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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: May 18, 1861

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Army Correspondence--Letter from Camp Scott
(Column 01)
Summary: Letter from J.S.K. in which he discusses being ordered to prepare to march at a moments' notice, target practice, receiving gifts from the women of Chambersburg, and the shooting of a member of the Johnstown Rifles who entered a home in York, "abused the family and took hold of one of the women in the house."
Masonic Secession
(Column 01)
Summary: "We learn from Augusta that the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Georgia have adopted a resolution disconnecting themselves from the general Grand Chapter of the United States."
From Washington
(Column 02)
Summary: Miscellaneous war news from Washington.
Important Statement of Colonel Anderson at Harrisburg
(Column 03)
Summary: Col. Anderson met briefly with the Governor, members of the Pennsylvania Legislature and other state officials. He announced that John C. Breckinridge would join him in Cincinnati to take command under him.
Pennsylvania Troops at Baltimore
(Column 03)
Summary: A portion of the First Pennsylvania regiments arrived at Woodbury. Other Pennsylvania troops are on their way to Washington.
Governor Hicks and the Mayor of Baltimore--Condition of the City--Rumored Arrests
(Column 03)
Summary: Governor Hicks denies Mayor Brown's charge that he authorized the destruction of the railroad bridges.
Proclamation of the Governor of Maryland
(Column 04)
Summary: The Governor of Maryland agrees to the President's request for four regiments of infantry or riflemen to serve for three months as long as they shall serve within the limits of Maryland or for the defense of the Capital.
Proclamation from Gen. Butler
(Column 04)
Summary: The General orders all traitorous actions in Maryland to cease. He states that he will not seize property unless the owner is engaged in helping the secessionists. He proclaims that the ordinary operation of the government of Baltimore will continue.
From Washington--Southern Spies
(Column 06)
Summary: The federal government does not seize or punish spies arriving from the South, while the Confederacy continues to seize Northerners who travel to the South.
News from the South
(Column 06)
Summary: Two men who have been living in the South report that military preparations are being made in Virginia and North Carolina. General Lee has been given the command of all Confederate forces in Virginia.
Harper's Ferry
(Column 06)
Summary: More troops continue to move to Harper's Ferry from Virginia, and an attack is expected soon.
Precautions against Fire
(Column 06)
Summary: The government has begun taking precautions against future attempts to set fire to or blow up buildings in which soldiers are located.
Arrest of Ross Winans by Federal Officers
(Column 06)
Summary: Ross Winans, Baltimore arms manufacturer, was arrested by the government.

-Page 02-

Campbell's Artillery
(Column 01)
Summary: "The artillery company of Capt. Campbell has drilled frequently on the Common and the various movements are witnessed with great interest by our citizens."
Origin of Article: York Gazette
(Column 01)
Summary: Rev. J. Steck, Pastor of the Lutheran Church, will resume regular services next Sunday. Rev. S. H. Reid of Huntington will preach in the German Reformed Church next Sunday as well.
Getting Used to It
(Column 01)
Summary: Townspeople are getting used to the presence of the soldiers. They also are less fearful of an attack from the South. The Spirit "would not be much surprised to hear of our young ladies and gentlemen getting up a picnic to Harper's Ferry some pleasant day just for the novelty of the thing."
Full Text of Article:

Our citizens are becoming used to the novelty of the presence of a large body of military in their midst. They seem to attract but little attention, or interest, any longer and our people are settling down to their usual occupations in their quiet way as formerly. The fear of an attack from "over the line" has also died out, and we would not be much surprised to hear of our young ladies and gentlemen getting up a pic-nic to Harper's Ferry some pleasant day just for the novelty of the thing.

Capt. Reilly's Rifles
(Column 01)
Summary: Capt. Reilly's company from Camp McAllen marched through the streets of Chambersburg and maneuvered in the Public Square. The large crowd present admired them for their fine drill and appearance.
Regimental Parade
(Column 01)
Summary: The three regiments from Camp Slifer marched through town last Thursday. The Spirit believes they have improved since their arrival here and "may now be considered sufficiently drilled to enter battle and stand fire like veterans."
A Worthy Example
(Column 01)
Summary: The Spirit praises the patriotism of Fletcher Webster, son of Daniel Webster, who Lincoln removed from the office of Surveyor of the Port of Boston. Webster volunteered to raise a regiment of volunteers for immediate service to protect Washington.
Educational Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: The Educational Convention that was to be held at Harrisburg on the 21st. has been postponed.
(Names in announcement: P. Shoemaker)
Flag Presentation
(Column 02)
Summary: Reports that the women of Chambersburg presented a flag to the 7th Regiment.
(Names in announcement: W. Stinger, Col. Reipley)
Full Text of Article:

On Wednesday last a handsome flag was presented to the 7th Regiment, as a mark of regard from the ladies of Chambersburg. The interesting ceremony took place in the Diamond, in the presence of the 7th and 8th regiments and a large concourse of citizens. The flag was presented by W. S. Stinger, on behalf of the ladies in a very neat and able address. Col. Ripley responded, on the part of the regiment, in a speech of great force and beauty. The whole affair passed off very pleasantly and afforded a high degree of gratification to the soldiers as well as our citizens.

Want In
(Column 02)
Summary: The Spirit denies a published report from the Harrisburg Telegraph that the commissariat in Chambersburg is poor.
Union Feeling in the South
(Column 02)
Summary: A letter from a Southern women whose husband is in the Confederate Army states that he, along with many other men, would gladly leave and go North if it were possible. The Spirit believes that the Confederate Army will suffer from a large secession movement.
Newspaper Postage
(Column 02)
Summary: The Chambersburg Times claims that the postage law states that weekly papers will be mailed for free while semi-weekly papers will have regular postage. The Spirit believes that this is just an attempt by the Times to be sure that the three semi-weekly papers in the area have to pay postage while the Times doesn't.
(Column 03)
Summary: Several weeks ago, Maryland was in open rebellion against the Federal Government. Now, however, the government has brought the state under control through a "determined attitude . . . and a display of adequate restraining force."
Origin of Article: Harrisburg Patriot and Union
A Letter from Camp Slifer
(Column 03)
Summary: A letter written from a soldier at Camp Slifer. In it, he discusses camp life and drilling.
Origin of Article: Luzerne Union
Editorial Comment: "The Union contains the following letter from Camp Slifer in Chambersburg. It is from a member of the Wyoming Jackson Rifle company."
Knapsacks for Democrats
(Column 04)
Summary: The Daily News claims that a large percentage of volunteers in the New York militia are Democrats.
Origin of Article: New York Daily News
Editorial Comment: "It is a very fair parallel of the state of things in this section of the country. As the Republican press here seems intent on making political capital out of the war, and of charging the Democratic party and its presses with disloyalty, we take it as perfectly legitimate that the facts should be shown to the public."
(Column 04)
Summary: List of elected officials of the Franklin County Farmers and Mechanics Industrial Association.
(Names in announcement: James Orr, Jacob Nixon, James Davison, Henry Keefer, W. Everett, Snively Strickler, Emmanuel Kuhn, John Ruthrauff, H. Davison, J. Craig, P. Duffield, James Elder, John Gillan, Samuel Myers, D. Wunderlich, Josiah Hesors, A. Wingert, H. Greenwelt, D. Gehr)
The Latest! From Washington
(Column 05)
Summary: Rumors abound in Washington that a Southern army is encamped behind Arlington Heights. However, scouts who have recently returned from Virginia do not confirm the rumors.
From Annapolis
(Column 05)
Summary: Miscellaneous news from Annapolis. Brigadier General Butler was promoted to Major General. "The presence of Ross Winans here yesterday created a deep impression. The troops uncovered as he passed down the line."
Interesting from Baltimore
(Column 05)
Summary: Miscellaneous news from Baltimore. The New York and Massachusetts troops withdrew from Federal Hill and returned to the Relay House. Also reports that "The correspondent of the Lynchburg Virginian gives as a report the removal of Washington's remains on the ground that the North was going to do the same."
From Fortress Monroe
(Column 05)
Summary: The steamer Bowman arrived in New York from Fortress Monroe carrying the women and children of the regular troops in the garrison. An attack on the fortress is expected.
Commercial Revulsions and Failures
(Column 05)
Summary: Many trading houses are failing because they cannot get payments from their Southern customers. In addition, some houses that trade extensively with the West are also suffering.
Bully for Chambersburg
(Column 05)
Summary: The Daily Times praises the ladies of Chambersburg for their generosity to the soldiers and for their beauty.
Origin of Article: Reading Daily Times
General Harney to the People of Missouri
(Column 06)
Summary: General Harney published an address to the people of Missouri in which he stated that the recently passed bill in the legislature amounts to an indirect ordinance of secession. He believes that "Missouri must share the destiny of the Union."
The Convention at Wheeling
(Column 06)
Summary: Report of the convention in Wheeling to create the pro-Union "New Virginia."
From St. Louis
(Column 06)
Summary: The commander of state forces in Jefferson City, Missouri has issued an order that any attack by soldiers or mobs on the property of citizens will be dealt with harshly. When the Northern Methodist Church was stoned by a crowd of drunken men, the Southern Church took up a subscription to make the necessary repairs.
News from Harper's Ferry
(Column 06)
Summary: Three thousand troops have reached Harper's Ferry in the past few days. They are expected to make a foray into Pennsylvania in search of provisions. The planters at the "entrance into the State" greatly fear John Brown, Jr.'s company of black "avengers" who are said to be encamped in a valley sixty miles south of Pittsburgh. The state of Pennsylvania is planning on taking measures to prevent these men from "pursuing their evil design."
Attempt to Blow Up a Bridge
(Column 06)
Summary: Reports that "An attempt was made last night [May 14] by Virginians to blow up a bridge on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, just below Point of Rocks, but it failed through their mismanagement. Another individual, suspiciously occupied at the turnpike bridge, near Frederick, was fired upon, but escaped. As no down trains have passed Frederick Junction for some hours, it is believed the track or bridges above are destroyed. The country about [Chambersburg] is infested with marauders whose only object seems to be destructive to private property."

-Page 03-

The Pay of the Army
(Column 01)
Summary: Listing of the pay for officers and soldiers of the regular Army.
Origin of Article: New York Tribune
Army Regulations
(Column 01)
Summary: Miscellanous interesting army regulations.
Dastardly Outrages
(Column 02)
Summary: The Gazette deplores the recent trend toward mob seizure and destruction of property.
Origin of Article: Reading Gazette
Scene in Church
(Column 02)
Summary: In a church in West Philadelphia, the Rev. Henry A. Wise, Jr., son of the former governor of Virginia, left out the President during a Sunday prayer. A prominent member of the congregation stood up and demanded that he should repeat the prayer correctly. When he refused to do so, he left the pulpit without saying his sermon. He has since moved to Richmond.
The Markets
(Column 02)
Summary: Lists prices at the Chambersburg, Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore markets.
(Column 02)
Summary: Married on "Thursday evening last."
(Names in announcement: Rev. B. Schneck, Banjamin York, Ariana Riddle)
(Column 02)
Summary: Died on May 17th at 23 years of age.
(Names in announcement: Dr. Wm. Senseny)

-Page 04-

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