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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: September 12, 1866

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(Column 8)
Summary: Contains a copy of the speech given by gubernatorial candidate Hiester Clymer at a meeting of the Soldiers of the Union on August 1st.

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The Mongrel Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: The editorial lambasts participants at the State Republican Party Convention, particularly the whites in attendance who "worship" "the miserable and degraded African," yet still profess to "believe that this is a government of white men."
Full Text of Article:

During the sessions of the "mean white' and susceptible negro Convention in Philadelphia, last week; what is called by negro, a "grand mass meeting' was held in front of the Gin Palace, on Broad street, generally known as the "Union (?) League House," on Friday night. The assemblage is said, by the disunion papers, to have been orderly, intelligent and respectable. So far as the order and intelligence of the meeting is concerned, we have nothing to say, but as to say assemblage of white people being respectable--the component parts of which delight in walking arm-in-arm with negroes, listening to and applauding their speeches, we must be permitted to doubt. Whether respectable or not, the great leaders of Republicanism in Philadelphia were present, aiding, abetting, counseling and applauding. Hon. Morton McMichael, Mayor of the city, who ran away in order to avoid doing fitting honors to President Johnson, General Grant and Admiral Faragut, was there. Fred Douglas, the impudent negro, was there. Anna Dickinson and several other of that class of females, were there. The Hon. Wm. D. Kelly was there, and performed the part introducing the "mean white" who did the speaking. Among the speakers introduced by the honorable gentleman, was A. J. Durant, of New Orleans. (Who the Hon. Durant is we are not informed, but will venture the assertion that he is some Yankee who went South during the war to steal cotton,)who, among other things said:

"And now, IF YOU ARE OPPOSED TO THE ENFRANCHISMENT OF THE LOYAL BLACK MAN, YOUR OPPOSITION MUST CEASE. without their aid the loyal white men of Louisiana cannot re-create a loyal government, WITHOUT , FROM THE FAR EAST THROUGH THE SOUTH THE GOVERNMENT BE ALL REMODELED, SO AS TO GIVE THE RIGHTS OF SUFFRAGE TO ALL LOYAL MEN, the Union cannot be redeemed and restored. * * * *

"Citizens of my native State arise in your might at the ballot-box, and tell Congress that YOU WILL HAE THE RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE GIVEN TO EVERY LOYAL CITIZEN, BLACK OR WHITE. There will you have every State made prosperous and free."

Freemen of Franklin county, will you longer be deceived Can you any longer doubt that the leaders of the Republican party are endeavoring to force upon you negro suffrage and negro equality White men we call upon you to leave these men to worship the object of their idolatry--the miserable degraded African, and vote with the white men who believe that this is a government of white men. The issue is upon you and cannot be evaded. It is whether this is to remain a white man's government, or be degraded into a miserable Black Republic. Choose ye.

How Are the Mighty Fallen
(Column 2)
Summary: Unlike the situation six years ago, explains the article, Republicans are currently in desperate shape. The situation has forced them to emulate their Democratic foes by holding a series of conventions to mobilize the support of Civil War veterans.
The Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: Provides a brief account of the Democratic meeting held on Sept. 6th, which, according to the article, was such a success that it had to be held outdoors rather inside the Court House, its intended locale.
(Names in announcement: William McLellan, Joseph Gilmore, Maj. John S. Nimmons, Daniel Palmer, William McClure, B. A. Cormany, Jacob Snyder, Montgomery Blair, William Stenger, J. McDowall Sharpe)
Geary's Forlorn Hope--A Clear Confession and Contemplated Fraud
(Column 4)
Summary: According to the article, Geary intends on challenging the validity of the "deserters' votes" if it appears as though he will not win their support. Already, declares the piece, leading Republicans have obtained a list from the War Department containing the names of 60,000 men from Pennsylvania who are identified as having deserted.
Origin of Article: Patriot and Union
Editorial Comment: "The following is from the Pittsburgh Commercial, a Geary organ:"
Full Text of Article:

"J. W. Forney and other Radical leaders in Pennsylvania have procured from the War Department a list of deserters from the army during the war, from that State numbering sixty thousand and propose to challenge such of them as shall offer to vote the Conservative ticket, and prevent their exercising the elective franchise."

Observe: Of these sixty thousand, they propose to challenge only those who "shall offer to vote the Conservative ticket"--that is for Clymer and the Democratic nominees. All others, of course, are to be allowed to be allowed to vote--provided they cast their votes for Geary. If deserters have no right to vote, as the disunionists say, then the disunionists will be committing a fraud in permitting deserters to vote for Geary. The above is a clear confession that the Disunionists intend either to unjustly deprive men of their votes, or to commit fraud by accepting illegal votes for Geary, They are certainly capable of doing either or both. *

But, how comes it that there are SIXTY THOUSAND deserters-- more than one in six of all Pennsylvania soldiers in service during the war? Because all the errors and blunders of Fry's corrupt Provost Marshal Bureau have been hunted up and because at least THIRTY THOUSAND NAMES OF DEMOCRATS AND CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, who were never in service; never drafted; who were under and over age, and otherwise not liable to draft or service HAVE BEEN ADDED by the Geary Managers in order to OBSTRUCT and EMBARASS and TO DEPRIVE THEM OF THEIR VOTE! There is no doubt that in districts where Disunion election officers control, that every one whose name is upon such bogus lists will be denied the right of suffrage. Even in they merely challenge such persons and compel them, at short notice--say A FEW MINUTES BEFORE THE CLOSING OF THE POLLS--to unite up papers, records and witnesses, thousands of votes will be lost for want of time to summon witnesses. Say there are 1500 districts where Disunion officers preside, and that at each of them ten of the Democrats or Conservatives who present themselves within twenty minutes preceding the closing of the polls, are challenged, how can they in that brief space of time secure the proofs? How many soldiers, for instance, would be able to go home and return with their honorable discharges? Ten votes thus lost would make 15,000 of a loss the aggregate and seven would aggregate 10,500.

It is thus easy to see the importance of the infamous game to the Geary faction, if successful, but they must be terribly fearful of the result to resort to so desperate and felonious scheme! It is certainly their last resort--their forlorn hope. The Democrats and Conservatives must therefore meet them with FIRMNESS and VIGOR. Pay no regard to their humbug lists and insist upon and secure for every man qualified under the Constitution and Election laws of our Commonwealth THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO VOTE. Those lists are mere waste paper, and every election officer attempting to USURP JUDICIAL POWERS, by virtue of them, MUST BE PROSECUTED and WILL BE PROSECUTED AND PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.--Patriot and Union.

[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: In an effort to counter the Repository's attempts to mislead the public, the brief piece informs readers that the Republican candidate for Congress, Col. William Koontz, merely served as a Militia General during the war and, therefore, saw no action.
McClure's Speech
(Column 4)
Summary: Contains a parody of an address delivered by Col. McClure, the editor of the Repository, in Bedford.
(Names in announcement: Col. McClure)
Editorial Comment: The Bedford Gazette gives the following report of McClure's speech at Bedford.--The same report will answer for his speech in this place on Friday night last. We give it entire:
Full Text of Article:

By our Special Reporter.

Montgomery Blair--old Blair--Blair--Blair--Blair--Rebels--Traitors--blood-stained rebels back to power--Blair--Bloody Scoundrels--Ghastly--Ghostly--Wasted--Treason--Rebels--Copperheads--Traitors--Treason--Unrepentant Rebels--Wretches--Traitors--Treason--Treason--Scoundrels--Ghastly--Andersonville--Sharpe--Blair--Treason--Treason--Treason--Negroes--Equality--Traitors--Traitors--Bloody Traitors--Rebels--Treason--Treason--etc., etc.

[No Title]
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports that William Koontz, the "Radical candidate" for Congress in Franklin county's district, gave a speech recently in which he declared that "the time must soon come when without regard to COLOR or RACE men must be EQUAL in every respect." In light of Koontz's remarks, the Spirit infers that he will allow blacks to vote, to sit on juries, and to marry white girls if he is elected.

-Page 03-

Local and Personal--"White Boys In Blue"
(Column 1)
Summary: Lists the local members of the Soldiers' Johnson-Clymer Club.
Local and Personal--Omitted
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that William B. Gabby's name was omitted from the Democratic County Committee list published last week in the Spirit.
(Names in announcement: William B. Gabby)
Local and Personal--Meeting of the "White Boys in Blue"
(Column 2)
Summary: Gives an account of the "White Boys in Blue" organizational meeting held on Sept. 5 at the Court House.
(Names in announcement: J. L. P. Dietrich, Manaria Humelaine, John Shenafield, Marion Bowers, William Evans, Jason Spear, Simon Etchberger, William Stahl, Thomas Donevon, Frank McKenna, B. M. Sheller, David Hyssong, Jacob Householder, John Pelpher, William Henneberger, Fred Householder, J. W. Michaels, William McKean, Peter Cummings, William Butler, David Moorehead, Daniel Gelwix, Daniel Shatzer, David Simmers, William Stenger, George Brewer)
Local and Personal--Soldiers Attention
(Column 2)
Summary: Reminds soldiers that they must be assessed if they wish to vote in the upcoming election
(Names in announcement: J. B. Wright)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 5th, William Huber and Susan E. Spice were married by Rev. J. S. Gordon.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. S. Gordon, William Huber, Susan E. Spice)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 10th, Lewis H. Krome and Annie E. Funk were married by Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. B. S. Schneck, Lewis H. Krome, Annie E. Funk)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 10th, William Wile and Ladina Snide were married.
(Names in announcement: William Wile, Ladina Snide)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 4th, George B. Wood and Catherine O'Hara were married by Rev. John W. Gerdeman.
(Names in announcement: Rev. John W. Gerdeman, George B. Wood, Catherine O'Hara)
(Column 4)
Summary: On August 29th, Henry H. Wolfe, 82, died near Mercersburg.
(Names in announcement: Henry H. Wolfe)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 3rd, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin F. and Isabella E. Lehman died. Mary Elizabeth was 11 months old.
(Names in announcement: Mary Elizabeth Lehman, Benjamin F. Lehman, Isabella E. Lehman)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Sept. 5th, Margaretta Snively, 21, died in Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: Margaretta Snively)

-Page 04-

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