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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: January 4, 1865

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Classified ads, columns 1-4, poems and fiction, columns 5-6

(Column 1)
Summary: Lists individuals who have recently filed petitions for tavern licenses in the clerk's office: John Miller, Chambersburg, NW; Adam Wolff, Chambersburg, NW; A. B. Seibert, Concord; Childerson Roberson, Concord; David Kitzmiller, Roxbury; J. B. Brumbaugh, Middleburg; Alexander Martin, St. Thomas; William Bratten, St. Thomas; John H. Hartle, Greencastle.
(Names in announcement: W. G. Mitchell, John Miller, Adam Wolff, A. B. Seibert, Childerson Roberson, David Kitzmiller, J. B. Brumbaugh, Alexander Martin, William Bratten, John H. Hartle)
Trailer: W. G. Mitchell, Clerk
In the Matter of the Application of Martha S. Funk for Divorce
(Column 1)
Summary: In the divorce case of Martha S. Funk, filed by George J. Balsley against Daniel S. Funk, a commissioner has been appointed to meet with all persons interested in providing evidence. The meeting will take place on January 14 at 10 o'clock.
(Names in announcement: Martha S. Funk, Daniel S. Funk, George J. Balsley, T. J. Nill)
Trailer: T. J. Nill
Causes for Trial at January Term 1865
(Column 1)
Summary: In the first week of trial in January, the following cases will be heard: Houghmont & Co. vs. Wunderlich, Nead, & Co.; S. & M. Pennock & Co. vs. William Reber; John McCurdy, et al, vs. Andrew McCurdy; John McCurdy, et al, vs. David Vance; John Peterman's Adm'r vs. Lewis Etter; William Rodgers vs. William Keyser; Jacob S. Brown vs. S. M. Worley, et al; William Rodgers vs. William Keyser; George Gaff's use vs. John H. Tritle; Mary C. Miller vs. John H. Hartie; John Millhouse vs. William Eyster; Simon Bittner vs. John Waldsmith; Philip Karper vs. Benjamin Cook, et al. In the second week of trial, the following cases will be heard: Morrison vs. Kreager; Weagly vs. Bonebrake; T. M. Carlisle, et al, vs. B. Phreaner's Adm'r; Robert Taylor vs. David Teeter; J. & S. Ely vs. Franklin Funk; E. Kuhn vs. W. Crook's Ex'r; G. W. Wolff vs. William Christ; Solomon Helser vs. William McGrath, Sheriff; John Tritch vs. Joseph Price; Eliz. Jane Trindle, et al, vs. Mary Ann Clark; Henry Holby vs. Thomas L. Fletcher; William McGrath vs. John F. Geyer; William Bush vs. John Shoup; Jacob S. Lynn vs. J. Misey and wife; Morrow R. Skinner vs. Samuel Bitner; James Martin vs. Michael Long; John Snider and wife vs. William Christ; Abraham Hess vs. D. S. Reisher, et al; William Wilhelm vs. D. S. Reisher; David Witherspoon vs. Rebecca Curry's Ex'r; John Richardson vs. John Plum.
(Names in announcement: K. S. Taylor, S. Ponnock, M. Ponnock, Wm. Reber, John McCurdy, Andrew McCurdy, David Vance, John Peterman, Lewis Etter, William Rodgers, William Keyser, Jacob S. Brown, S. M. Worley, George Gaff, John H. Tritle, Mary C. Miller, John H. Hartie, John Millhouse, William Eyster, Simon Bittner, John Waldsmith, Philip Karper, Benjamin Cook, T. M. Carlisle, B. Phreaner, Robert Taylor, David Teeter, J. Ely, S. Ely, Franklin Funk, E. Kuhn, W. Crook, G. W. Wolff, Wm. Christ, Solomon Helser, Wm. McGrath, John Tritch, Joseph Price, Eliz. Jane Trindle, Mary Ann Clark, Henry Holby, Thomas L. Fletcher, John F. Geyer, William Bush, John Shoup, Jacob S. Lynn, J. Misey, Morrow R. Skinner, Samuel Bitner, James Martin, Michael Long, John Snider, Abraham Hess, D. S. Reisher, William Wilhelm, David Witherspoon, Rebecca Curry, John Richardson, John Plum)
Trailer: K. S. Taylor, Prothonotary
A List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 1)
Summary: Lists names of men selected to be jurors for a Court of Oyer and Terminer, a Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and a Court of Common Pleas. The grand jurors are: William D. McKinstrey, Mercersburg; William H. Anderson, Letterkenny; John L. Detwiler, Green; Jacob R. Ebersole, Green; John Frey, Guilford; Jacob Freize, Peters; Elam Frantz, Washington; Michael Gordon, Antrim; Samuel Grove, Green; Martin Guiser, Waynesboro; Solomon Harbaugh, Quincy; John Huber, Chambersburg; H. H. Hutz, Chambersburg; Wesley Koons, Antrim; Jacob Lamaster Jr., Peters; John W. Martin, Southampton; William C. McNulty, Chambersburg; William McCormick, Metal; Solomon Miller, Guilford; John Nitterhouse, Chambersburg; B. F. Nead, Chambersburg; James Reilly, Chambersburg; John E. Weist, Letterkenny; Jacob Young, Montgomery. Traverse jurors for the first week are: Jacob Adams, Waynesboro; Henry B. Angie, Montgomery; Isaac Beasore, St. Thomas; John Baltzley, Antrim; George W. Beasore, Letterkenny; Henry Baltzley, Antrim; Martin Bivens, Peters; Henry Binkley, Antrim; Simon Bitner, Southampton; John Brian, St. Thomas; John W. Barr, Green; John S. Crawford, Guilford; Joseph Crebs, Waynesboro; Hugh B. Craig, Montgomery; Michael Deal, Hamilton; Joseph M. Doyle, Fannett; Maxwell Elliott, Montgomery; John Friedly, Quincy; Samuel Frantz, Washington; J. J. Hill, Metal; Joseph Hade, Antrim; John Hostetter, Greencastle; Abraham Hafer, St. Thomas; Jacob Kauffman, Green; Daniel Lehman, Jr., Green; Joseph Lochbaum, Guilford; James Logan, Chambersburg; Alex. Martin, Chambersburg; Henry Mentzer, Green; John Monn, Green; Jonathan Middour, Quincy; George W. McGinley, Waynesboro; Samuel Ott, Chambersburg; Jonas C. Palmer, Hamilton; John L. Rhea, Montgomery; David Summers, Quincy; George Summers, Sr., Washington; George J. Steffe, Washington; William Stover, Jr., Antrim; Frederick B. Snively, Antrim; J. C. Secrist, Quincy; Henry Shearer, Lurgan; Daniel Tritle, Metal; Samuel West, Hamilton; J. P. Wallace, Green; John Zook, Hamilton; Frederick Zullinger, Letterkenny; John Youst, Green. Traverse jurors for the second week are: Josiah Allen, Chambersburg; J. N. Brewer, Mercersburg; David Burgar, Peters; John Bowman, Guilford; Jerome Beaver, Waynesboro; Jonathan Criswell, Green; Jacob Carbaugh, Washington; Jonathan Duey, Quincy; W. D. Dixon, St. Thomas; Philip Evans, Chambersburg; Bernard Fohl, St. Thomas; Abraham Frantz, Washington; Peter Feltman, Chambersburg; William E. Flanagan, Waynesboro; Henry Greenawalt, Hamilton; David Good, Antrim; Joseph Gilmore, Letterkenny; Jacob Garver, Green; Henry Gilbert, Waynesboro; Jacob S. Good, Washington; John Housecker, Letterkenny; Jonathan Gilbreath, Guilford; John Hassler, St. Thomas; Jacob Hargleroad, Green; A. N. Holland, Green; John Hassler, Peters; Jacob Harshman, Quincy; David Jacobs, Washington; Jonathan Jacoby, Antrim; John H. Johnston, Waynesboro; Lazarus Kennedy, Montgomery; Jonathan Keyser, Montgomery; D. M. Long, Green; D. M. Lesher, Chambersburg; Jacob Lesher, Antrim; John Latshaw, Antrim; William McClure, Green; Vincent McCoy, Chambersburg; Joseph McGowan, Metal; Samuel Phillipy, Antrim; Conrad Plasterer, Southampton; Joseph Ripple, Washington; H. T. Snider, Guilford; John N. Snider, Hamilton; H. E. Wertz, Quincy; Jacob Wiland, Hamilton; William W. Walker, Washington; Samuel Young, Washington.
(Names in announcement: William D. McKinstrey, William H. Anderson, John L. Detwiler, Jacob R. Ebersole, John Frey, Jacob Freize, Elam Frantz, Michael Gordon, Samuel Grove, Martin Guiser, Solomon Harbaugh, John Huber, H. H. Hutz, Wesley Koons, Jacob LamasterJr., John W. Martin, William C. McNulty, William McCormack, Solomon Miller, John Nitterhouse, B. F. Nead, James Reilly, John E. Weist, Jacob Young, Jacob Adams, Henry B. Angle, Isaac Beasore, John Baltzley, George W. Beasore, Henry Baltzley, Martin Bivens, Henry Binkley, Simon Bitner, John Brian, John W. Barr, John S. Crawford, Joseph Crebs, Hugh B. Craig, Michael Deal, Joseph M. Doyle, Maxwell Elliott, John Friedly, Samuel Frantz, J. J. Hill, Joseph Hade, John Hostetter, Abraham Hafer, Jacob Kauffman, Daniel LehmanJr., Joseph Lochbaum, James Logan, Alex. Martin, Henry Mentzer, John Monn, Jonathan Middour, George W. McGinley, Samuel Ott, Jonas C. Palmer, John L. Rhea, David Summers, George SummersSr., George J. Steffe, William StoverJr., Frederick B. Snively, J. C. Secrist, Henry Shearer, Daniel Tritle, Samuel West, J. P. Wallace, John Zook, Frederick Zullinger, John Youst, Josiah Allen, J. N. Brewer, David Burgar, John Bowman, Jerome Beaver, Jno. Criswell, Jacob Carbaugh, Jno. Duey, W. D. Dixon, Philip Evans, Bernard Fohl, Abraham Frantz, Peter Feltman, William E. Flanagan, Henry Greenawalt, David Good, Joseph Gilmore, Jacob Garver, Henry Gilbert, Jacob S. Good, John Housecker, Jno. Gilbreath, John Hassler, Jacob Hargleroad, A. N. Holland, John Hassler, Jacob Harshman, David Jacobs, Jonathan Jacoby, John H. Johnston, Lazarus Kennedy, Keyser Jonathan, D. M. Long, D. M. Lesher, Jacob Lesher, John Latshaw, Wm. McClure, Vincent McCoy, Joseph McGowan, Samuel Phillipy, Conrad Plasterer, Joseph Ripple, H. T. Snider, H. E. Wertz, Jacob Wiland, Wm. W. Walker, Samuel Young)
Alleged Important Discovery in Agriculture
(Column 7)
Summary: Notes that a French scientist has discovered a process through which manure can increase the produce of seeds sown.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Report on Hood's defeat in Wilmington, columns 6-7

[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Suggests that a bill before Congress which would dismiss all general officers who have been unemployed for the last three months would be a "great injustice" to some of those men.
Shall Our Victories Open the Way to Peace
(Column 2)
Summary: Urges the US government to take advantage of the South's recent losses and offer the Southern people peace and amnesty.
Origin of Article: N.Y. World
Henry Ward Beecher
(Column 3)
Summary: Says that Henry Ward Beecher is mistaken to praise Democrats for accepting the President's reelection. Explains that Democrats are not supporting the President and his administration, but rather they are supporting the protection of the Constitution against an attack from the South.
Self Exhaustion
(Column 4)
Summary: Notes that an Agricultural Bureau report shows that the producing strength of Northern agricultural states is being exhausted. The total amount of wheat produced in 1863, for example, was 49 percent less than that produced in 1861.
The Good Time Coming
(Column 4)
Summary: Provides a sarcastic look at where the "good times" are that were promised by Republicans upon Lincoln's reelection.
Origin of Article: Jeffersonian
Copperheads and Traitors
(Column 4)
Summary: Suggests that Lincoln's recent acknowledgment of the loyalty of the "opposing party" should be enough to put the "copperheads" and "traitors" labels to rest.
The Ballot for the Negro--the Republican Programme
(Column 5)
Summary: Predicts that Negro suffrage is only the first of a series of Republican proposals for the future. Speculates that the other measures include the banishment of Jews and Catholics from the country.
Full Text of Article:

The Ballot for the Negro--The Republican Programme.

Mr. Wendell Phillips but shoots a year or two ahead in the Republican programme. He is the picket, and the party is the rear guard. Hence, says the New York Express when he advocates here, as he did in a public lecture, negro suffrage, negro representatives in Congress, in the jury box, in the workshop, and everywhere--in short, the conversion of this Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Teutonic white races, into a race of half quarter breeds, Mestizoes, &c.--we but see, in advance, what is coming in the rear.

The coming Republican programme--though now only partially developed--we take to be--

1st. Negro Suffrage--Equality of Blacks and Whites in every way, and everywhere.

2d. The deprivation of the Irish and German races of the right of Suffrage.

3d. A Property Qualification of American-born citizens.

4th. The exclusion of the Roman Catholic Religion as a tolerated Religion of the country.

5th. The banishment of the Jews.

6th. The compulsion of the 7th Day Baptist to make the First Day of the Week their Sunday.

7th. The forbidding of the Shakers to dance on Sunday.

&c., &c., &c., &c., &c.,--according to the original Plymouth Bay Programme.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Classified ads, columns 6-7

Cash Payments
(Column 1)
Summary: Says that for a system of cash payments to work, advertisers must pay cash to the newspaper publishers from which they purchase space. Explains that most publishers pay out cash while allowing advertisers to conduct a credit-based business with them.
Correct the Enrollment
(Column 1)
Summary: Says that each town needs to go over its enrollment lists before another draft takes place in order to detect errors and frauds. Points out that some men are enrolled twice or more while others are not enrolled at all.
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that Companies A, B, and C of the Chambersburg Home Guards will practice how to board a train in a short span of time.
Filling the Quotas
(Column 2)
Summary: Urges each town and township to do all it can to fill its quota in the next draft.
At What Rate Do We Spend Per Day
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that the government is spending over $3 million each day to wage this war.
Origin of Article: Providence Post
Greenback Liars
(Column 4)
Summary: Expresses anger at the inflation that has rendered greenbacks less valuable.
Origin of Article: The New York Tribune
(Column 6)
Summary: Rev. J. C. Smith married Jacob Bryson and Margaret Zody on October 27.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. C. Smith, Jacob Bryson, Margaret Zody)
(Column 6)
Summary: Rev. W. E. Krebs married Samuel Moorehead and Amanda Williard, of Frederick County, Maryland, on December 27.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W. E. Krebs, Samuel Moorehead, Amanda Williard)
(Column 6)
Summary: Augustus Eabsmehl, of Philadelphia, and Catharine Goettman were married on December 22 by Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck, Augustus Eabsmehl, Catharine Goettman)
(Column 6)
Summary: Rev. J. Smith Gordon married Col. R. W. McAllen and Miss Bell Wilhelm, daughter of Mr. B. Wilhelm, on December 27.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Smith Gordon, Col. R. W. McAllen, Miss Bell Wilhelm, B. Wilhelm)
(Column 6)
Summary: James W. McCoy died after a brief illness on December 27. He was a member of the German Reformed Church of Grindstone Hill.
(Names in announcement: James W. McCoy)
(Column 6)
Summary: David Miller died on September 30 while in battle near Petersburg, Virginia. He was 24 years, 10 months and 3 days old.
(Names in announcement: David Miller)
(Column 6)
Summary: Mary Isabella Culbertson, wife of John P. Culbertson, died on December 18 at age 38. She had been in "delicate health" for several years.
(Names in announcement: Mary Isabella Culbertson, John P. Culbertson)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Classified ads, columns 1-7