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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: January 15, 1862

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Article occupies entire first page and is carried into the first two columns of page 8.

First Annual Message of Andrew G. Curtain, Governor of Pennsylvania
(Column 1)
Summary: This article reprints Governor Curtain's January 8 address to the State Senate and House. Curtain deals with the finances of the state first and then turns to a number of issues surrounding railroad construction and financing. He then spends the bulk of his address discussing Pennsylvania's participation in the war effort. He lauds the patriotism of Pennsylvania volunteers and notes that thus far Pennsylvania has contributed 109,615 men to the cause. He also discusses purchases of armaments by the state and then briefly turns to other state issues.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Poetry, fiction, and classified ads, including repeat of previously published judicial notices

The Release of Mason and Slidell
(Column 3)
Summary: Suggests Congress pass a resolution disapproving of Secretary of State Seward's release of Mason and Slidell, in order to avenge the honor of the country vis-a-vis Great Britain.
Origin of Article: Dubuque (Iowa) Herald

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Fiction and classified advertisements

-Page 04-

Description of Page: The editorial on abolitionists occupies half of page 4.

To The Public
(Column 1)
Summary: George H. Mengel has sold the Valley Spirit to P.S. Dechert, who had been connected with the paper until two years ago, when he sold his interest to Mengel, and to B.Y. Hamsher, former Clerk of the Courts of the County, a Democrat who was elected in a majority Republican county. Mengel thanks his subscribers for their patronage and assures them that no change will be made in editorial content. The Valley Spirit will continue to speak as the voice of Franklin County Democrats.
(Names in announcement: P.S. Dechert, B.Y. Hamsher, George H. Mengel)
To the Patrons of the Valley Spirit
(Column 1)
Summary: The new owners assure readers that the Valley Spirit will continue to speak for the Democratic party and they ask for a special show of support from its readers. They also promise to make needed improvements.
(Names in announcement: P.S. Dechert, B.Y. Hamsher, George H. Mengel)
The Abolitionists at Work
(Column 2)
Summary: Editorial arguing that, of the two forces seeking to keep the Union apart, abolitionists are far more pernicious than secessionists--the latter are fighting for property, while the former are fighting for a misguided ideal. Abolitionists have become obsessed only with freeing the slaves, regardless of the consequences that freeing African Americans would have on the country. The editorial was prompted by a petition circulating in Franklin county, apparently through the churches, supporting the emancipation of slaves in the Confederacy.
[No Title]
(Column 6)
Summary: Proclaims that the state Democratic party has never enjoyed such good organization at the State House, despite losing control of the House, since it was the regular Democrats' refusal to cooperate with "fishy" Union Democrats which brought about their defeat. The party was now free of "impure elements" and is poised for victory in the future.
Origin of Article: Harrisburg Patriot and Union

-Page 05-

Description of Page: Page also contains general war news and classified advertisements.

(Column 1)
Summary: Thanks Senator A.K. McClure and Representative W.W. Sellers for providing public documents to the paper.
(Names in announcement: Hon. A.K. McClure, W.W. SellersEsq.)
War News
(Column 1)
Summary: The Valley Spirit will be expanding its coverage of the events of the war.
Brass Band
(Column 1)
Summary: George Seilhamer, Esq., will recite his humorous poem in conjunction with a concert to be given by the Brass Band next Tuesday in Franklin Hall.
(Names in announcement: George O. SeilhamerEsq.)
(Column 1)
Summary: The Festival of the Fayetteville Union Sunday Schools was held on Christmas evening. It consisted of presentations by Rev. Samuel Crawford, Rev. Niccolls, and William Heyser, Esq.; Rev. W.H.R. Deatrich and Rev. Joshua Kennedy also took part in the exercises. The school sang devotional and patriotic songs, the Fayetteville Brass Band played, and a "social chat" was held afterwards. The school was recently reorganized on "broader union principles to embrace all that appreciate and love to work in the duty of giving moral and religious instruction to the youth of Fayetteville...."
(Names in announcement: Rev. Samuel CrawfordD.D., Rev. Niccolls, William HeyserEsq., Rev. W.H.R. Deatrich, Rev. Joshua Kennedy)
Burglars About
(Column 2)
Summary: Two "young villains" looked in the window of Samuel George's house south of Grind-Stone Hill Church, but Mrs. George rapped on the window and scared them off.
(Names in announcement: Samuel George)
(Column 2)
Summary: Capt. Daniel G. Thomas acknowledges the receipt of 80 pairs of woolen socks from the "Ladies of Guilford Township" to be distributed to Pennsylvania Volunteers.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Daniel Thomas)
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The Rev. C.P. Krauth Jr. will preach in the Lutheran Church next Saturday and Sunday.
Tribute of Respect
(Column 2)
Summary: Representatives from all the printing offices in Chambersburg met in the offices of the Franklin Repository and Transcript to commemorate the death of William H. Seiders.
(Names in announcement: William H. Seiders, R.P. Hazelet, George H. Mengel)
Letter from the 77th Regiment
(Column 4)
Summary: Writes to update readers on activity of 77th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, quartered on the North Bank of the Green River in Kentucky. Jacob Royer, from near Waynesboro in Company A, under the command of Captain McKesson, died; James Ronlet, from near Shippensburg in Company C under the command of Captain McNally also died. Daniel Levanite from Franklin County, in the Battery Company, has been lost but it was not certain if he was drowned or taken prisoner--he was sent out to collect water, and his kettle was found later but no trace of Levanite. Confederate cavalry had been active in the area so it was possible that he was taken prisoner. Generally, the 77th is in good health and spirits, and Slumbaugh says he will make sure soldiers send the remittances due their families.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Royer, James Ronlet, Daniel Levanite)
Trailer: F.S. Slumbaugh
Tribute of Respect
(Column 5)
Summary: A meeting of the Hope Fire Company held on January 7th adopted a resolution of commemoration for their deceased member William Seiders, who was killed while serving as a member of Company D, 11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry.
(Names in announcement: William Seiders, A.C. McGrath)
Wanted 15 Able-Bodied Men
(Column 5)
Summary: Advertisement for enlistees for the company commanded by Capt. A.J. Brand, currently quartered at Camp Curtain in Harrisburg. Application should be made at Brand's Hotel in Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Capt. A.J. Brand)

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Classifieds

-Page 07-

Description of Page: Classifieds

-Page 08-

Annual Report of Henry D. Moore, State Treasurer
(Column 2)
Summary: Moore discusses three primary areas of activity of his department: the issuing of state bonds, at 6% interest, to fund the wartime expenditures of the state; the means by which the state will pay the $1.9 million dollar tax levied by the federal government for support of the war effort; and the default of the Wyoming Canal Company on the $281,000 in bonds the state holds. Moore added a commentary on the unjust structure of state tax laws, which, he argues, allowed wealthy holders of bonds, mortgages, and other securities to escape taxation and threw the tax burden onto real property holders.