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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: November 26, 1862

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Description of Page: Several columns of an account by a French military officer who accompanied General McClellan in several battles; also documents regarding General Kearney in the Peninsula campaign.

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Description of Page: Poetry and fiction

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Description of Page: Fiction and classified advertisements

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Money Wanted
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors urge their subscribers who are in arrears to pay up.
The "Transcript" on the Removal of McClellan
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors attempt to refute, point by point, an editorial in the Repository and Transcript that justifies the removal of McClellan. To the Transcript's accusations that McClellan would not move on the rebels when at Washington, the editors argue that his plans had been revealed to the Confederates; when the Transcript compares McClellan's inaction to Union victories in the west, the editors claim that McClellan, as General-in-Chief, deserves credit for those victories; when the Transcript accuses McClellan of stopping short of Richmond, the editors blame the "treachery and deception" of political leaders in Washington for undercutting McClellan; when the Transcript appears to be both praising and criticizing McClellan's organizational abilities, the editors point out this inconsistency; and when the Transcript interprets the President's move as a response to the elections, which indicated a desire for a more vigorous prosecution of the war, the editors point out that before the election the Transcript had said that a Democratic victory would mean a repudiation of the war.
Editorial Comment: "In the last issue of the Repository and Transcript appears a lengthy and labored editorial on the removal of Gen. McClellan from the Army of the Potomac. It abounds in inconsistencies and absurdities that are really amusing."
A Suggestion
(Column 2)
Summary: A sarcastic editorial that asks where the 900,000 soldiers that Horace Greely promised the President, if he signed the emancipation proclamation, would be. The editors also suggest that McClellan's local critics should take command of troops since they seem to know military tactics better than McClellan did.
Full Text of Article:

Now since the radicals have forced the President to surrender the management of the war into their own hands; and since they have determined that the war shall be carried on for the abolition of slavery rather than for the restoration of the Union, and have already commenced the work of dismissing all conservative Generals from their commands in the army, so as to get the army under abolition control, we suggest that they also dismiss the conservative soldiers from the ranks and that Greeley's 900,000 abolitionists be called into the field at once.

Greeley promised the President 900,000 abolition soldiers if he would issue an emancipation proclamation. "Old Abe" complied with Greeley's request and now we want Greeley to fulfil [sic] his part of the contract. We want him to trot out his 900,000 abolitionists minus the man that enlisted from Boston some time ago, leaving a balance of 899,999 for Greeley to furnish yet.

The men being furnished, we suggest to the President to appoint Greeley Commander-in-Chief with the rank of Lieutenant General. The different corps and division commanders to consist of such military geniuses as Wilson, Wade, Stevens, Lovejoy and "blood-letting" Chandler.

The reserve corps of this grand army we want placed under the command of the citizen of this place, who was at the battle of Antietam and saw just where Gen. McClellan made the mistake which enabled the rebel army to escape being "bagged." His extensive knowledge of military tactics would enable him to detect any blunder which Lieutenant-General Greeley might make in any future engagement and retrieve the fortunes of the day by leading his corps into the breach.

Sumner we would assign to the command of a negro corps, division or brigade as the case may be. The size of his command will depend upon the number of "darkies" he can get to enlist. In this department of the service we would earnestly demand a place for our neighbor of the Dispatch. He might be authorized to recruit a company of the "sable sons of Africa" from among the "denizens of Wolffstown." This would no doubt diminish "Um's rent" somewhat, but being a patriotic man, the old gentleman would willingly sacrifice something for the good of the country. His company being mustered into Sumner's command, our neighbor would stand an excellent chance for promotion among his "colored brederen" whose cause he has served so long and faithfully.

With this magnificent army in the field, backed up by "Old Abe's" proclamation, "secesh" would certainly have to "go under." We hope father Abraham will see to it that Greeley don't back out of his part of the contract.

The Next Governor
(Column 3)
Summary: The editors relay a report that the Democrats of Lancaster County are pushing George Sanderson as a candidate for Governor. The editors report positively on Sanderson's "enviable reputation" and his "extensive knowledge of public affairs, a calm, even temper, and a moral courage that would withstand any odds or influence."
General H. W. Halleck
(Column 3)
Summary: The writer attacks General Halleck for his criticism of McClellan, noting that McClellan had come to Halleck's aid when Sumner criticized his conduct in Missouri. In addition, the writer notes that it is hypocritical of Halleck to criticize McClellan's slowness to move, as it took Halleck two months to move the 12 miles from Shiloh to Corinth.
Origin of Article: Pottsville Standard
From Washington
(Column 5)
Summary: The writer reports rumors in Washington that General Lee has written to General Halleck regarding the emancipation proclamation, which is due to take effect on January 1. Lee is supposed to have argued first, that the "instigation of a servile war" is not discussed in any book on military tactics, and must be regarded in the same light as poisoning wells, abusing prisoners or women and children; and second, that if the proclamation is not withdrawn, any women or children murdered by "infuriated negroes" will be avenged by the execution of an equal number of Union prisoners.
Full Text of Article:

Washington, Nov. 21.

A report is current here, and very generally believed, that Gen. Lee, of the rebel army, has recently addressed a formal communication to Gen. Hallock touching the proposed issue of an emancipation proclamation on the first of January next. It will be remembered that after the exciting debates in the rebel Congress as to the propriety of retaliation, the whole matter was left to the discretion of the President of the Confederate States, with instructions to take such measures as would compel the withdrawal of the proclamation, or bring home to the northern troops some of the evil it threatens against the southern people. It is stated that Gen. Lee's letter is exceedingly elaborate, and discusses the question from every point of view. The points it is said to contain are as follows:

First, The unwarrantable nature of the proclamation, so far as the recognized measures of military warfare are concerned. The fact is pointed out that in no work on military law is the instigation of a servile war recommended, indorsed [sic] or even mentioned; that, as General Hallock himself never thought of it in discussing the various means that might be used by belligerent enemies, the threat of servile war and insurrection is clearly not a proper military procedure; that, being outside of military law, the southern people are justified in regarding it as coming under the brutal and savage expedients of a barbarous people, and resenting it as such; that the enemy that will use it does an act as unjustifiable as the poisoning of wells or of food, the maiming and murdering of prisoners, and the outrage of women. On this ground it is demanded that the proclamation be withdrawh [sic].

Second, it is further urged by Gen. Lee that in case the proclamation is not withdrawn the Confederate military authorities, sorely against their will, but strong in the justice of their position, will be compelled to retaliate in the sternest manner upon all the Union prisoners that fall into their hands. It is not specified what punishment will be inflicted, but it is distinctly intimated that if, through the instigation of the Federal troops, any women or children are murdered by infuriated negroes, an equal number of Union troops will be promptly put to death. On this matter the Confederate government wishes the Federal government to understand that it is very much in earnest, and will do even more than it threatens.

Accompanying this document, and adressed [sic] to other members of the government, it is stated that a letter from a high member of the Confederate government is now in Washington for members of the cabinet, arguing the question as to the property of rescinding the objectionable proclamation. Its addition to the military arguments urged by Gen. Lee, an argument drawn from the recent elections in the North is made use of by the Confederate statesmen. If the Union shall be restored, this document urges, it will be better not to have this gulf of blood between the North and South, and even should the South succeed in their efforts there would be fewer unpleasant memories to rankle.

Notwithstanding these communications, it is still asserted here to the proclamation, and to carry out the radical programme to the bitter end.

Notwithstanding these communications, it is still asserted here that Mr. Lincoln is determined to adhere to the proclamation, and to carry out the radical programme to the bitter end.

Important to Drafted Men--Substitutes to be Furnished Immediately
(Column 6)
Summary: A reprint of an order sent to Governor Curtain by the secretary of war authorizing drafted men to furnish substitutes within ten days of the order (dated November 15) or within 10 days of muster, provided the government does not have to incur additional expenses.

-Page 05-

(Column 1)
Summary: Antrim Township, substitutes and draftees: Wilford Six, 112th Reg't P. V. for James H. Fleming; M. Heefner for David M. Stoner; Joseph S. Sarter for Hezekiah Garren; Joseph Brown for Henry Barnhart; William H. Vance for Andrew A. Hess; David Bowen for Andrew S. Stouffer; John Shouf for David Good; Thomas Clingan for John White; David H. Mowen for Peter Strine; B. Frank Maynard, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Ebert; Philip C. Garman for John Garman; John H. Corsey for Samuel Stover; Harrison Seabrooks for David Valentine; John Adams, 77th Reg't P.V. for Jacob Phillipy; Henry McCloud, 77th Reg't P.V. for John T. Valentine; Jonathan Pentz, 112th Reg't P.V. for Peter Snider; John Howard for Samuel G. Miller; William McDowell, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Phillipy, Jr.; John Kelley, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Hollinger; D. S. Bush, 112th Reg't P.V. for L. P. Skeggs; J. C. Aughinbaugh, 112th Reg't P.V. for Isaac Miller; Henry Frederick for Daniel Hykes; William Parker, 112th Reg't P.V. for S. W. Slothour; Moses Lichty for Gratton Swisher; William Stumbaugh for Samuel Bartill; Abraham Pittinger for David L. Cronkleton; Alexander Provard for David Strite; George W. Rider for George Middour; John Henry Kibbee, 112th Reg't P.V. for David H. Myers; William Rummel for James McCleary; John Thomas, 112th Reg't P.V. for Adam Kuhn; Henry Cleverson, 112th Reg't P.V.; John R. Stickel, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Wilford Six, James H. Fleming, M. Heefner, David M. Stoner, Joseph S. Sarter, Hezekiah Garren, Joseph Brown, Henry Barnhart, William H. Vance, Andrew A. Hess, David Bowen, Andrew S. Stouffer, John Shouf, David Good, Thomas Clingan, John White, David H. Mowen, Peter Strine, B. Frank Maynard, Samuel Ebert, Philip C. Garman, John Garman, John H. Corsey, Samuel Stover, Harrison Seabrooks, David Valentine, John Adams, Jacob Phillipy, Henry McCloud, John T. Valentine, Jonathan Pentz, Peter Snider, John Howard, Samuel G. Miller, William McDowell, Samuel PhillipyJr., John Kelley, Samuel Hollinger, D. S. Bush, L. P. Skeggs, J. C. Aughinbaugh, Isaac Miller, Henry Frederick, Daniel Hykes, William Parker, S. W. Slothour, Moses Lichty, Gratton Swisher, William Stumbaugh, Samuel Bartill, Abraham Pittinger, David L. Cronkleton, Alexander Provard, David Strite, George W. Rider, George Middour, John Henry Kibbee, David H. Myers, William Rummel, James McCleary, John Thomas, Adam Kuhn, Henry Cleverson, John R. Stickel)
Chambersburg--North Ward
(Column 1)
Summary: Chambersburg, North Ward--list of substitutes and draftees: George M. D. Lippy for John P. Culbertson; John Parish, 112th Reg't P.V. for William Gelwicks; William Seibert for Augustus Duncan; W. E. Lightcap, 77th Reg't P.V. for Peter Grey; John L. Clowes, 112th Reg't P.V. for J. D. Jacobs; Daniel H. Rapp for David Croft; F. S. Reneinger, 112th Reg't P.V. for Jacob Huber.
(Names in announcement: George M. D. Lippy, John P. Culbertson, John Parish, William Gelwicks, William Seibert, Augustus Duncan, W. E. Lightcap, Peter Grey, John L. Clowes, J. D. Jacobs, Daniel H. Rapp, David Croft, F. S. Reneinger, Jacob Huber)
Chambersburg--South Ward
(Column 1)
Summary: Chambersburg, South Ward--list of substitutes and draftees: Henry Wilson for E. L. Taylor; Jeremiah Senseny, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Henry Wilson, E. L. Taylor, Jeremiah Senseny)
Dry Run, Fannett, Concord and Sulphur Spring
(Column 1)
Summary: Dry Run, Fannett, Concord and Sulphur Spring: list of substitutes and draftees: David Stewart, 77th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: David Stewart)
(Column 1)
Summary: Guilford Township, list of substitutes and draftees: John Henry Ulrich for Samuel Ross; William Staley, 112th Reg't P.V. for Isaac Wingerd; Samuel Monn for John B. Hade; John McCurdy, 112th Reg't P.V. for Daniel Herman; Lewis Snider for Samuel D. Lehmy; Benjamin F. Bradley for Daniel H. Yates; Samuel Hollabaugh for Daniel S. Lesher; James H. Kelly for Michael Herchelroth; George Heller, 112th Reg't P.V. for D. W. Vanderaw; Daniel C. Rice for Peter Baker; Jacob Sprecher, 112th Reg't P.V for Jere Overcash; Thomas Smith for Jacob Reichard; David Tanner, 112th Reg't P.V. for Joseph S. Hoover; William Hossler for E. Lindsay Renfrew; Harrison Mort, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Snyder; Frederick Coy for Samuel Bender; William Peterman for Lewis Etter; Samuel Seiders for John Seiders; W. S. Maxwell for Jacob Snider; Isaac Swingley for Benjamin Fickes; Lewis Mackey for Daniel Burkholder; Charles F. Rapp, 112th Reg't P.V. for Solomon Shetter; John E. Lego for William Deardorf; Robert A. Keefer, 112th Reg't P.V. for William Ferguson; Samuel Myers, 112th Reg't P.V. for Jacob H. Whitmore; W. H. McCausland, 112th Reg't P.V. for William Burkholder; Peter Livingston, 112th Reg't P.V. for I. H. Carolus; John W. Hort for John S. Crawford; John Bittner for Henry B. Hege; Henry Lyon, 112th Reg't P.V. for Henry Andrew; Lewis Abend for Samuel S. Frederick; Jacob B. Miller, 112th Reg't P.V. for John H. Tritle; Jacob McCanns, 112th Reg't P.V. for John R. Eberly; David F. Coursey for Samuel McKenzie; John Craig, 112th P.V. for John C. Tritle; William D. Stumbaugh for George W. Stumbaugh; Joseph McCanty, 112th Reg't P.V. for Joshua Bender; William Banks, 112th Reg't P.V.; Emanuel Lenhard, 112th Reg't P.V.; John W. Nisely, 112th Reg't P.V.; John Dairinger, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: John Henry Ulrich, Samuel Ross, William Staley, Isaac Wingerd, Samuel Monn, John B. Hade, John McCurdy, Daniel Herman, Lewis Snider, Daniel Lehmy, Benjamin F. Bradley, Daniel H. Yates, Samuel Hollabaugh, Daniel S. Lesher, James H. Kelley, Michael Herchelroth, George Heller, D. W. Vanderaw, Daniel C. Rice, Peter Baker, Jacob Sprecher, Jere Overcash, Thomas Smith, Jacob Reichard, David Tanner, Joseph S. Hoover, William Hossler, E. Lindsay Renfrew, Harrison Mort, John Snyder, Frederick Coy, Samuel Bender, William Peterman, Lewis Etter, Samuel Seiders, John Seiders, W. S. Maxwell, Jacob Snider, Isaac Swingley, Benjamin Fickes, Lewis Mackey, Daniel Burkholder, Charles F. Rapp, Solomon Shetter, John E. Lego, William Deardorf, Robert A. Keefer, William Ferguson, Samuel Myers, Jacob H. Whitmore, W. H. McCausland, William Burkholder, Peter Livingston, I. H. Carolus, John W. Hort, John S. Crawford, John Bittner, Henry B. Hege, Henry Lyon, Henry Andrew, Lewis Abend, Samuel S. Frederick, Jacob B. Miller, John H. Tritle, Jacob McCanns, John B. Eberly, David F. Coursey, Samuel McKenzie, John Craig, John C. Tritle, William D. Stumbaugh, George W. Stumbaugh, Joseph McCanty, Joshua Bender, William Banks, Emanuel Lenhard, John W. Nisely, John Dairinger)
(Column 1)
Summary: Green Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Martin Carbaugh for Henry Reber; George Meredith for John G. Yost; Michael Burns for John Hoover; George Fry for William Burkholder; Henry Lutz, Jr. for Henry Lutz, Sr.; George Whitman, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Fleming; Michael Reese, 112th Reg't P.V. for Adam Deal; Peter Fry for John W. Etter; John D. Richardson for Jacob Bolinger; David Hepfer for John Monn; Charles Beidle, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Deihl; Adam Mellinger for John Mellinger; William Carbaugh for William A. Snyder; John Alexander for John R. Thompson; George Alex Batter, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Lehman of S.; Stephen McVitty for Peter Brindle; David Wallace for Franklin Besore; David Shover for Michael Ruth; Joseph P. Trumpower for Isaac G. Worthington; John D. Boggs for George Boggs; Jesse Cain, 112th Reg't P.V.; John Miller, in service; Sylvester H. Weldy, in service; Daniel Hepfer, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Martin Carbaugh, Henry Reber, George Meredith, John G. Yost, Michael Burns, George Fry, William Burkholder, Henry LutzJr., Henry LutzSr., George Whitman, John Fleming, Michael Reese, Adam Deal, Peter Fry, John W. Etter, John D. Richardson, Jacob Bolinger, David Hepfer, John Monn, Charles Beidle, Samuel Deihl, Adam Mellinger, William Carbaugh, William A. Snyder, John Alexander, John R. Thompson, George Alex Batter, Samuel Lehmanof S., Stephen McVitty, Peter Brindle, David Wallace, Franklin Besore, David Shover, Michael Ruth, Joseph T. Trumpower, Isaac G. Worthington, John D. Boggs, George Boggs, Jesse Cain, John Miller, Sylvester H. Weldy, Daniel Hepfer)
(Column 1)
Summary: Hamilton Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Paul Sheets for John D. Snider; Lewis Gelwix for David Miller; Thomas Connelly, 112th Reg't P.V. for Christ Ebersole; John Stoner, 77th Reg't P.V. for Joseph G. Oyer; Henry M. Stater for Daniel Strock; H. H. Fohl for Hezekiah Keefer; Levi Stepler for John Coble; Amos H. Deatrich for Samuel Hafer; Edward Harris, 112th Reg't P.V. for Joseph Eberly; George Walburn, in service.
(Names in announcement: Paul Sheets, John D. Snider, Lewis Gelwix, David Miller, Thomas Connelly, Christ Ebersole, John Stoner, Joseph G. Oyer, Henry M. Stater, Daniel Strock, H. H. Fohl, Hezekiah Keefer, Levi Stepler, John Coble, Amos H. Deatrich, Samuel Hafer, Edward Harris, Joseph Eberly, Joseph Walburn)
(Column 1)
Summary: Letterkenny Township: list of substitutes and draftees: Alexander White, 112th Reg't P.V. for John D. Snider; Henry Tyler, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Brubaker; John Refsnider for Solomon Cramer; Albert Smith, 112th Reg't P.V. for Daniel Stouffer; Henry Wirich for Emanuel Burkholder; Martin Wagner for William F. Cramer; James D. McKee for William S. Keefer; Robert Harris, 77th Reg't P.V. for William Forbes; William Claudy for William McLellan; George Zullinger for Frederick Rife of John; S. P. West for Jonathan West; John Collaker for Daniel Slichter; William Buchanan for Elias Zullinger; Adam Minnich for David Minnich; Solomon S. Oyer for David S. Oyer; Frank Walburn, 112th Reg't P.V. for Hellman S. Huber; Jacob Fry, Jr., 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Alexander White, Josiah Rotz, Henry Tyler, John Brubaker, John Refsnider, Solomon Cramer, Albert Smith, Daniel Stouffer, Henry Wirich, Emanuel Burkholder, Martin Wagner, William F. Cramer, James D. McKee, William S. Keefer, Robert Harris, William Forbes, William Claudy, William C. McLellan, George Zullinger, Frederick Rifeof John, S. P. West, Jonathan West, John Collaker, Daniel Slichter, William Buchanan, Elias Zullinger, Adam Minnich, David Minnich, Solomon S. Oyer, David S. Oyer, Frank Walburn, Hellman Huber, Jacob FryJr.)
(Column 2)
Summary: Lurgan Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Charles W. Boltz for David R. Long; Benjamin Henry for John Bear; Peter Strine for John C. Rots; John Reynolds for John McKnight; Daniel Traxler for Isaac Grove; John D. Reed for Michael D. Miller; William Wyncoop for John Wyncoop, Jr.; George Zeis? for Samuel Mowry; David Myers for Emanuel Beshore; David Reed for Isaac Wise; John Hawk for Jacob Hollar; William Douglas for John M. Paxton; Lawrence Kaultwell, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Sanders; Alfred Hawk for Samuel Holtry; Henry C. Ocker for David Ocker; John Skelly for Joseph Rebuck.
(Names in announcement: Charles W. Boltz, David R. Long, Benjamin Henry, John Bear, Peter Strine, John C. Rots, John Reynolds, John McKnight, Daniel Traxler, Isaac Grove, John D. Reed, Michael D. Miller, William Wyncoop, John WyncoopJr., George Zeis?, Samuel Mowry, David Myers, Emanuel Beshore, David Reed, Isaac Wise, John Hawk, Jacob Hollar, William Douglas, John M. Paxton, Lawrence Kaultwell, John Sanders, Alfred Hawk, Samuel Holtry, Henry C. Ocker, David Ocker, John Skelly, Joseph Rebuck)
(Column 2)
Summary: Metal Township, list of substitutes and draftees: James McGowan for William McGowan; John Newlin, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: James McGowan, William McGowan, John Newlin)
(Column 2)
Summary: Montgomery Township, list of substitutes and draftees: D. M. Nisewander, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Zook; William McFerren, 112th Reg't P.V. for William C. Duffield; John Daley for James Shenabrook; David L. Peak for David V. Craig; John Phreaner for Edward Hays; Dow Sherwood, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Kuhn; Miles Brian for Matthew Brian; Oliver Elliott for John Elliott; George Fryn, 112th Reg't P.V. for David Rankin; Michael Ley for S. S. Hays; Samuel Yeager for John Clopper; Thomas McGaugh, 112th Reg't P.V. for Daniel Walters; W. H. Mowry for Adam Glazier; John C. Horst, 112th Reg't P.V. for Martin A. Horst; Daniel Ridenour, 112th Reg't P.V.; J. J. Bradley, 126th Reg't P.V.; James P. Wolff, 112th Reg't P.V.; Benjamin S. Myers, 112th Reg't P.V.; William Hornbraker, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: D. M. Nisewander, John Zook, William McFerren, William C. Duffield, John Daley, James Shenabrook, David L. Peak, David V. Craig, John Phreaner, Edward Hays, Dow Sherwood, Samuel Kuhn, Miles Brian, Matthew Brian, Oliver Elliot, John Elliott, George Fryn, David Rankin, Michael Ley, Samuel Yeager, John Clopper, Thomas McGaugh, Daniel Walters, W. H. Mowry, Adam Glazier, John C. Horst, Martin A. Horst, Daniel Ridenour, J. J. Bradley, James P. Wolff, Benjamin S. Myers, William Hornbraker)
(Column 2)
Summary: Peters Township, list of substitutes and draftees: William Ottenberger for George M. Stenger; Jacob Sheets, Jr., 112th Reg't P.V. for David E. Hays; John W. Curly, Kurtz Cavalry for Samuel Curley; John Frederick for Jacob Steck; John Calligan, 112th Reg't P.V. for Philip Weaver; David Criswell for John Greenawalt; Stephen Drew, 112th Reg't P.V. for George S. Christ; George Creamer for Moses Gingrich; David Ashwill for Thomas McLaughlin; George Oyler for David Hoover; David Hoover for Adam Smith; Samuel Seibert for George Etter; John Hogan, 112th Reg't P.V. for John Hollar; J. Knox Green for John Rider; Washington Winters for Franklin Reed; Joseph B. Shatzer for Abraham Over; John B. Mowery for Martin Myers; Samuel Cromwell, 112th Reg't P.V.; Thomas Clugston, 112th Reg't P.V.; Charles Keyser, Kurtz Cavalry for William Keyser.
(Names in announcement: William Ottenberger, George M. Stenger, Jacob SheetsJr., David E. Hays, John W. Curly, Samuel Curley, John Frederick, Jacob Steck, John Calligan, Philip Weaver, David Criswell, John Greenawalt, Stephen Drew, George S. Christ, George Creamer, Moses Gingrich, David Ashwill, Thomas McLaughlin, George Oyler, David Hoover, David Hoover, Adam Smith, Samuel Seibert, George Etter, John Hogan, John Hollar, J. Knox Green, John Rider, Washington Winters, Franklin Reed, Joseph B. Shatzer, Abraham Over, John B. Mowery, Martin Myers, Samuel Cromwell, Thomas Clugston, Charles Keyser, William Keyser)
(Column 2)
Summary: Quincy Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Samuel Snider for Joseph Midour; Aaron Wise, Kurtz Cavalry for John Midour; John Dorsey for William Geesaman; Richard Carson for Daniel Small; Augustus Helfrick for Andrew Shank; John Kelly, 112th Reg't P.V. for Josiah Mentzer; Solomon Monn for Jacob Heefner (of C); James Rankin, 112th Reg't P.V. for William Harshman; J. F. Hauff for Samuel Lookabaugh; Elias Koler for Samuel Heller; Frederick Lannert for John Selheimer; Joseph S. Tarman for George Myers; John H. Smith for David Newcomer; John Foght for George Mehlfelt; Amos M. Burger for Jacob Greenawalt; Jacob Bryson for Peter Whitmore; Henry McElwee, 112th Reg't P.V. for Jacob Richard; John Herston, 112th Reg't P.V. for Jesse McCumsey; Henry Row, Jr. for Henry Row; Edward Tarman for Curtis Lowry; Henry W. Wolff, 112th Reg't P.V.; George Bittinger, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Snyder, Joseph Midour, Aaron Wise, John Midour, John Dorsey, William Geesaman, Richard Carson, Daniel Small, Augustus Helfrick, Andrew Shank, John Kelly, Josiah Mentzer, Solomon Monn, Jacob Heefnerof C., James Rankin, William Harshman, J. F. Hauff, Samuel Lookabaugh, Elias Koler, Samuel Heller, Frederick Lannert, John Selheimer, Joseph S. Tarman, George Myers, John H. Smith, David Newcomer, John Foght, George Mehlfelt, Amos M. Burger, Jacob Greenawalt, Jacob Bryson, Peter Whitmore, Henry McElwee, Jacob Richard, John Herston, Jesse McCumsey, Henry RowJr., Edward Tarman, Curtis Lowry, Henry W. Wolff, George Bittinger)
St. Thomas
(Column 2)
Summary: St. Thomas Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Jeremiah Byers for Philip Byers; Robert L. Myers for John Small; Robert Wolff, 112th Reg't P.V. for Daniel Brubaker; Levi L. McLaughlin for David McLaughlin; John Hassler for Jacob Keller; Christian Michaels for Isaac Dice; Peter Lownds for Peter Guyer; Hiram Kershner for George W. Coble.
(Names in announcement: Jeremiah Byers, Philip Byers, Robert L. Myers, John Small, Robert Wolff, Daniel Brubaker, Levi L. McLaughlin, David McLaughlin, John Hassler, Jacob Keller, Christian Michaels, Isaac Dice, Peter Lownds, Peter Guyer, Hiram Kershner, George W. Coble)
(Column 2)
Summary: Warren Township, list of substitutes and draftees: John H. Ebersole for George C. Martin; Abraham Seachrist for Samuel Seachrist; Jacob C. Hewit for Leonard Fritz; Jacob F. Zimmerman for Samuel Zimmerman.
(Names in announcement: John H. Ebersole, George C. Martin, Abraham Sechrist, Samuel Sechrist, Jacob C. Hewit, Leonard Fritz, Jacob F. Zimmerman, Samuel Zimmerman)
(Column 2)
Summary: Washington Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Solomon Spoohour for George C. Martin; Samuel Snider for William Potter; Francis M. Garlinger for John Baer; James Parker for Frederick Lesher; Robert Bard for David Fox; Joseph Harper for W. H. Summers; George Day, Kurtz Cavalry for Jacob Bonebrake; Henry Leidy, 112th Reg't P.V. for Lewis Haney; Cornelius Barnheisel, 112th Reg't P.V. for George W. Sarbaugh; Jacob Fitz for Calvin Speelman; Lycurgns Gideon for Elam Frantz; John Young for Henry J. Funk; Charles Sagrand for John Stover; George Cobelstein for William Koons; Pearson Burket for Solomon Sarbaugh; Charles F. Hoffman for Joseph Stephey; Adam Andrews for George Carbaugh; Arthur Bennett for Ephraim Baer; Samuel Sheffer for Samuel Nicodemus; William Low for Charles West; John A. Smith, Sollenberger's Cavalry for Jacob Neady; Samuel McFerren for Jacob Wetzel; Benjamin Dougherty for Mathew Deatrich; Richard Baxter for Christian Lesher; Michael J. Burkett for David Oller; James Frazer, 3rd Heavy Artillery for William B. Hunter.
(Names in announcement: SpoonhourSolomon, Abraham C. Stouffer, Samuel Snider, William Potter, Francis M. Garlinger, John Baer, James Parker, Frederick Lesher, Robert Bard, David Fox, Joseph Harper, W. H. Summers, George Day, Jacob Bonebrake, Henry Leidy, Lewis Haney, Cornelius Barnheisel, George W. Sarbaugh, Jacob Fitz, Calvin Speelman, Lycurgns Gideon, Elam Frantz, John Young, Henry G. Funk, Charles Sagrand, John Stover, George Cobelstein, William Koons, Pearson Burket, Solomon Sarbaugh, Charles F. Hoffman, Joseph Stephey, Adam Andrews, George Carbaugh, Arthur Bennett, Ephraim Baer, Samuel Sheffler, Samuel Nicodemus, William Low, Charles West, John A. Smith, Jacob Neady, Samuel McFerren, Jacob Wetsel, Benjamin Dougherty, Matthew Deatrich, Richard Baxter, Christian Lesher, Michael J. Burkett, David Oller, James Frazer, William B. Hunter)
(Column 2)
Summary: Waynesboro, list of substitutes and draftees: James Ageu for Lewis H. Morrison; John D. Nead for Henry Stover; Peter McFerren for Frederick Tritle; John Bonner for Jacob H. Forney; Alex D. Morganthall for Charles A. Binkley.
(Names in announcement: James Ageu, Lewis H. Morrison, John D. Nead, Henry Stover, Peter McFerren, Frederick Tritle, John Bonner, Jacob H. Forney, Alex D. Morganthall, Charles A. Binkley)
(Column 2)
Summary: Southampton Township, list of substitutes and draftees: Abraham Long for George Smee; Robert Anderson for Jacob Koser; John Clark for Henry C. Hollar; William Bush for John Shope Jr.; John Bittinger for J. A. Stumbaugh; George Alexander for Josiah Etter; Franklin Gipe for Levi Poster; William Quest for Robert F. McCune; William Stumbaugh for Simon P. Zearfoss; Cyrus Hollar for Samuel Hollar; Adam H. Zarn for Alfred K. Kyner; William Rines for William Reside; George Knave, 112th Reg't P.V. for John G. Orr; John Bittle for Michael Kyner, Jr.; George P. Detrich for Samuel Smith; Dan Rapp, 112th Reg't P.V. for Samuel Newcomer; John Kuhns for John Kuhns; Samuel Shoemaker for Isaac Staver; Adam W. Hendricks for George A. Cressler; John Tuckey for Reuben Bomberger; William Keefer, 112th Reg't P.V.
(Names in announcement: Abraham Long, George Smee, Robert Anderson, Jacob Koser, John Clark, Henry C. Hollar, William Bush, John ShopeJr., John Bittinger, J. A. Stumbaugh, George Alexander, Josiah Etter, Franklin Gipe, Levi Poster, William Quest, Robert F. McCune, William Stumbaugh, Simon P. Zearfoss, Cyrus Hollar, Samuel Hollar, Adam H. Zarn, Alfred K. Kyner, William Rines, William Reside, George Knave, John G. Orr, John Bittle, Michael KynerJr., George P. Detrich, Samuel Smith, Dan Rapp, Samuel Newcomer, John Kuhns, John Kuhns, Samuel Shoemaker, Isaac Staver, Adam W. Hendricks, George A. Cressler, John Tuckey, Reuben Bomberger, William Keefer)
The Borough Treasury
(Column 2)
Summary: The editors agree with the Transcript's criticism of the borough authorities for not repairing the bridge over the spring by Washabaugh's. "The Bridge at that point is in miserable condition," the editors note. They go on to argue that if an accident were to occur the borough authorities should be held responsible for the damages.
(Names in announcement: Washabaugh)
A Secesh Female in the Drug Trade
(Column 3)
Summary: A woman who came to town and purchased quinine, morphine, and opium from several local drug stores was later arrested as a Confederate agent.
(Names in announcement: Captain Ashmead)
Full Text of Article:

On Friday morning last, a somewhat singular looking specimen of the feminine gender made her appearance in town, by way of the Western turnpike, mounted on a grey steed of venerable appearance, bearing evidence of hard service and a short allowance of provender. The lady, from her dress, general appearance and "getting up" was evidently a stranger in this section of the country. On alighting and securing her gallant grey to an awning post on Main Street, she proceeded to several of our Drug Stores and engaged extensively in the purchase of Quinine, Morphine, Opium, &c. Suspicion being excited that she was purchasing these articles for the use of Uncle Sam's enemies in the land of Dixie, she was arrested by order of Capt. Ashmead, A. Q. M., and on being searched, several hundred dollars worth of these Drugs were found concealed in secret recesses of her dress. The previous night she passed at the Tavern of Mr. Josiah Allen, three miles west of this place, where she stated that she was in search of several Horses, taken by the Rebels from her father in Virginia, and having heard that a number had been turned loose by Stuart's Cavalry, in this section she thought that she might possibly find her fathers among them. She had in her possession a Pass from General Banks dated about a year ago. We are informed by a citizen, who recognized her, that her name is Sloan, and that she resides near Winchester, Virginia. For the present, she occupies apartments in "Fort Brandt" and the Philistines across the border will shake considerable before they get that quinine.

Extensive Improvement
(Column 3)
Summary: The editors praise the recent improvement done to the newly renamed "Union Hotel" (formerly known as the "Southern Inn" until the war proved its old name "somewhat odious"). John Fisher took it over from the widowed Rebecca Fisher, and with the increasing number of patrons, added on a story to the front building and erected a large three-story building in the rear. The story in the front adds eight "spacious and well-furnished chambers." The improvements make it one of the largest Public Houses in the borough.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Rebecca Fisher, John Fisher)
Death of Rev. M. Simpson Culbertson, D.D.
(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. M. Simpson Culbertson, D. D., a native of Chambersburg, died of cholera overseas. Culberston was a graduate of West Point military academy and taught mathematics there. On his own request, he was assigned to the army. When stationed in New York he "embraced religion," resigned his commission, and entered the theological seminary in Princeton, N.J., and then accepted a call to Falling Spring Church in Chambersburg. He then was ordained a missionary to China by the Presbyterian Board of Missions and worked in Sing Po for a number of years.
(Names in announcement: Rev. M. Simpson CulbertsonD.D.)
Origin of Article: Shippensburg News
Camp McClure
(Column 3)
Summary: The editors visited Camp McClure several days ago, and found the men there relatively "cheerful and contented," the weather notwithstanding. Some of the men have received their uniforms. Once everybody is outfitted and they are allowed to organize, speculate the editors, "they will feel more like soldiers."
(Column 3)
Summary: A promotion of the spices available at Miller and Henshy's drug store, which involves a black employee of the drug store.
(Names in announcement: Henshy, Miller)
Donations to the School House Hospital
(Column 3)
Summary: George Bayne, steward of the School House Hospital, writes to acknowledge the following donations to the soldiers: Mrs. E. D. Reed, a large supply of applebutter; milk toast from Mrs. Chas. Eyster; fresh butter and milk from Mrs. Wood; "a very liberal donation" from Mrs. Crawford, near Fayetteville, of chickens, pies, rusk, bread, green apples and applebutter; dried fruit from the Ladies Aid Society of Chambersburg; the loan of a rocking chair from Miss. Elizzie Lester (who, along with Mrs. Ritner and Miss Laura Ritner were omitted from the list of auxiliaries to the hospital and who were there the day of the Confederate raid); and for supplies of pies, cakes, mush and milk, the following people--Mrs. Banker, Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Nead, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. W. Chambers, Mrs. Benj. Chambers, Miss Sally Ann Chambers, Mrs. Briton, Miss Sarah Reynolds, Mrs. Ritner, Miss Susan Chambers, Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Embich, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Grier, Mrs. Auld, Miss Elizzie Flack, Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Grove, Mrs. Sprecker, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Stumbaugh, Mrs.. Wunderlich, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. Echart, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Nill, Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Dechert, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Huber, Mrs. Spangler, Mrs. Sewell, and Mrs. Fahnestock; pickled beets and eggs from Mrs. Peary. The Presbyterian choir gave a concert at the hospital last week.
(Names in announcement: George Bayne, Mrs. E. D. Reed, Mrs. Chas. Eyster, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Elizzie Lester, Mrs. Ritner, Miss Laura Ritner, Mrs. Banker, Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Nead, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. W. Chambers, Mrs. Benj. Chambers, Miss Sally Ann Chambers, Mrs. Briton, Miss Sarah Reynolds, Miss Susan Chambers, Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Embich, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Grier, Mrs. Auld, Miss Elizzie Flack, Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Grove, Mrs. Sprecker, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Stumbaugh, Mrs. Wunderlich, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. Echart, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Nill, Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Dechert, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Huber, Mrs. Spangler, Mrs.. Sewell, Mrs. Fahnestock, Mrs. Peary)
The Original Anderson Troop
(Column 4)
Summary: The editors reprint a commendation by General Buell's chief of staff to the Anderson Troop in the Army of the Ohio in Louisville. Since many people in the area have relatives in this company, the editors chose to republish and congratulate them.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Palmer, Lieut. Spencer, Lieut. Maple, Lieut. Rosengarten)
Land Sales
(Column 4)
Summary: The editors note that real estate continues to appreciate. At the estate sale of Samuel Radebaugh, his widow and administratrix sold a 40-acre tract east of town to Jacob Stouffer for $119 an acre; and adjoining tract of 30 acres went to William McLellan, Esq., for $132.50 per acre. The farm of George Etchberger a mile south of town on the Greencastle road was sold to Charles M. Burnett, Esq., for $124 per acre.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Caroline S. Radebaugh, Jacob Stouffer, William McLellanEsq., George Etchberger, Charles BurnettEsq.)
The Late Rebel Raid
(Column 4)
Summary: The editors criticize a report in the Philadelphia Press regarding the rumored Confederate raid as lacking "only the essential element of truth."
(Column 4)
Summary: Henry Bressler, "a german," residing on Franklin Street, committed suicide by taking laudanum on Wednesday. He had been in the military in the company of Capt. A. J. Brand until two months ago. No reason has been determined for his act. He was forty-five.
(Names in announcement: Henry Bressler, Capt. A. J. Brand)
Admitted to the Bar
(Column 4)
Summary: William Etter, Esq., who studied under Mess. Sharp and Reilly, was admitted to the Franklin County Bar last term.
(Names in announcement: Reilly, Sharp, William EtterEsq.)
Released From the Draft
(Column 5)
Summary: Casper Hurtman, William Darndfeldt, George Glee and Conrad Glarzer, all residents of Franklin County, were released from the draft by the State Department on account of their status as resident aliens. No one shall be released from the draft on those grounds if they have already "exercised the right of sufferage."
(Names in announcement: Casper Hurtman, William Darnfeldt, George Glee, Conrad Glarzer)
(Column 5)
Summary: Samuel Coldsmith died in Fayetteville on November 21 at the age of 56 years, 5 months and 13 days.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Coldsmith)
(Column 5)
Summary: Jacob Glaeszner, son of Lydia and Peter Glaeszner, died on November 16 at the age of 13 years, 8 months and 7 days.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Glaeszner, Lydia Glaeszner, Peter Glaeszner)
$5 Reward
(Column 5)
Summary: Christian Lehman advertises a $5 reward for information regarding a medium size dun mare, supposedly stolen then released by the Confederates during their raid.
(Names in announcement: Christian Lehman)
An Election for Directors of the Bank
(Column 5)
Summary: The above named were elected as directors for the Bank of Chambersburg on November 17; at a meeting of the board on November 24, William Heyser was unanimously elected president and G. R. Messersmith cashier.
(Names in announcement: William Heyser, William McLellan, William S. Chambers, James C. Eyster, Benjamin S. Sneck, George W. Immel, Henry Greenawalt, David Piper, Calvin M. Duncan, John W. McDowell, Samuel N. Linn, A. B. Wingerd, G. R. Messersmith)
To the Public
(Column 5)
Summary: A meeting of the hotel keepers of the borough of Chambersburg, at which they decided to raise their rates.
(Names in announcement: Michael M. Grove, Jacob S. Brown, John W. Taylor, John Fisher, Daniel Trostle, John Rilley, A. J. Brand, Margaretta Montgomery)

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