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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: April 25, 1860

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Description of Page: Non-fiction, general political commentary on national issues

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Description of Page: Poetry, fiction

The End of a Woman's Caprices
(Column 01)
Summary: Fictional story of a woman who would not tell her suitor if she loved him or not. When he leaves, she finds that she truly misses him. He returns in disguise, she admits her love, he reveals himself, and they marry.

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Description of Page: Poetry and advertisements

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Not Very Consistent
(Column 02)
Summary: Argues that Republicans supporting the investigation of Buchanan and not that of Senator Sanborn, who allegedly contributed money to John Brown, are hypocrites.
National Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: Expresses hope that the party will unify behind a conservative ticket, but fears that it will not.
Defining Its Position
(Column 03)
Summary: The Journal announces that it supports the Constitutional Union party, but its main principles are opposition to sectionalism and abolitionism. It vows to fight the Republicans at every turn.
Origin of Article: Philadelphia Evening Journal
Editorial Comment: Cites approvingly the evidence that conservative men, who are not necessarily Democrats, can unite together against the "Black Republicans."
Mr. Buchanan's Letter to Gov. Walker
(Column 04)
Summary: Reprints and commentary of an 1857 letter written by Buchanan, brought in front of the Covode Investigating Committee, which shows Buchanan agreeing to the Lecompton Constitution. Both the Valley Spirit and the Pennsylvanian argue that there is nothing damning revealed in the letter.
Origin of Article: Pennsylvanian
By Telegraph For The Valley Spirit From Charleston
(Column 06)
Summary: Summary of events at opening day of Democratic National Convention in Charleston, Virginia. Bickering over seating New York and Illinois delegations ties up the convention, but reporter predicts that the convention will adjourn on schedule.

-Page 05-

Hotel Changes
(Column 01)
Summary: Article detailing recent changes in ownership of hotels in Chambersburg, which compliments all the establishments it mentions.
(Names in announcement: Ex-Sheriff Brown, Bradley, Keyler, Foltz, Miller, Weist, Grove, Reilly, D. Trostle, Hutchinson, McKenzie, James Reamer)
Full Text of Article:

--As quite a number of our Public Houses have recently changed proprietors it may be of some advantage to persons visiting this place to know how they are at present conducted.

Ex-Sheriff Brown, who recently took the stand on East Market Street, kept by Keyler & Bradley, is doing an excellent business, and all who put up at his house speak of it as being kept in the very best manner.

The "White Swan Hotel," lately conducted by Foltz & Miller, is now in the hands of Messrs. Weist & Grove. This house had formerly a very large run of custom which has been considerably increased under the present proprietors.--It is now kept in the best style and affords a comfortable and convenient stopping place for all persons visiting town. The accommodations at this house are of the first class and charges moderate.

Mr. Reilly, we understand, is doing a fair share of business at the stand formerly kept by Mr. D. Trostle, on West Market Street. We are informed by persons who have put up at his house that it is kept in a very cleanly and orderly manner--that his table is provided with the best the market can afford--that the house throughout is well furnished, and that the proprietor, and every one employed about the establishment, is attentive and obliging. We have no doubt that Mr. Reilly will regain the custom this house formerly had as he is determined to spare no exertion in conducting it in a manner that will gratify and give entire satisfaction to its patrons. Give him a call and you will find his house comfortable and pleasant and his charges reasonable. We refer our readers to his advertisement in to-day's paper.

The "Franklin House," the principal Hotel in the place and which has recently been so admirably conducted by Messrs. Hutchinson & McKenzie, will, we learn, shortly change proprietors. Mr. Jas. Reamer well known over the country as one of the best Hotel keepers in the United States will take charge of this popular house. Under the management of Mr. Reamer this house will be placed on an equality with any first class city Hotel, and will doubtless attract, by the very superior manner in which it will be kept, a large share of the patronage of the traveling public, as well as become a favorite place of resort for a majority of all others who visit our town on business or pleasure.

Our Hotel accommodations are, we believe, equal, if not superior, to those of any other town in the State, while our terms are considerably less. A knowledge of this fact should, we think, induce many to become sojourners with us and our town a place of summer resort for the parched up denizens of our cities.

Military Visit
(Column 01)
Summary: Chambers Artillery made an excursion to Greencastle, and the Valley Spirit praises the company for its equipment and its discipline.
(Names in announcement: Lieutenant P.B. Honsum, Colonel Stumbaugh)
Kysters' Improvement
(Column 01)
Summary: Kyster and Bro's made an addition to the Storeroom to gain additional display space.
(Names in announcement: Kyster)
Once More.
(Column 2)
Summary: The editors removed the blame of the bad condition of Market street from the Town Council to the Gas Company, which had done some digging and did not fill in the holes.
Full Text of Article:

--The Town Council have been "standing the raps" for some time about the bad condition of the crossing, on Market Street, near the Post Office. We are now informed that the Gas Company, in digging to find a leak in one of their pipes, caused these cavities that, in bad weather, have made this crossing so unpleasant. The Gas Company have, heretofore, been very prompt in making repairs, whenever they have disturbed the condition of the streets or pavements, and we hope, in this instance, so great a nuisance, caused by them, will not be overlooked any longer.

Fast Driving
(Column 02)
Summary: Town Council's ordinance against fast driving does not appear to be heeded. The Spirit asks that an example be made of somebody to instill respect for the law.
Full Text of Article:

--Our Town Council have published an ordinance against fast driving or riding through our streets. It does not seem, however, to be much regarded, for we have noticed some tall specimens of fast horsemanship on our streets since its promulgation. An example will be required to be made of somebody before the law is respected.

Charleston Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: Announces that an extra edition will be published with news of the Democratic National Convention.
Court Proceedings
(Column 03)
Summary: List of cases disposed during second week of court of common pleas.
(Names in announcement: Peter Reed, Samuel Dysart, Michael Strock, Sechrist, Carbaugh, Geo. Bitner, Mary Jack, Thomas Early, John Findlay, George Chambers, George Brewer)
(Column 04)
Summary: Married on April 10.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips, William Mouetz, Catharine Maloy)
(Column 04)
Summary: Ann Washbaugh died at age 42 after a painful disease.
(Names in announcement: Ann Washbaugh, Upton Washbaugh)
(Column 04)
Summary: Died on April 13 at 81 years of age.
(Names in announcement: Wm. Hambright)

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Description of Page: Moral stories, aphorisms, advertisements

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Description of Page: Advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Advertisements, legal notices

A Negro in a Bad Box
(Column 01)
Summary: Story of an escaped slave who attempted to be smuggled out of the South by getting in a box and being shipped to Ohio.
Riding on a Rail
(Column 02)
Summary: Story of a man in Tennessee who allegedly insulted the honor of the women of the state and barely escaped being lynched.