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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: April 19, 1865

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The Murder of the President
(Column 1)
Summary: Describes a solemn reaction in Chambersburg to the news that President Lincoln had been assassinated.
Full Text of Article:

The news of the murder of President Lincoln was received in this place on Saturday morning last, and was so astounding as to seem almost incredible. The news spread with great rapidity, causing universal gloom and sorrow. The Chief Burgess at once issued a recommendation that all business be suspended and that the bells be tolled from 11 o'clock for the rest of the day. In the evening a meeting of citizens was held in the Methodist Church, at which arrangements were made, to give a fitting expression to the public sentiment at this great national calamity. The several churches, on the Sabbath, were clothed in sable drapery and the services were of the most solemn and imposing character. All the sufferings of our citizens since the outbreaking of the rebellion, are as nothing, compared with this last crushing affliction, by which the whole nation suffers.

A Card
(Column 1)
Summary: Committee appointed to arrange Chambersburg's response to the "national calamity" of Lincoln's assassination asks that all fire companies and associations march in procession with the rest of the citizens today at 1:00pm.
(Names in announcement: G. R. Messersmith)
Trailer: G. R. Messersmith, Chairman
[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: Suggests that the rainy weather during the past week has been "about as disagreeable. . . as can well be imagined."
Look Out for the Circus
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that Stone & Roston's circus will visit Franklin county next Saturday.
Good News -- Drafting Stopped
(Column 1)
Summary: Refers to a Provost Marshal's report and announces that the draft has been discontinued.
Menagerie and Circus
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that Van Amburgh & Company's "celebrated Menagerie" will be in Chambersburg next Monday.
(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. F. Dyson married W. H. Mong and Louisa D. Barnitz on January 18.
(Names in announcement: Rev. F. Dyson, W. H. Mong, Louisa D. Barnitz)
(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. F. Dyson married William Sufficool and Susan Zimmerman on April 19.
(Names in announcement: William Sufficool, Susan Zimmerman, Rev. F. Dyson)
(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. S. H. C. Smith married Samuel Ritter and Mary Catharine Huber on April 13.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. H. C. Smith, Samuel Ritter, Mary Catharine Huber)
(Column 3)
Summary: Rev. G. Roth married George Jacoby and Ann Elizabeth Smith on April 9 at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G. Roth, George Jacoby, Ann Elizabeth Smith)
(Column 3)
Summary: Solomon Dunkle, Jr., son of Jacob and Elizabeth R. Dunkle and a member of the 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry, was killed on February 21 in Richland county, South Carolina.
(Names in announcement: Solomon DunkleJr., Jacob Dunkle, Elizabeth R. Dunkle)
(Column 6)
Summary: George W. Wolfe of Mercersburg declares his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for sheriff.
(Names in announcement: George W. Wolfe)
(Column 6)
Summary: William McClure declares his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for sheriff.
(Names in announcement: William McClure)
Trailer: William McClure
County Treasurer
(Column 6)
Summary: Joseph M. Doyle offers his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for county treasurer.
(Names in announcement: Joseph M. Doyle)

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Description of Page: Classified ads, columns 1-7