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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: June 20, 1860

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-Page 01-

Fusion in Confusion
(Column 03)
Summary: Quotes from newspapers that support potential fusion candidates such as Bell and who oppose Lincoln, Sumner, and abolitionism.
Origin of Article: Pennsylvanian, St. Louis News, New York Times, New York Express
Cotton and 'Slavery'
(Column 03)
Summary: Notes that the article details Britain's dependence on cotton, and states "These are facts, and facts are stubborn things. They put to flight, at a breath, an immense amount of theoretical philanthropy and sentimental negrophilism." Also points out that "Negro servitude produces this cotton and it is a well established fact that it cannot be produced without it."
Origin of Article: London Chronicle, New York Day Book>
Sumner's Speech Indorsed
(Column 06)
Summary: Notes that the Massachusetts Legislature endorsed Sumner's speech, despite the disavowal of it by some Republican leaders. Valley Spirit states that, if this is the sentiment that pervades the North, division of the country is only a matter of time.

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Description of Page: Conclusion of J.P. Benjamin speech.

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Description of Page: Fiction and advertisements

-Page 04-

What We Were and What We Are
(Column 01)
Summary: Argues that the nation has grown tremendously since 1776 because of "Our free and liberal principles," which were "advocated and upheld" by Democratic administrations. The nation has prospered under Democrats and it will continue to do so "for ages to come."
The 14th Section of the Chicago Platform
(Column 04)
Summary: Criticizes Massachusetts because it forces foreigners to wait for seven years after they emigrate before they can vote while free blacks can vote after one year. The Spirit believes that Andrew Curtin would support similar legislation if he were elected governor because he is the "head and front of the Know Nothing party."
The Chicago Abortion
(Column 05)
Summary: Argues that the Republicans aren't enthusiastic supporters of Lincoln. They truly wanted to nominated Seward, but "when he fell beneath the daggers of such men as Cameron and Greely, the heart of Republicanism sank with him."
Empty Promises
(Column 05)
Summary: Criticizes the Republicans for failing to nominate a protectionist ticket, even though they had sworn that they would support protection to American industry. Instead, they nominated a free trader for Vice President and passed a tariff resolution that ignores Pennsylvania's interests.

-Page 05-

(Column 01)
Summary: Urges Baltimore merchants to take a close look at the beneficial aspects of supporting a railroad that would travel from Stevens' Tapeworm to Chambersburg. This would help Baltimore increase their trade with the Cumberland Valley and would help them undercut Philadelphia merchants.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Stouffer, Thadeus Steves)
Friendship Fire Company
(Column 01)
Summary: The above men were elected officers of the Friendship Fire Company.
(Names in announcement: B. Latrobe Maurer, Hiram Hutz, Jacob Jarret, Solomon Huber, Samuel Greenwalt, Barnet Earley, R.H. Perry, Richard M. Perry, J. Warren Seibert, D. Brainard Kirby, John Seiders, Augustus Miller, Conrad Smith, G. Ludwick, Christian Koons, George Watson, Daniel Silvers, J. Boyd Wright, John Oaks, David Seibert, George Watson, George Heck, Jacob Jarret, Richard Perry)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Judge Nill and Mr. Ripper have left for the Baltimore convention.
(Column 06)
Summary: Married on June 14th.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. McHenry, Joshua Benler, Christiana Landis)
(Column 06)
Summary: Park Snider died on June 13th at 6 years of age.
(Names in announcement: Park Snider, J.N. Snider, Fanny Snider)
(Column 06)
Summary: Died on June 12th at 60 years of age.
(Names in announcement: David Smith)

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