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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: July 4, 1860

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-Page 01-

Southern Pennsylvania
(Column 01)
Summary: Encourages settlement in Southern Pennsylvania and offers a description of what the region has to offer, especially land. Stresses that a railroad should be built through the region, especially since the recently completed British Grand Trunk railroad through Canada could allow the Canadians to gain control of western trade.
Origin of Article: Hamstead Journal, NY of the 23d ult.
Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois
(Column 04)
Summary: Favorable description of the life and political positions of Douglas.
Peter Cartwright and Honest Abe
(Column 06)
Summary: Unfavorable anecdote about Lincoln in comparison with Douglas.

-Page 02-

A Contrast
(Column 04)
Summary: Contrasts the condition of negroes in the South and North and argues that they are better off in the South.
Origin of Article: Detroit Free Press

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Humors of the Canvass
(Column 01)
Summary: An unfavorable anecdote about Lincoln's career that casts doubt on the bravery of a Lincoln supporter.

-Page 04-

Presidential Nominations
(Column 01)
Summary: Supports Douglas for President and argues that the battle isn't between "Lecompton and Anti-Lecompton" but between sectionalism versus the Union.
Origin of Article: Bedford Gazette
Editorial Comment: "Sensible and well expressed remarks" from a Democratic paper that had previously opposed Douglas.
The Vice Presidency
(Column 01)
Summary: Supports Herschel V. Johnson as the Vice Presidential candidate.
Democracy and Aristocracy
(Column 01)
Summary: Stresses the glorious history and values of the Democratic party.
Wonderful Discovery
(Column 03)
Summary: Accuses the Transcript of lying when it stated that a plot existed among "'the good people of this community'" to rescue John Brown from prison.
Editorial Correspondence, Baltimore, June 22, 1860
(Column 05)
Summary: Discussion of J.G.R.'s trip to the Democratic Convention in Baltimore.
(Names in announcement: Judge Nill, Carson, Dick, Horner)

-Page 05-

Democratic Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: Request for the Democrats of Chambersburg to meet on July 7th to organize a Douglas-Johnson Club.
(Names in announcement: A. Armstrong, John Armstrong, James Boyd, Wm. Boyle, A.J. Brand, Samuel Brandt, J.L. Burkhart, Solomon Butler, A. Jackson Byers, George Cline, Wm. Clugston, George Cook, J.A.S. Creamer, G.M. Crist, J. Dackelmayer, John Dauner, Dan'l DechertSr., D. Webster Diehl, G.F. Dittman, John Doebler, J.W. Douglass, Peter Dourty, Calvin Duncan, Augustus Duncan, Frank Elliott, Edward Evans, G. Falkenstine, Henry Feldman, Peter Feldman, M. Feltheimer, Wm. Flory, Matthew Gillan, W. Blair Gilmore, John Grier, J. Smith Grier, B.Y. Hamsher, S.P. Harbaugh, John HassenSr., Jacob Heid, W. HeyserSr., Wm. HeyserJr., J.T. Hoskinson, W. Kennedy, T.B. Kennedy, H.C. Keyser, C.W. Kline, Benjamin Lantell, James Logan, Adam Lohmann, J.S. Ludwig, O.N. Lull, W.M. McClintock, J.P. McClintock, John McClintock, Vincent McCoy, John McGowen, A.C. McGuigan, F. McKenna, S.K. McKenson, D. McKenzie, George Mengel, Christian Michaels, Samuel Mohler, Geo. Monath, John Montgomery, Samuel Myers, Samuel Myers, B.F. Neal, Samuel Nelson, John Nill, James Nill, T.J. Nill, J. Nitterhouse, Charles Nitterhouse, John Noel, Samuel Ott, Geo. Palmer, J. Paxton, James Reamer, J.H. Reed, Wilson Reilly, James Reilly, J. Geo Ripper, J. Rodenhafer, Watson Rowe, John Scheible, Christian Senseny, A.H. Senseny, J. McDowell Sharpe, J. Shatzler, Wm. Shillito, J.N. Shillito, J.B. Shinnafield, A. Simmers, George Smith, John SmithJr., J.F. Smith, John SmithSr., C.H. Smith, John Snider, J. Spahr, Geo. Spahr, A. Spahr, Geo. Toms, Wm. Trout, Jacob Trout, Wm. Wallace, H.M. White, H.M. White, A.J. White, J.M. Wolfkill, D.K. Wunderlich)
The Destiny of Chambersburg
(Column 01)
Summary: Town boosterism--stresses the dynamic growth of Chambersburg as well as the need for a railroad.
Railroad Meeting in Chambersburg
(Column 02)
Summary: Report of an earlier meeting about the contemplated railroad to run from Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Esq. Emanuel Kuhn, Esq. J.W. Douglas, Hon. Wilson Reilly, W. Seibert, A.K. McClure, Esq J.W. Douglas, George Chambers)
Teachings of Patriots and Statesmen
(Column 02)
Summary: Discussion of a new book that includes the major debates and writings of the founding fathers on the subject of slavery. Highly recommended.
Democratic Platform
(Column 04)
Summary: Reprint of the Democratic platform adopted by the conventions at Cincinnati, Charleston, and Baltimore.

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