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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 21, 1867

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Startling Revelations--Conover Turns On Ashley and Exposes His Plots
(Column 4)
Summary: Contains a copy of a report sent to President Johnson from Acting Attorney General Binckley, implicating Gen. Butler, J. Holt, and J. M. Ashley in a scheme to frame President Johnson as a key figure in Lincoln's assassination. The allegations in the report are based upon evidence provided by Charles Dunham (alias Sanford Conover), a felon and one of the key prosecution witnesses in the Surratt trial. Dunham maintains that he was "forced into association" with the Radicals plotting the conspiracy.
Trailer: John M. Binckley, Acting Attorney General

-Page 02-

The Removal Of Stanton
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors praise President Johnson for suspending Sec. Stanton; they describe him as "the most unpopular man in America." The president selected Gen. Grant to replace him.
A Black Circular
(Column 2)
Summary: The article employs a Republican pamphlet that urges blacks to form Loyal League chapters as proof of that party's secret designs to grant blacks political and social equality.
Origin of Article: Washington Chronicle
Full Text of Article:

A friend sends us a circular printed at the office of the Washington Chronicle , which is being largely circulated through this Congressional District, under the frank of Hon. W. H. Koontz, M. C., as a Radical campaign document. It is headed 'The position of the Republican and Democratic parties, and purports to pe "a dialogue between a white Republican and a colored citizen," and is addressed specially to the "colored citizens," urging them to form themselves into "Leagues," and to vote the Republican ticket. The following are a few of the questions and answers contained in the circular, the "colored citizen" asking the questions and the "white Republican' answering them:

Question. With which party should the colored man vote?

Answer. The Union Republican party.

Q. Why should the colord man vote with that party?

A. Because that party has made him free and given him the right to vote.

Q. Who abolished slavery in the District of Columbia?

A. A Republican Congress and Abraham Lincoln, a Republican President.

Q. Who freed the slaves in the South?

A. Abraham Lincoln, the Republican President by proclamation.

Q. Who passed the Freedman's Bureau Bill?

A. A Republican Congress by more than a two-thirds vote over the veto of Andrew Johnson, the leader of the Democratic or Conservative party.

Q. Who gave us the Civil Rights Bill?

A. The same Republican party.

Q. What party gave us the right to vote?

A. The Republican party.

Q. To what party do the leading colored men belong?

A. Without exception they belong to the Republican party/

Q. What are the most prominent principles advocated by the Republican party?

A. Equal rights before the law and at the ballot box for all men without regard to race or color; that is, that every man shall have the same rights and liberties as any other man.

Does any one still deny that the Republican party is in favor of negro suffrage and negro equality? Here in this circular, issued from the office of the leading Radical newspaper of Washington City, and circulated through this district by General Koontz, the Radical member of Congress, we have the doctrine laid down in its broadest and most unqualified form. These documents are now being sent through Pennsylvania by the cart load by Radical Congressmen, by means of which it is hoped to educate the masses of the party up to the true New England standard on the question. Having forced negro suffrage upon the people of the South against their will, they are now preparing the minds of their followers in the North to accept Sumner's pending bill to force the same obnoxious measure upon Pennsylvania and the other Northern States. Negro suffrage is the issue to be decided in Pennsylvania at the approaching fall election. Are you for or against it? White Freemen of Pennsylvania, answer this question at the polls.

General Grant
(Column 2)
Summary: Republicans, say the editors, are "perplexed" by Gen. Grant's decision to accept a position in Johnson's Cabinet. According to the editors, however, his rationale is quite simple. Grant took the offer because he endorses the President's "policy of speedy reconstruction."
Full Text of Article:

The Radicals are sorely perplexed just now about the position of General Grant.-His prompt acceptance of the vacancy commissioned by the suspension of Stanton from the War office, puzzles them amazingly.-They could stand Stanton's removal, but Grant's acceptance of a seat in "A. J's" cabinet drives them almost mad. This is "the most unkindest cut of all." They are well aware that with Grant against them they are doomed as a party. Some of their papers affect to draw comfort from the fact that General Grant, on assembling the duties of the War Department, addressed Stanton a polite note, in which he alluded to the "zeal, ability and patriotism" with which he had discharged the duty of Secretary of War, which, in a formal note between officials, means about the same as "with distinguished consideration, I am yours truly" Others undertake to justify Grant by alleging that he was simply obeying a command from his superior officer. This position is sheer nonsense from the fact that the office of Secretary of War is a civil office and Grant was at perfect liberty either to accept or reject it, which the correspondence between him and Stanton and the President amply proves. But the New York Tribune , more honest than the rest, boldly assails Grant and takes the ground that his acceptance of the portfolio of the War Department can only be construed to mean sympathy with the President in his policy of speedy reconstruction. So think we. How do you like it Radicals?

Holt, Ashley, and Conover
(Column 4)
Summary: Labeling the Chief of the Bureau of Military Justice a "political prostitute and a malignant knave" for burying evidence that could exonerate Mrs. Surratt, and for his role in the conspiracy "to make up a case on which to impeach and depose" the President, the editors implore Johnson to remove Holt and his accomplice, Ashley, from office and have them "hanged."
Origin of Article: Sunday Mercury
Greely On Grant
(Column 4)
Summary: According to the article, Greeley has once again broken ranks with the Radicals, this time by refusing to adhere to the Republican line that Grant opted to join Johnson's Cabinet because he was compelled to.
(Column 5)
Summary: "Chambersburg" nominates James B. Orr, of Orrstown--"the Gibralter of the Democracy of Franklin county"--as a candidate for the Assembly. The letter also indicates that candidates for Associate Judge and County Commissioner should come from the district that includes Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: James B. Orr)
Full Text of Article:

Messrs. Editors: -In the nomination of candidates at our next County Convention, soon to be held, it is, I believe, conceded by the country districts, that the candidates for Associate Judge and County Commissioner should come from this Borough.-This is conceded, because in the event of election, for all purposes at all times we would have a Judge here-as well as County Commissioner-to transact business.

Now, on the other hand, it is also generally conceded that all the other candidates to be nominated should com from the country districts, and among them will be a candidate for Assembly. Without disparagement to the claims of the others who may aspire to said nomination, we would, of our own motivation, respectfully suggest to the Democracy of the country, as a person in every way qualified for said position, the name of Hon. James B. Orr, of Orrstown. From the experience of a few years in the Legislature; from the able manner in which he represented us in said body during the years 1855 and 1856; from the unblemished reputation he sustained during those two years, retiring at the expiration of his second session, by the party custom, with not a breath of suspicion resting upon his character. Judging, I say, therefore, from all this, he is one of the few men who have passed through those legislative halls without the taint of corruption upon his fair name. He is one of the few men who have the moral courage to withstand allurements and seductions to which a member is subjected; one of the few who can pass the ordeal and not fail, as many do, a disgrace and a dishonor to himself and a lasting dishoner to himself and a lasting dishoner and stigma upon the party who sent them.

Let us, then, have a candidate whose honesty and integrity has been tried-an honorable, high-toned gentleman as our candidate.

I need not speak further of the claims of Hon. J. B. Orr. It is enough to say that Orrstown is the Gibraltar of the Democracy of Franklin county. Our majority has been gradually increasing in the Orrstown district for the last six or eight years. Other districts fall off in their majorities, but in it our strength is always on the increase; there is no falling off-no faltering in the ranks. But he is not only the faithful representative man of a large connection, or of a township, but throughout the county, he is known favorably, for he is one of the few of our Legislative nominees who has ever reached the halls of legislation. With a fair prospect of success, let us have a fair, , honest, true and tried candidate, and such, in my judgement, we will have in Hon. James B. Orr.


Trailer: Chambersburg
Delegate Election
(Column 5)
Summary: "North Ward" proposes a new procedure for selecting delegates for the approaching election. Rather than the usual method of "marking," he suggests that the names of the nominees be placed on ballots so as to avoid the "trickery and deception" that has recently plagued the election process.
Full Text of Article:

MESSRS. EDITORS:--I would suggest to our Democratic friends in this town and throughout the county, the propriety of voting by ballot at the approaching delegate elections instead of marking as heretofore. This mode, many think, will prove more expeditious and convenient, and will have the effect of bringing out a larger number of Democrats to the delegate elections, as well as saving much confusion, and defeating the trickery and deception, getting somewhat common, in our primary elections. I would therefore respectfully suggest to our Democratic friends to go to the delegate election, with the names of those for whom he wishes to vote, written, or printed, upon a ticket, properly headed, and insist on changing the mode of electing delegates from marking to vote by ballot .-Should this change be made, I feel confident it will prove beneficial.


Trailer: North Ward
A Negro Convention In Reading
(Column 6)
Summary: Provides a brief synopsis of the speeches made during the meeting of the Pennsylvania Negro Equal Rights League in Reading on August 14th.
Origin of Article: New York Press
Editorial Comment: "We find the following account of the meeting of a negro convention in Reading in the New York papers. Forney's Press, the special organ of the negroes in this state has the report of the affair:"

-Page 03-

Local and Personal--Camp Meeting
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that the Camp Meeting of the United Brethren in Christ will begin on August 29th, on John Yankey's property near Funkstown.
(Names in announcement: John Yankey)
Local and Personal--Accident
(Column 1)
Summary: On August 12th, Isaac Wise's son suffered serious injuries when he was thrown from the coupling pole of the family's wagon and run over by its wheels.
(Names in announcement: Isaac Wise)
Local and Personal--Death From Apoplexy
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that Mrs. Hoke, a widow residing in Stoufferstown, died suddenly on August 16th. Apparently, Hoke complained of a slight pain in the morning but thought nothing of it. That evening, however, she was "prostrated by an apoplectic attack" and died an hour later.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Hoke)
Local and Personal--County Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: The Republican County Convention will be held today. The article predicts that the "Grand Army of the Republic" and the "Good Templars" will run the "machine in partnership."
Local and Personal--Taxable Income
(Column 1)
Summary: Lists Franklin county residents' taxable incomes.
(Names in announcement: J. H. Adams, Sarah B. Bealty, J. B. Crowell, Andrew Davison, L. H. Fletcher, John H. Hostetter, Addison Imbria, Robert Johnston, William Kreps, Charles Micheals, Daniel Myers, J. C. McLanahan, Samuel PhilipySr., Benjamin M. Powell, John Rowe, S. B. Snively, F. B. Snively, Benjamin Snively, Melchi. Snively, John Shank, Isaac Shank, Jacob Shank, Jacob Shook, A. F. Schafshirt, A. W. Welsh, John Alexander, James Ferguson, W. R. Pomeroy, William of S. Skinner, Elias Shearer, George Brindle, Peter Brindle, William Clark, Jacob H. Cook, George Dice, John L. Detwiler, William Ester, Jacob Eversole, A. M. Engle, C. (dec'd) Freet, Wendell Foglesonger, Christian Fry, Michael Good, Samuel Garver, Jacob (dec'd) Garrer, Benjamin Grove, Levi Horst, Samuel Harbison, Cyrus Hambright, Samuel D. Lehman, Peter Lehman, John Moon, Andrew P. Oyler, R. A. Renfrew, John Rohrer, A. W. Sollenberger, Daniel Sollenberger, Christian Brechbill, Abraham Breechbill, Christian Deck, George Fleck, Henry Greenawalt, W. S. Keefer, Abraham Lehman, John M. Snyder, John H. Weaver, John Zook, Joseph Bollinger, Joseph Burkholder, Peter Cramer, David K. Hostetter, Henry W. Hoover, W. S. Keefer, William G. McClellan, Henry H. Rife, Jacob M. Stoner, John Sprecher, Thomas G. Apple, S. A. Bradley, George Cook, Rev. Thomas Creigh, A. L. Coyle, James O. Carson, Hugh B. Craig, Jesse Craig, Seth Dickey, George W. Etter, Frederick Foreman, John Greenawalt, Abraham Grove, John Hoover, Samuel Hullinger, John Hawk, Henry L. Hege, Micheal Hoover, Henry D. Harbaugh, William A. Hays, David Hawbecker, E. E. Higbee, Daniel Jacob, Leonard Jordan, Benjamin Lesher, Henry Mickley, Alex E. McDowell, William D. McKinstry, Jacob M. Myers, John S. Myers, A. J. North, David Niswander, Atchinson Richey, John L. Rhea, John R. Stine, William (dec'd) Vandyke, Christian Walk, John Wilder, John Wolf, Oliver Brown, John H. Horner, John F. McAllen, W. W. Skinner, John Beaver, Michael Bushey, Jacob Gipe, Samuel Gisell, Cyrus Gingrich, Michael Ryder, John F. Ryder, Adam M. Ryder, John Shelly, Peter Stenger, James D. Scott, John Smith, Peter Knepper, A. S. Monn, E. S. Small, Samuel Small, Mary Stover, George B. Westling, E. B. Winger, Christian Bomberger, Joseph G. Cressler, David Clever, John F. Ebersole, Samuel Hoover, George Johnston, Alex Kiner, Samuel Koser, C. Landis, William W. Mains, Marshall Mains, Daniel Myers, Jacob Myers, John Newcomer, Samuel Nevin, C. OverholtzerSr., C. OverholtzerJr., Conrad Plasterer, Abraham Wingert, Samuel Zook, John Croft, Samuel Coble, John W. Coble, Charles Gillan, John GillanSr., David Gillan, John Gelwicks, Benjamin Huber, Jacob Myers, W. S. Amberson, Daniel S. Baker, Peter Benedict, George Frick, Benjamin Frantz, John of H. Funk, Aaron Funk, Susan Funk, John Frantz, D. F. Good, Daniel Gelser, Henry Good, Abraham Hess, Hannah Hade, Christian Horst, Alex HamiltonSr., Samuel Hoeflich, Joseph M. Hess, Daniel Hullinger, Jacob Lesher, J. W. Miller, J. F. Oiler, Jacob Overholtzer, John Price, Joseph Price, A. E. Price, Samuel Rinehart, Christian Shockey)
Origin of Article: Repository
Full Text of Article:

Several weeks since we commenced the publication of the taxable incomes of Franklin county, giving Chambersburg and Guilford township, and this week we give the remainder of the county. From every return there has been deducted the allowance of $1000, which, by law, is untaxed; also losses incurred by fire, and income reported in previous years but which has proved during 1866 to be worthless; house rent actually paid, interest falling due, taxes paid during 1866, and all income from banks, railroads and other incorporations which withhold the income tax. It will be observed that all incomes will thus exceed the amount published by at least $1000.-Repository


Adams J H $103

Beaulty Mrs. Sarah B 1,116

Crowell J B 906

Davison Andrew 230

Fletcher L H 31

Hostetter John H 56

Imbria Addison 412

Johnston Robert 2,200

Kreps William 174

Michaels Charles 233

Myers Daniel 2,025

McLanahan J C 211

Philipy Samuel Sr 1,302

Powell Benj M 193

Rowe John 535

Snively F B 165

Snively Meichi 387

Snively Benj 231

Shank John 399

Shank Isaac 417

Shank Jacob 288

Shock Jacob 752

Schafhirt A F 86

Welsh A W 426


Alexander John $261

Ferguson James 79

Pomveroy W R 471

Skinner Wm of S 606

Shearer Elias 90


Brindle George $66

Brindle Peter 80

Clark Wm 670

Cook Jacob H 579

Dice George 119

Detwiler John L 178

Etter Wm 866

Ebersole Jacob B 69

Enlge A M 187

Freet C dec'd 1,424

Foglesonger Wendel 613

Fry Christian 497

Good Michael 28

Garver Samuel 52

Garver Jacob dec'd 276

Grove Benj 213

Horst Levi 732

Harbison Samuel 1,325

Hambright cyrus 162

Lehman Samuel D 122

Lehman Peter 1,410

Mohn John 87

Oyler Andre P 305

Renfrew R A 309

Roher John 994

Sollenberger A W 365

Sollenberger Daniel 518


Brechbill Christian C. $153

Breechbill Abraham 843

Deck Christian 367

Fleck George 396

Greenawait Henry 137

Keefer Henry 603

Lehman Abraham 707

Snyder John M 111

Weaver John H 1,897

Zook John 1,900


Bollinger Joseph $148

Burkholder Joseph 160

Cramer Peter 167

Hosletter David K 85

Hoover Henry W 277

Keefer W S 566

McClellan Wm G 280

Rife Henry H 421

Stoner Jacob M 1,217

Sprecher John 296


Apple Thos G $115

Bradley S A 633

Cook George 273

Creigh Rev Thos 2

Coyle A L 42

Carson James O 48

Craig Hugh B 8

Crag Jesse 62

Dickey Seth 1,534

Etter Geo W 1,379

Foreman Frederick 4,957

Greenawalt John 196

Grove Abraham 816

Hoover John 1,730

Hullinger Samuel 2,667

Hawk John 471

Hege Henry L 1,076

Hoover Michael 27

Harbaugh Henry D 406

Hays Wm A 75

Hawbecker David 768

Higbee E E 49

Jacobs Daniel 7

Jordan Leonard 376

Lesher Benj 802

Mickley Henry 400

M'Dowell Alex E 680

M'Kinstry Wm D 193

Myers David 120

Myers Jacob B 141

Myers John S 175

North A J 141

Niswander David 134

Richey Atchison 243

Rhea John L 18

Stine John R & Co 1,302

Vandyke Win (dec'd) 117

Walk Christian 169

Wilder John 637

Wolf John 806


Brown Oliver $659

Horner John H. 709

M'Allen John F 130

Skinner W W 13


Beaver John 1,012

Bushey Michael 6

Gipe Jacob 352

Gsell Samuel 1,437

Gingrich Cyrus 539

Ryder Michael 2,654

Ryder Adam M 1,787

Shelly John 321

Stenger Peter 3,485

Scott James P 1,774

Smith John 47


Knepper Peter $232

Monn A S 740

Small E S 137

Small Samuel 292

Stover Mrs Mary 1,292

Weistling Geo B 31

Winger E B 290


Bomberger Christian $637

Cressler Joseph G 1,863

Clever David 1,072

Ebersole John F 135

Hoover Samuel 369

Johnston George 2,860

Kiner Alex 234

Koser Samuel 91

Landis O 508

Mains Wm W 402

Mains Marshall 1,434

Myers Daniel 147

Myers Jacob 921

Newcomer John 1,486

Nevin Samuel 790

Overholtzer C Sr 311

Overholtzer C Jr 361

Plasterer Conrad 585

Wingert Abrm 920

Zook Samuel 639


Croft John $112

Coble Samuel 210

Coble John W 68

Gillan Charles 286

Gillan John Sr 178

Gillan David 37

Gatwicks John 64

Huber Benj 543

Myers Jacob 641


Amberson W S $711

Baker Daniel M 1,327

Benedict Pter 699

Frick George 3,700

Frantz Benj 655

Funk John of H 2,812

Funk Aaron 301

Funk Mrs Susan 388

Frantz John 1,279

Good D F 331

Gelsor Daniel 1,222

Good Henry 2,102

Hess Abraham 243

Hade Hannah 1,600

Horst Christian 1,015

Hamilton Alex Sr 4,905

Hoeflich Samuel 414

Hess Joseph M 632

Hullinger Daniel 112

Lesher Jacob 156

Miller J W 35

Oller J F 125

Overholtzer Jacob 375

Price John 3,040

Price Joseph 556

Price A E 185

Rinehart Samuel 470

Schockey Christian 3,157

Local and Personal--An Accident
(Column 2)
Summary: John Hemminger, of Quincy townhship, broke his collar bone when he fell off his horse while riding on August 10th.
(Names in announcement: John Hemminger)
Local and Personal--Large Trains
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that "one of the largest freight trains--64 cars, fully loaded--drawn by one locomotive," passed over the Franklin Railroad on August 17th. Local businessmen predict the railroad company will soon have to lay a double track to "accomodate the fast growing trade of this region."
Origin of Article: Pilot
Local Personal--Atttempt At Suicide
(Column 2)
Summary: On August 18th, David Pensinger, of Greencastle, attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Pensinger's efforts failed, however, when he tilted the gun slightly away from his forehead, and thus inflicted a non-fatal wound from which he is expected to recover fully.
(Names in announcement: David Pensinger)
Local and Personal--Court Proceedings
(Column 2)
Summary: The following cases were tried and otherwise disposed of during the late term of the Court. "Com. vs. George Kyle--Assault and Battery. Defendant pleaded guilty. Fined five dollars and costs. Com. vs. William Stoner and Diggs Little--Assault and Battery with intent to kill. Stoner, one of the defendants, has never been arrested, and the trial went on as to Little--Verdict, not guilty, and the county to pay costs. Com. vs. Samuel Alleman--Malicious Mischief. The alleged malicious mischief consisted in defendant throwing down a fence which the prosecutor had erected across a road in St. Thomas township. Verdict not guilty, and the costs divided equally between teh Prosecutor and Defendant. Com. vs. Samuel Reese and Rebecca Ward--Larceny of two hogs. Verdict, guilty, sentenced each to pay costs of prosecution and undergo imprisonment in the County Jail for thirty days. Com. vs. Margaret Johnson--Assault and Battery on John Johnson--Verdict, not guilty, and costs divided equally between Defendant and Prosecutor. Com. vs. David Harper--Selling Liquor to Minors. Defendant pleaded guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of one dollar and the costs of prosecution, and to forfeit and deliver to the Court his license. Com. vs. John Corn--Fornication and Bastardy. Defendant pleaded guilty. Usual sentence. Com. vs. H. M. Jones--Selling Liquor on Sunday, to Minors etc. Defendant pleaded guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of ten dollars adn costs of prosecution. Com. vs. Franklin Hollinsworth and Henry Kriner--Assault. Verdict, guilty. Sentenced the Defendants each to pay a fine of one dollar and the costs of prosecution. Com. vs. Henry Collins, alias Bower--Larceny of a silver watch, a gold chain and gold key, the property of Isaac H. Keefer. Defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to undergo imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for the period of thirteen months. Com. vs. Henry Collins, alias Bower--Larceny of about thirty dollarsin gold and silver, the property of Michael Reed. Defendant pleaded guiltyand was sentenced to undergo imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for one year, to begin at the expiration of the foregoing sentence. Com. vs. David P. Deviney--Larceny. The prosecutor adn witnesses not being present, the jury was instructed to render a verdict of not guilty. Com. vs. David L. Taylor--Charges of obtaining fifteen hundred dollars in money by false representations from Frederick Foreman, Prosecutor. A true bill. Defendant pleaded not guilty. The jury not being able to agree and there being no prospect of an agreement, was discharged. Cases in which a nolle prosequi was entered being settled by the parties. Com. vs. James V. Robinson. Com. vs. George A. Rock and John R. Smith. Com. vs. Charles H. Smith. Com. vs. John Spence. Com. vs. John Marshall. Com. vs. Thomas Hoeflich and Mary Hoeflich. Com. vs. Anthony Brining. Com. vs. George Goettman. Com. vs.Edward Harman. Com. vs. Howard Heller. Com. vs. Thomas McEllwee. Com. vs. Daniel Stoner. Com. vs. Jacob Wessen. Com. vs. David Brandt. Com. vs. George Hughes. Com. vs. John Guyer. Com. vs. Charles Hesser. Com. vs. Jacob Newcomer. Com. vs. Maria Morton. Com. vs. George Wolf and James Sander. Com. vs. David Eshelman. Com. vs. Augustus and Leander Wilkeson. Com. vs. Peter Bickel. Com. vs. John Jacoby Sr. Com. vs. John Jacoby Jr. Com. vs. John Jacoby Jr. Com. vs. Elizabeth Jacoby. Com. vs. Daniel Greenawalt. Com. vs. Samuel Crouse. Bills Ignored. Com. vs. John Ditzler. Com. vs. Lewis Belt. Com. vs. John Berger. Com. vs. Benjamin Jackson. Com. vs. Joseph Smith. Com. vs. Jeremiah Harman."
(Names in announcement: George Kyle, William Stoner, Margaret Kyle, Diggs Little, Samuel Alleman, Jeremiah Reese, Rebecca Ward, Margaret Johnson, David Harper, John Johnson, John Corn, H. M. Jones, Franklin Hollinsworth, Henry Kriner, Henry Collins, Michael Reed, David P. Deviney, David L. Taylor, James B. Robinson, George A. Rock, John R. Smith, Charles H. Smith, John Spence, John Marshal, Thomas Hoeflich, Mary Hoeflich, Anthony Brining, George Goettman, Edward Harman, Howard Heller, Thomas McElwee, Daniel Stoner, Jacob Wessen, David Brandt, George Hughes, John Guyer, Charles Hesser, Jacob Newcomer, Maria Morton, George W. Wolfe, James Snider, David Eshelman, Augustus Wilkeson, Leander Wilkeson, Peter Bickel, John JacobySr., John JacobyJr., Elizabeth Jacoby, Daniel Greenawalt, Samuel Crouse, John Ditzler, Lewis Belt, John Berger, Benjamin Jackson, Joseph Smith, Jeremiah Harman)
Local and Personal--Sold
(Column 3)
Summary: The School Board purchased Lyceum Hall, in Orrstown, for $800. The school board intends to use the building as an administrative center.
Local and Personal--Accidents
(Column 3)
Summary: On August 14th, the young son of James Long was playing with a fodder-cutter when he accidently cut off his index finger and severely wounded his thumb. In a separate incident, Taylor Irmin injured himself when he dropped a large pot he was carrying.
(Names in announcement: James Long, Taylor Irmin)
Origin of Article: Greencastle Pilot
Local and Personal--Fatal Mistake
(Column 3)
Summary: Recounts the story of Charles H. Beason, a wealthy merchant of Uniontown, who died after drinking a large quantity of vitriol oil at Markle's paper mill. The events leading to Beason's death began in Pittsburgh where he "indulged rather freely" in liquor before being placed on train for home by some good samaritans. Beason was attended to by the conductor for much of the trip but at West Newton he snuck off the train and wandered about until he entered Markle's place of business. There, he saw the pitcher of oil, which he mistook to be water, and swallowed a large quantity of it. Beason was found several hours later and was once again sent homeward. He died, however, en route at Layton's Station.
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 13th, Dr. George R. Kauffman and Mattie E., eldest daughter of John Kissecker, were married by Rev. W. F. Eyster.
(Names in announcement: George R. Kauffman, Mattie E. Kissecker, John Kissecker, Rev. W. F. Eyster)
(Column 5)
Summary: On May 29th, John R. Harmon and Catharine Royer were married by Rev. H. Y. Hummelbaugh.
(Names in announcement: John R. Harmon, Catharine Royer, Rev. H. Y. Hummelbaugh)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 13th, William V. Stahl and Ellen Smith were married by John Lohr.
(Names in announcement: William V. Stahl, Ellen Smith, John Lohr)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 15th, B. F. Johns, of Pittsburgh, and Mary Glessner were married by John Lohr.
(Names in announcement: B. F. Johns, Mary Glessner, John Lohr)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 6th, John Walker Price, infant son of Jacob and Harriet Price, died at 2 months old.
(Names in announcement: John Walker Price, Harriet Price, Jacob Price)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 13th, Daniel, son of Robert Snider, died at 10 months old.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Snider, Robert Snider)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 5th, Annie McGowan, 24, died at Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: Annie McGowan)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 7th, Jacob Edward, infant son of Jacob and Rebecca Shartzer, died at 2 months old.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Edward Shartzer, Jacob Shartzer, Rebecca Shartzer)
(Column 5)
Summary: On August 9th, Harry David, son of Andrew and Barbara Singer, died. He was 1 year old.
(Names in announcement: Harry David Singer, Andrew Singer, Barbara Singer)

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