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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: September 14, 1859

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-Page 01-

Contributions to the Public Library
(Column 4)
Summary: Books donated to public library, including Johnson's English Dictionary, Washington's Army Reports, Edmund Burke, Congressional Globe, Early Settlers of Pennsylvania, and others.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Shyrock, Hon. George Chambers, Charlotte Chambers, W.B. Wallace, Hon. Wilson Reilly)
Full Text of Article:

--The following contributions are acknowledged by Mr. Samuel S. Shryock, Librarian of the Public Library.

From Hon. Geo. Chambers: I copy of the London Monthly Magazine, published in 1800--(a work edited with great ability)--45 vols.; 1 Johnson's English Dictionary--4 vols. 8 B: 3 Vols. U. S. Coast Survey with plates; 3 Vols. U. S. Commercial Relations; 2 Vols. Patent Office Reports-- 1854; 1 Fac Similie of Washington's Army Accounts; 1 Memor. Charlotte Chambers; 1 Tribute to the memory of the Scotch Irish, Early settlers of Pa. Literary . . . [text missing] . . . 1 Copy (2 vols.) Ninevah and its Remains . . . [text missing] . . .vols.) works of Edmund Burke; I vol. of Pamphlets: 1 vol of the Franklin Repository; 1 vol. of the National Gazette-- 1828; 2 vols. of the Repository and Republican--1828.

Rec'd from Hon. Wilson Reilly, 1 Copy of the Annals of Congress--42 vols.; 6 vols. of the Congressional Globe; 2 Reports on the U. S. and Mexican Boundary.


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Description of Page: No Page Information Available

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Lots of politics.

Judge Black for President
(Column 1)
Summary: After careful consideration, the Spirit has decided to support Jeremiah S. Black of Pennsylvania for President. The paper would be willing to support Breckinridge, but he has not made himself a candidate.
The Transcript in a Stew
(Column 2)
Summary: Makes fun of the Transcript for publishing contradictory editorials.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Secrist, George Welsh, Major Samuel Fisher)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on September 6.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William West, John Clark, Nannie Elder)
(Column 5)
Summary: William Henry, age 2 months, died on September 4.
(Names in announcement: Wm. Henry McElroy, Robert McElroy, Agnes McElroy)
(Column 5)
Summary: Ann Jemima, age 30, died on September 9.
(Names in announcement: Ann Jemima Kirby, James Kirby, Rebecca Kirby)

-Page 05-

Description of Page: List of County committee; schedule of Democratic meetings around the county. Bottom is fuzzy and illegible.

The Libel Suit on the Stump
(Column 3)
Summary: Article about McClure's suit against the Spirit. Includes text of court proceedings.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure, William Boyle, George Mengel, B.Y. Hamsher)
Where Was George?
(Column 6)
Summary: Why didn't George Eyster speak at the McClure meeting? Same kind of mocking tone as in majority of campaign articles.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Cochran, George Eyster)

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