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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: May 16, 1860

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-Page 01-

The Folly of Dividing the Democratic Party about Abstractions
(Column 04)
Summary: Faults the Southern Democrats for injecting divisiveness into the Democratic convention. Argues that Northern Democrats were already committed to defending Southern rights, but not beyond the what the Constitution and Dredd Scott decision allowed.
Origin of Article: Harrisburg Patriot and Union
Slave Labor in Charleston
(Column 06)
Summary: Editor of a New York paper gives his complimentary observations on slavery in Charleston, South Carolina, and compares race relations favorably to those in the North.
Origin of Article: Rome (NY) Sentinel

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Description of Page: Poetry and fiction

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Description of Page: Miscellaneous news stories

Chambersburg Bank
(Column 01)
Summary: Notes approvingly the condition of the Chambersburg Bank.
(Names in announcement: Esq. G.R. Messersmith)
Constitutional Union
(Column 01)
Summary: Ridicules the Constitutional Union convention.
Full Text of Article:

A Convention of venerable and respectable old gentlemen, who are constitutionally opposed to the Democratic party, met at Baltimore about the middle of last week and nominated a ticket which, according to the speeches made on the interesting occasion, is destined to knock all other tickets into the middle of next week. Grandmother John Bell, a tough and toothless old politician of Tennessee, was selected for the Presidency. Bell's nomination was followed by a great deal of clappering, in the course of which "all the world and the rest of mankind," (including the Japanese embassy, now hourly expected,) were pledged to the nominee. This done, Hon. Edward Everett, the accomplished scholar and sagacious and patriotic statesman, was insulted with an offer of the Vice Presidency.

In spite of their large promises, these "Constitutional Unionists" do not expect to accomplish much beyond a mere muddying of the political waters. They have a slender hope that they can take one or two States from the Democracy and render more doubtful an election of President by the people.

The Platform and Contentions of the Democratic Party
(Column 03)
Summary: Argues that the Democratic party should proceed under a platform similar to what Douglas's supporters hold, and hopes that a future Supreme Court decision will negate the ability of a Territorial Legislature to outlaw slavery.

-Page 05-

Description of Page: News items obscured at bottom of the page. Advertisements.

A Railroad to the West
(Column 01)
Summary: A meeting will be held to elect delegates to a meeting that will discuss the plan to extend a railroad line to the Connellsville road. Valley Spirit urges action to seize the opportunity.
Waynesboro's Military Encampment
(Column 01)
Summary: Military companies from the county and surrounding areas will encamp for four days in Waynesboro.
Full Text of Article:

--This encampment will commence on Tuesday, the 29th inst., and continue four days. It promises to be well attended. Seven companies from this county will certainly be present, and we learn that two companies from Cumberland county, a company from Gettysburg, two from Frederick, and, perhaps, one from McConnellsburg, are also expected to be in attendance. The arrangements for conducting this encampment are, we understand, as complete as it is possible for human forsight to make them. The Committee having charge of the arrangements have carried out all matters, intrusted to them, with a degree of liberality that will afford the most perfect satisfaction to visiting companies, and contribute to make this encampment attractive as any ever held in the State. Waynesboro is a thriving and beautiful town and the well-known hospitality of its citizens, at all times, is a sure guarantee that all who visit this encampment will be well treated and pass a pleasant time.

Chambers Artillery
(Column 01)
Summary: Elections held for Chambers Artillery.
(Names in announcement: P.B. Housum, John Doebler, Matthew Gillan, George Miles, Thomas Cochran, Col. Stumbaugh)
Full Text of Article:

--At a meeting of the company, on the 7th inst., Mr. P. B. Housum was elected Captain; and Mr. John Doebler Lieutenant to fill the post made vacant by the promotion of Mr. Housum. The following named persons now compose the officers of this fine company which in discipline and appearance will rank with the best military organizations in the country:--Captain--P. B. Housum; Lieutenants-- John Doebler, Matthew Gillan and George Miles; 1st Sergeant--Thos. G. Cochran. The retiring commander, Col. Stumbaugh, is entitled to the thanks of this community for the time and talent bestowed in the formation, of what may justly be considered, the handsomest and best drilled company in the State.

(Column 02)
Summary: Franklin County lawyers admitted to bar of State Supreme Court; Valley Spirit is waiting to hear of the disposition of several cases important to the county.
(Names in announcement: A.K. McClure, D.W. Rowe, F.S. Stumbaugh, J.W. Douglas)
Out of Town
(Column 02)
Summary: Many local lawyers are on business trips out of town.
(Names in announcement: Esq. James Nill, Esq. L.H. McCauley, Esq. A.K. McClure, Esq. William McLellan, Esq. A.K. Rankin, Esq. Snively Strickler, F.S. Stumbaugh)
Full Text of Article:

--Hon. Jas. Nill is still absent in the South. I. H. McCauley, Esq., is attending a session of the Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F., at Philadelphia. A. K. McClure, Esq., and Wm. McLellan, Esq., A. N. Rankin, Esq., and Snively Strickler, Esq., are off to Chicago. F. S. Stumbaugh, Esq., is making a business tour through some of the Western States. It will be seen that our town is pretty well rid of lawyers, at this time, and we must be content to move along very quietly and orderly until their return.

Mercersburg Classis
(Column 02)
Summary: Mercersburg Classis, the governing organization of the local German Reformed Church, will meet at the German Reformed Church for several days. The president, Rev. B.S. Schneck, will preach the opening sermon.
(Names in announcement: Rev. B.S. Schneck)
Full Text of Article:

will meet in the German Reformed Church, of this place, on the evening of the 18th inst., when the opening sermon will be preached by the President, the Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck. This Body will continue its sessions for four or five days, during which time there will be divine services every evening. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered on Sabbath morning, the 20th inst. The business of the Classis will be transacted with open doors.

Directors of the Franklin Railroad
(Column 02)
Summary: Meeting in Harrisburg of Franklin Railroad Company Directors; several local men elected.
(Names in announcement: G.W. Brewer, G.W. Ziegler, A.B. Wingerd)
Full Text of Article:

--Pursuant to a public notice, an election was held at the office of the Franklin Railroad Company, in Harrisburg, on the 2d inst., for the purpose of electing officers of the Franklin Railroad, when the following gentlemen were legally elected.

President--A. J. Jones, of Harrisburg.

Directors--R. Biddle, of New York; Jay Cook and C. Clark, of Philadelphia; J. Weir, A. J. Jones and James Dull, of Harrisburg; G. W. Brewer, of Chambersburg; G. W. Ziegler and A. B. Wingerd of Greencastle; A. Armstrong and James Watson, of Hagerstown.

Treasurer and Secretary--H. C. Fahnestock, of Harrisburg.

Scarlet Fever
(Column 02)
Summary: Strasburg, in Franklin County, has had a number of fatal cases of scarlet fever. A number of children in particular have been striken.
Railroad to the West
(Column 04)
Summary: Letter writer wonders why Chambersburg had not been informed of meeting, and argues that representatives from the town and from the local railroads should be involved in any discussion of a new route. Another letter is appended arguing that the road to the southwest should pass through Chambersburg and the Cumberland Valley rather than through Harrisburg.
Trailer: Franklin
(Column 05)
Summary: Married on May 9 in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel Philips, Esq. Hiram White, Charlotte Greenawalt)
(Column 05)
Summary: David Gribble died at age 15 years, 11 months.
(Names in announcement: David Gribble, Levi Gribble)
(Column 05)
Summary: Died at age 91.
(Names in announcement: George WinemanSr.)
(Column 05)
Summary: Christian Schmidtner died at age 87.
(Names in announcement: John Smith, Christian Schmidtner)

-Page 06-

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-Page 08-

Description of Page: Market information from Chambersburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore; legal notices; advertisements.

Census of 1860
(Column 02)
Summary: List of the actual questions census takers will begin asking people on June 1.
The Black Republican Wigwam
(Column 02)
Summary: Republican convention expenses are allegedly outstripping receipts from attendance.