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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: December 04, 1867

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The Presidency
(Column 1)
Summary: Although they have received numerous letters soliciting their endorsement for candidates in next year's presidential election, the editors have opted to withold their preference because it is too early to make a decision. They do, however, offer a vague sense of what characteristics a candidate would have to possess to earn their backing: he will have to be "a high toned gentleman and a sound Democratic" as well as a "highly intellectual statesman."
At Last
(Column 1)
Summary: In the last issue of the Repository, the article informs readers, Col. McClure, the editor of the Republican organ, made clear his, and his party's, position relative to granting blacks the vote when he inscribed "Manhood Suffrage" as the newspaper's banner.
(Names in announcement: Col. McClure)
Origin of Article: Repository
Full Text of Article:

The Repository, in its last issue, flings to the breeze its banner on which is inscribed, "Manhood Suffrage." Its senior editor has written this inscription upon it, and henceforth, our assertion that the leaders of the Radical party in this country are in favor of that doctrine, will certainly not be denied, as it was all through the late campaign.--Such unblushing effrontery--such open, reckless defiance of the popular will has scarcely ever been exhibited before. From that far-off Territory, which but recently, in spite of Col. M'Clure's most strenuous efforts, thundered its denunciation of this doctrine, he writes to a county in which Radicalism, after a series of unbroken successes covering a period of ten years, has been repulsed, for the simple reason that the people believed that it was secretly carrying them in that direction. Rebuked here and there, he refuses to be bound by the popular verdict, and plants his standard far in advance of the foremost position which his party has had the hardihood to assume here. The stone which the builders rejected has become the corner. In the future, therefore, citizens of Franklin county, the issue will be a plain one. For manhood suffrage, or against it, is the question.--Hereafter, the Repository as an organ of the Radical party, will advocate the right of the negro to vote. The VALLEY SPIRIT as the organ of the Democratic party, will continue to oppose this monstrous doctrine. There is no middle way--choose ye between us.

Col. M'Clure enumerates different causes which contributed to the defeat of his party in Pennsylvania and the other Northern States. But, strange to say, his judgement is so completely blinded that he fails to perceive the real issue. Nay, so infatuated is he, that he insists that the source of their weakness in the late elections is to be the pillar of strength in the future. The truth is, that the overwhelming reverses which the radical party has suffered are mainly if not altogether attributable to the fact that they had linked themselves to the negro and were engaged in a fruitless attempt to draw him up to an equality with the white man. It was because of this belief that such a ruinous apathy took possession of large numbers of Republicans. It was on this account that many who had never faltered before in their fealty to that organization, broke loose from it altogether and cast their lot with our own party. And yet, he insists that his party must cling to this fanatical idea, and predicts that the negro "will vote again in every State within the next decade." He says:

The issue may be defeated for a time, and each defeat will but strengthen it. Men may fall who have the manhood to advocate it; but all who have abiding faith in the fidelity with which the people will perfect the mighty revolution now in progress in this nation, will look hopefully, confidently for this great consummation. It is founded on the principles of eternal justice that those who are governed, and taxed and required to defend the country's honor and flag with their lives, shall have a vote in their government, and it cannot fail without shattering our boasted structure of Universal Freedom.

To what "mighty revolution" does he refer? Does he mean that the Democratic tornado which has lately swept over the whole country? Surely, that is the only "mighty revolution now in progress in this nation." We cherish and "abiding faith in the fidelity with which the people will perfect" it, but we do not "look hopefully, confidently, for this great consummation" of negro suffrage. On the contrary, we believe that this Radical party which has inscribed negro suffrage upon its banner, will be swept clean out of existence by the mighty masses of the people rising in their majesty, and proclaiming their fixed determination to maintain the freedom of the Republic, by forever preventing the negro from participating in the work of its government. Our free institutions are jewels to precious to be entrusted to the hands of men who have never shown any capacity for self-government.

But he tells us that "100,000 sable heroes died to defend our free institutions." Prey, when and where? Perhaps he counts all the negroes who were in the army as so many "dead ducks," in view of the late elections. Surely, the compositor must have added a cypher to the manuscript. The Colonel can not be serious. If so, we must insist upon seeing "the papers." The senior editor of the Repository has been so accustomed to victory that he does not know how to take defeat. He will not be admonished. Much whipping hath made him mad. He exhibits the courage and the rashness of desperation. If the people will not be led, they must be driven. If they will not be coaxed, they must be coerced. If they will not allow themselves to be deceived, they must be compelled openly to quaff the bitter cup of negro equality to its dregs. What say you? Get ready for the plain issue. It is before you. You must meet it. Meet it like men.--Meet it like white men.

Gen. Grant's Prospects For The Radical Nomination Ruined
(Column 2)
Summary: Gen. Grant, say the editors, was the likely choice to become the Republicans' candidate in the upcoming Presidential election. The chances of this occcuring were dashed, however, when he appeared before the Judiciary Committee on July 18th and offered several opinions that the "ultras" within the party found objectionable. In particular, the editors contend, his neutral stand on black suffrage ruled out any possiblity of compromise on his candidacy.
(Column 3)
Summary: The article reports that the Judiciary Committee has come out in favor of the impeachment of President Johnson, but it contends that the move is not supported by the massses.

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Local and Personal--Associate Judge
(Column 1)
Summary: On Dec. 2nd, John Armstrong was sworn in as Associate Judge, taking over W. W. Paxton's position, which expired that day.
(Names in announcement: John Armstrong, W. W. Paxton)
Local and Personal--Removed
(Column 1)
Summary: W. S. Stenger has moved his law office to the George Eyster's former office beside the Valley Spirit.
(Names in announcement: W. S. Stenger, George Eyster)
Local and Personal--Disturbance
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that several black residents of Chambersburg stoned Michael Miller's house on Saturday night. The cause is of the unrest is unknown.
(Names in announcement: Michael Miller)
Local and Personal--Good Templars
(Column 1)
Summary: The second anniversary of the McMurry Lodge was celebrated on Wednesday. Speeches a the event were given by Rev. S. H. C. Smith, Rev. J. A. Crawford, Dr. N. Schlosser, and W. W. Paxton.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. H. C. Smith, Rev. J. A. Crawford, Dr. N. Schlosser, W. W. Paxton)
Local and Personal--Chambersburg Building Association
(Column 1)
Summary: At the regular meeting of the Chambersburg Building Association held last Monday, it was decided that no more than 500 shares would be sold before January 1869, after which another 500 will be offered. So far 300 shares have been purchased.
Local and Personal--Supposed Horse-Thief Arrested
(Column 1)
Summary: Announces that Joseph Cromer was arrested for stealing a "valuable horse from the stable of Dr. Howard" and "a buggy from Henry White," both of which were taken from the Shippensburg area.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Cromer, Dr Howard, Henry White, Shoemaker, High Constable M. W. House)
Local and Personal--Pilfering
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that a girl was detected stealing a small sum of money from a drawer in Augustus Fahnestock's store. After being detected the girl returned the money and was "allowed to run free," which, according to the article, was "an excellent way of preventing a repetition of the offense."
(Names in announcement: Augustus Fahnestock)
Local and Personal--Almost A Swindle
(Column 2)
Summary: There is a swindler praying upon farmers in the area, informs the article. The con man called upon Jacob Hostetter several months ago and promised to build a Sorghum Mill on his land free of charge. The only thing he requested was a signature attesting that they had an agreement. That was the last the farmer heard of the swindler until Jeremiah Rodarmer presented him with a $150 note that the swindler had evidently forged. It is believed the same con-man attempted a similar trick in Somerset county recently.
Origin of Article: Somerset Democrat
(Column 4)
Summary: On Nov. 20th, William H. Wilson, of Delawre Co., Ohio, and Mary E., daughter of Col. James B. Orr, were married by Rev. I. N. Hays.
(Names in announcement: William H. Wilson, Mary E. Orr, Col. James B. Orr, Rev. I. N. Hays)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Nov. 21st, David B. Shoemaker and Sarah Miller were married by Rev. John Shank.
(Names in announcement: David B. Shoemaker, Sarah Miller, Rev. John Shank)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Nov. 23rd, Christian Spital, 40, died.
(Names in announcement: Christian Spital)
(Column 4)
Summary: On Nov. 27th, Frances Culbertson, relict of the late Joseph Culbertson, of Chambersburg, died in New York City. Frances was 82 years old.
(Names in announcement: Frances Culbertson, Joseph Culbertson)

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