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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: April 10, 1867

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(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that William McSherry's appointment as Assessor of Internal Revenue was confirmed by the Senate. In addition, Charles W. Ashcom was confirmed as Collector.
The Beginning of the End
(Column 1)
Summary: The editorial celebrates the Democrats' victory in the recent election in Connecticut and asserts that it "shows that the people of the country are at last beginning to awake to the true condition of the country."
Full Text of Article:

The glorious result of the Connecticut election has sent a thrill of joy into every patriotic heart in the country. For six long years the people have groaned under the burdens imposed on them through the abuses and usurpations of the Republican party. The Radical leaders have kept steadily advancing step by step, in their work of destruction and revolution, until the constitutional government established by our ancestors exists only in name, whilst its vital principles have been overthrown. So insidious and artful has this work been carried on, that the people were systematically deceived by false promises and pledges.-They seemed bound by a charm from which it appeared impossible to arouse them. The good and patriotic of the land had begun to despair of the Republic, and were preparing their minds to receive in silent sadness the imperialism which succeeded the ancient Roman Republic, or the anarchy of the so-called Republic of Mexico. But the delusion which has held the people spell-bound hitherto, is at last broken. Light breaks from the East. The result of the election in Connecticut shows that the people are at last beginning to awake to the true condition of the country. It is indicative of that reaction in the public sentiment of the country, which is destined, ere long, to sweep the Radical party from power. It is the "beginning of an end" of that political revolution which we confidently believe will yet bring back the administration of the government to the ancient landmarks of the Constitution.

Reasons of the Radicals for Their Defeat in Connecticut
(Column 1)
Summary: Employing extracts from leading Radical journals to substantiate their claims, the editors mock Republicans' rationalizations for the party's performance in the Connecticut election.
The Case of Mrs. Surratt
(Column 3)
Summary: Noting that even General Butler believes Mrs. Surratt was "unfairly tried and unjustly condemned to death," the article offers her case as a prime example of the injustice that occurs when military authorities usurp the responsibilities of civilian courts.
Origin of Article: Age
A Registry Law in Pennsylvania
(Column 4)
Summary: Criticizes a bill promulgated by Radicals in the state legislature that would alter the existing rules related to voter registration.
Editorial Comment: "The Radical majority in our State Legislature have got up a registration law, which will in all probability be passed. It is true that the Constitution of the State stands opposed to any change in the qualification of electors, but that is no impediment to the legislative enactment in these days. The registration law as reported is as follows:"
Full Text of Article:

It requires Assessors to keep a registry of voters with their private residences, and produce the same at the place of election, fourteen days previous to the election to the judges and inspectors, who with the assessor, shall meet on the twelfth day preceding the second Tuesday in October, and continue in session from nine to six o'clock to receive the names of persons not before registered, and hear and decide upon claims to vote; and no person shall be allowed to vote whose name does not appear upon the registry but any registered name may be challenged, just as if no registry of the name had been made, and the election board may pass upon such challenge; penalty for receiving non-registered votes shall be fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court. The same meeting of the Board and registry shall be had twelve days preceding every Presidential election. At every special, and at every city, borough and township election, the registry may be used as proof of the right to vote, unless satisfactory rebutting testimony shall be produced. On the petition of five citizens that they believe that frauds are about to be perpetrated at the polls, the courts of the county, or the judge in vacation thereof, may appoint two judicious, sober and intelligent citizens to act as overseers of any poll or polis, who shall be selected from different political parties, where both inspectors are of one political party, both of the overseers shall be taken from the opposite political party; the inspectors to furnish such overseers with every facility for understanding and taking notes of all decided on by the board, and to challenge votes. The bill also provides heavy fines for any clerk or protonotary, who shall issue any fraudulent naturalization paper or issue such paper or blank to be used by any person at the polls. The bill is the special order for Thursday morning.

The Woman Question
(Column 6)
Summary: Provides an account of a convention held in Kansas in support of female and black suffrage. Among those in attendance were such notables as the governor, lieutenant-governor, and all members of the Supreme Court.
Origin of Article: Democrat

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Local and Personal--Fatal Accident
(Column 1)
Summary: Abraham Keefer's widow died on April 6th after falling from a balcony in what was formerly the Tankersley Hotel in St. Thomas.
(Names in announcement: Abraham Keefer)
Local and Personal--A Distressing Case
(Column 1)
Summary: The article recounts the tragic death of Jacob Foreman's son, who drowned while playing in the Conococheague River on April 2nd.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Foreman)
Origin of Article: Waynesboro Gazette
Local and Personal--Attempted Burglary
(Column 1)
Summary: The piece relates the circumstances surrounding a thwarted burglary of George Etter's home in Mercersburg on March 31st.
(Names in announcement: George Etter)

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