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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: May 16, 1866

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-Page 01-

African and the Africans
(Column 7)
Summary: After announcing the publication of Dr. Livingston's new book on his adventures in Africa, the article uses the occasion to deprecate blacks, and their place in American society. Unlike all "other races [that] have advanced in one or another degree," it claims, "the African of the nineteenth century after Christ is the precise counterpart of his ancestor three thousand years ago."
Origin of Article: Journal of Commerce

-Page 02-

Thaddeus Stevens
(Column 1)
Summary: In a stinging attack, the editorial casts Senator Thaddeus Stevens as an "infidel" who will stop at nothing to force his agenda, the debasement of whites, particularly southerners and members of the working class, on the American people.
Passage of the Amendment
(Column 2)
Summary: Led by Thad Stevens, who, the article reports, closed the debate over the issue with the "most vindictive fiendish and brutal speech, perhaps ever made in a deliberative body," Republicans approved the Constitutional Amendment drafted by the Reconstruction Committee.
(Column 3)
Summary: Congress' acceptance of Colorado's bid to become a state is strictly a Republican ploy to ensure them a veto-proof two-third majority in Congress, contends the article. To justify the claim, it mentions that the territory is composed of a substantial number of non-whites, the "real population" totaling only 15,000, which is "half the minimum prescribed by the Constitution for a single representative."
Origin of Article: Patriot and Union
An Item for White Men
(Column 4)
Summary: Outraged by Congress' decision to appropriate $11 million for the Freedmen's Bureau, the writer exhorts white men to show their displeasure at the polls next election.
Secretary Stanton's Position
(Column 4)
Summary: It is reported that Secretary Stanton's stand on the President's reconstruction policies has left many Republican's baffled. Stanton, who has publicly thrown his support behind Johnson, believes that "the party which dared to stand in the way of an absolute and immediate Union, in all its integrity, would be ground to powder," according to the piece.
The Railroad Question
(Column 6)
Summary: A copy of an address given by Hiester Clymer, Democratic gubernatorial nominee, regarding his position on railway legislation, which, he believes, should promote a system uninhibited by any hindrances.

-Page 03-

Local and Personal
(Column 1)
Summary: The Farmers' and Mechanics' Industrial Association of Franklin county held their annual meeting, during which the officers and managers were elected.
(Names in announcement: A. K. McClure, James B. Orr, George R. Messersmith, John Ruthrauff, J. W. Craig, W. S. Everett, J. S. Nixon, Emanuel Kuhn, T. B. Kennedy, John Stouffer, Andrew Davison, John Downey, William B. Gabby, George W. Immett, D. K. Wunderlich, A. B. Wingard, Samuel Myers, Hugh B. Daividson, William G. Reed, William Bossert)
Local and Personal
(Column 1)
Summary: On May 11th, Frederick Dosh, a blacksmith at Stoufferstown, committed suicide by hanging himself in his shop. Apparently, Dosh had been suffering "mental aberations" for some time prior to the incident.
(Names in announcement: Frederick Dosh)
Local and Personal
(Column 2)
Summary: On May 12th or 13th, Mrs. Feldman's "little store" was broken into and robbed.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Feldman)
Local and Personal
(Column 2)
Summary: It is reported that Samuel Seylar was arrested two weeks ago for the charge of counterfeiting. Shortly after his release, Seylar was re-arrested with Dr. Robinson.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Seylar, Dr. Robinson)
Origin of Article: Mercersburg Journal
(Column 4)
Summary: On May 8th, William F. Smith and Mary B. Detrich were married by Rev. Y. H. Humbaugh.
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. Y. Humbaugh, William F. Smith, Mary B. Detrich)
(Column 4)
Summary: On May 10th, William H. Burkholder and Barbara A. McLaughlin were married by Rev. J. Benson Akers.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Benson Akers, William H. Burkholder, Barbara A. McLaughlin)
(Column 4)
Summary: On May 2nd, Leon Armstrong and Margaret Hornbreaker were married by Rev. I. G. Brown.
(Names in announcement: Leon Armstrong, Rev. I. G. Brown, Margaret Hornbreaker)
(Column 4)
Summary: On May 11th, Henry Lightner, 72, died in Mercersburg.
(Names in announcement: Henry Lightner)