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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: October 12, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Column 1 is in German. Seems to be saying that the Democratic party is good, and the Republicans are not. Other political articles on this page as well, including a report on the California elections. Also reports from Adams County in columns 5-6.

Come Out And Vote
(Column 2)
Summary: An article urging Franklin voters to come to the polls.
Full Text of Article:

We again urge upon every member of our party the importance of attending the election. We were beaten in this county last fall, not because we had not strength enough to have carried our ticket, but because several hundred of our voters stayed at home. If we had polled the same vote we pulled in 1856, our whole ticket would have been elected. If we poll as many votes next week as we did in 1856, we shall triumph. We ought to be able to do this. There is just one thing that stands in our way, and that is the disposition sometimes shown by some of our friends, to stay at home and let the election take care of itself. Here and there a Democrat is found saying to himself, "Well, I believe I won't go to the election to-day--my vote won't make much difference anyway." Now this may do where there is a Democratic majority of several thousand, though even there every man ought to turn out, especially when there is a State ticket in the field. But no Democrat should talk and act thus in a close county like ours. As we remarked last week, five votes lost by staying at home in each election district will make a loss of over one hundred in the county. Parties being nearly balanced here, we need our whole vote. We can not afford to let many of our voters stay at home. It is all nonsense for a man to stay away because he thinks "one vote won't make much difference." If everybody did so, there would be no votes cast at all. It is the ones that make the hundreds, and the hundreds that make the thousands.

Our friends understand this as well as we do, but we have thought it our duty to remind them of it. The fault will not be ours if we are not successful. Those who stay at home, under the mistaken notion that their votes are of little account, will be to blame if we are not victorious. To all we say again, turn out and vote.

One Vote
(Column 2)
Summary: Another article urging Frankin voters to come to the polls.
Full Text of Article:

At the Congressional elections in Kentucky last August, there was a tie vote in one of the districts. If just one more Democratic voter had come out, the Democratic candidate would have been elected.

In another Congressional district, the opposition candidate was elected by a majority of three. There are plenty of Democrats in that district who now see how foolish it was for them to stay away from the polls.

Democrats of Franklin! Let us have no tie votes. Let us have no opposition candidate elected by a majority of three. Let us have a full turn out and a clean victory. Do not stay at home, or you will be sorry for it. Every man of you come out, and then every man on your ticket will be elected.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: This page is mostly political.

(Column 1)
Summary: Article about the canal swindles. Seems to be the same as in October 5 issue on page 1.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: No Page Information Available

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Lots of politics, digs at the Transcript especially.

Danger to the Union
(Column 2)
Summary: Opposition is "sneering" at dangers to Union. Union cannot endure in present climate of Northern hostility to the South. Blames Republicans for antagonizing Southerners.
The Last Dodge--Bogus Tickets
(Column 1)
Summary: Claims that the Republicans printed up bogus ticket to distribute to Democrats. They hoped these would confuse voters, especially the Germans.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure, George Eyster, Leonard Yeager, Jacob Sellers, David Lareg, Billy McGrath)
Full Text of Article:

The Republican managers in this borough had a large number of bogus tickets printed on Saturday last, for distribution among unsuspecting Democrats, whom they are intended to deceive. These tickets all contain the names of Col. McCLURE and GEORGE EYSTER. Most of them have McGRATH on for Sheriff; but a few, which will be distributed in this town by a bogus Democrat, contain the name of Mr. LEONARD YEAGER, a respectable citizen, who is not a candidate, in place of the name of JACOB SELLERS. The ticket with Mr. YEAGER'S name on is intended to cheat German Democratic voters.

Mr. DAVID LAREG was furnished with a horse and buggy and posted off on Saturday forenoon up the Loudon pike, to carry these bogus tickets to various districts. No doubt he took a good bundle of them to BILLY McGRATH, who would like to cheat his way into the Sheriff's office.

The Republican managers are concentrating their efforts on McCLURE, EYSTER and McGRATH. They are making a sacrifice of their Assemblymen, their Treasurer, their Commissioner, their Director and their Auditor, to elect the three named above. Even their State ticket is sunk out of sight. Everything is made to give way to McCLURE, EYSTER and McGRATH. The blood of half a dozen slaughtered Republican candidates will be upon the head of these men.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Column 6 has list of Grand and Traverse jurors for October Court.

Our Ticket
(Column 1)
Summary: Goes through the entire Democratic ticket, by office.
(Column 4)
Summary: Of Orrstown, age 63, on October 4.
(Names in announcement: William Reed)
List of Causes for Trial
(Column 6)
Summary: List of cases coming to trial at October court.
(Names in announcement: John Kerr, Abraham Wingart, Joseph Funk, James Simpson, N.C. Keyser, William McNulty, Frederick Foreman, N.G. Funk, John Snyder, G.W. Wolfe, William Christ, Jno. Snyder, James Carlisle, Phillip Seibert, Jacob Lancaster, Peter Cook, George Aston, W.S. Short, D. Oaks, Michael Strock, Samuel Disert, William Rupert, N.P. Pearon, John Noel, Jonathon Wright, Samuel Walker, Peter Ehrerer, J. Rinehart, Mrs. Rinehart, Charles Spice, John Reilly, John Skinner, James Kirkpatrick, John Eckman, William Seibert, John Finley, Michael Cook, Johann Phillips, Henry Funk, John GilbertJr., Isabelle Stark, Maria Sidre, John Sidre, Jacob Stover, John Stover, Gainer, Joseph Hutton, William Hutton, William Christy, A.M. Criswell, Henry Davis, J. and H. Funk, Alexander Martin, William McLellan, A.K. Hurst, Daniel Monn, Conrad Monn, Rev. William Barber, Peter Ashe, John Orler, William Neuman, Phillip Hammond, William Moshery, William Stevenson, John Orler, Francis Myers, Joseph Windham, L.B. Kurtz, Jacob McOurney, Isaac Kuhn, Jacob Marsourd, Levi Kurshner, G.W. Weld, C. Long, C. Landig, William McGrath, Samuel Finley, John How, P.A. Rice)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: No Page Information Available

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-Page 08-

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