines of his wooly-headed companion. It would be advisable for him to visit the negro hovel frequently, and have his hair well oiled, or there is danger of it becoming as wooly as that of his Republican ally. We have some hope for the Transcript editor after all.-- For once in his life he appears ashamed of his niggerism and would gladly rid himself, and his party, of the disgrace brought upon both by his overweening love for the nigger. We have no fault to find with such a praise-worthy effort on his part, but he must not attempt to palm his infidel negro friends on the Democratic party. It won't stand the stench.

The Balloon Ascension
(Column 2)
Summary: Report of another local balloon ascension, attended by thousands of visitors. Includes descriptive letter from John Light, the ascensionist.

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