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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 18, 1868

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Radical State Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: Pennsylvania's Radical State Convention met in Philadelphia and nominated John F. Hartranft for Auditor General and Jacob M. Campbell for Surveyor General. The convention endorsed Grant for president and Andrew Curtin for vice president. The paper gloats over the divisive arguments the endorsement of Curtin caused.
The Impeachment
(Column 05)
Summary: The paper prints a transcript of the day's proceedings in the impeachment of Andrew Johnson.

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(Column 01)
Summary: S. H. C. Smith preached in the M. E. Church.
(Names in announcement: S. H. C. Smith)
(Column 01)
Summary: Albertus A. Miller of Antrim received the degree of Doctor of Medicine from the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia.
(Names in announcement: Albertus A. Miller)
(Column 01)
Summary: A. K. McClure will deliver a lecture on "Life in the Rocky Mountains" on Saturday in Repository Hall. The proceeds will benefit Chambersburg's Freedmen's Sabbath School. Tickets are 25 cents and can be purchased at Shyrock's and Watson's Book Store, Nixon's Drug Store, or the Adams Express Office.
(Names in announcement: A. K. McClure, Shyrock, Watson, Nixon)
(Column 01)
Summary: John Stewart of Chambersburg is the Radical Elector for the district. John Cessna of Bedford "was selected to squall at the convention," with William Adams as an alternate.
(Names in announcement: John Stewart, John Cessna, William Adams)
Township Tickets
(Column 01)
Summary: Lists Democratic candidates for local posts.
(Names in announcement: Pharez McFerren, Daniel Palmer, John Snyder, Thomas Bovey, Finley Peters, John Bitner, Levi S. Keller, Samuel Grossman, Isaac Hockersmith, Henry Disert, Jeremiah Deihl, Thomas Maxwell, Adam Cook, John Shatzer, Samuel West, Henry Reily, R. A. Moore, William Bossert, Benjamin Johnston, John Row, Frederick Mish, Benjamin Johnston, Samuel S. Reisher, John Reily, Andrew Beard, John Treher, J. S. Gift, William Mullen, James Mullen, William Branthaver, Peter Burkholder, William Divilbiss, John H. Jarret, Casper Metz, Ferdinand Senseny, Robert Gold, William Stitzel, Robert Little, A. H. Senseny, James Logan, Jacob Smith, John Strealy, Charles H. Smith, B. F. Schneck, William Heyser, Charles Evans, W. D. Guthrie, James L. Reily, George M'Greehan, John D. Speer, Jacob Sellers, Hugh Auld, William Brandt, William Etter, John N. Baxter, John Etter, Henry Mentzer, Samuel Brackenridge, Philip Ott, George Smee, Adam Cook, John Shatzer, Theodore F. Colby, Joseph Reed, John W. Byers, David Croft, Samuel DeffenderferJr., David Keller, Daniel Finafrock, George Coble, John C. Brake, Samuel Coble, George Sellers, Jacob Sackman, Lewis Diehl, Michael H. Keyser, William Forbes, Soloman Shafer, David Zullinger, Frederick K. Rife, John Stewart, Jacob Long, Michael D. Miller, J. M. Gelwix, Peter Besore, J. V. B. Leedy, E. J. Small, Jacob Monn, George W. McCleary, John Heller, William Logue, Jacob Ditch, Levi Thompson, William Rock, Jacob Heller, William Hayman, John Henninger, John Funk, David D. Monn)
Full Text of Article:

The following Tickets have been put in nomination by the Democracy of the Townships and Districts named below:

Ticket for Guilford township, voting at Small's School House: Judge, Pharez McFerren; Inspector, Daniel Palmer; Constable, John Snyder; School Directors, Thomas Bovey, 3 years, Finley Peters, 3 years, John Bitner, 1 year; Assessor, Levi S. Keller; Supervisor, Samuel Grossman; Treasurer, Isaac Hockersmith; Township Clerk, Henry Disert; Auditor, Jeremiah Dahl; Justices of the Peace, Thomas Maxwell, Jeremiah M. Deihl.

Ticket for Guilford township, voting at Fayetteville same as above except, Judge, Adam Cook; Inspector, John Shatzer.

Ticket for Hamilton township:--Judge, Samuel West; Inspector, Henry Reily; Assessor, R. A. Moore: Justices of the Peace, Wm. Bossert, Benjamin Johnston; Supervisor, John Row; Auditor, Frederick Mish; School Directors, Benjamin Johnston, Samuel S. Reisher; Township Clerk, John Reily; Constable, Andrew Beard.

Ticket for Peters township:--Constable, John Treher; Assessor, J. S. Gift; School Directors, William Mullen, James Mullen; Supervisors, Wm. Branthaver, Peter Burkholder, Wm. Divilbiss; Auditor, John H. Jarret; Township Clerk, Casper Metz; Judge, Loudon District, Ferdinand Senseny; inspector, Robert Gold; Judge, Mercersburg District, Wm. Stitzel; Inspector, Robert Little.

Tickets for the Boro':--Burgess, A. H. Senseny; Council, James Logan, Jacob Smith Sen.; High Constable, John Strealy; Assessor, Charles H. Smith; School Directors, B. F. Schneck, Wm. Heyser; Auditor, Charles Evans Sen.;

South Ward, Judge, W. D. Guthrie; Inspector, James L. Reily; Constable, Geo. M'Greehen.

North Ward, Judge, John D. Speer; Inspector, Jacob Sellers; Constable, Hugh Auld.

Ticket for Green Township voting at Greenvillage;--Judge William Brandt; Inspector, William Ettey; Assessor, John N. Baxter; School Directors, John Etter; Henry Mentzer; Supervisor, Samuel Brackenridge; Auditor, Philip Ott; Township Clerk, George Smee.

Ticket for Green township voting at Fayetteville, same as above except Judge, Adam Cook; Inspector, John Shatzer, and Constable, Theo. F. Colby.

Ticket for St. Thomas township:--Judge, Joseph Reed; Inspector, John W. Byers; Assessor, David Croft; School Directors, Samuel Deffenderfer, Jr., for 3 years, David Keller, for 2 years, Daniel Finafrock, for 2 years, George Coble, (of Daniel), for 1 year; Supervisor, John C. Brake; Auditors, Samuel Coble, 2 years, George Sellers, 3 years; Township Clerk, Jacob Sackman; Constable, Lewis Diehl; Justice of the Peace, Michael H. Keyser.

Ticket for Letterkenny township:--Constable, William Forbes; Judge, Solomon Shafer; Inspector, David Zullinger; Assessor, Frederick K. Rife; Supervisor, John Stewart; School Directors, Jacob Long, 8 years, Michael D. Miller, 3 years, J. M. Gelwix, 1 year; Auditor, Peter Besore; Clerk, J. V. B. Leedy.

Ticket for Quincy township:--Justice of the Peace, E. J. Small; Constable, Jacob Monn; Judge, George W. McCleary; Inspector, John Heller; Assessor, William Logue; Auditor, Jacob Ditch; Supervisors, Levi Thompson, Wm. Rock, Jacob Heller; School Directors, Wm. Hayman, John Henninger, John Funk; Township Clerk, David D. Monn.

The Panorama
(Column 02)
Summary: Review of a painting done by a man named Hershberger on the burning of Chambersburg. Critic compares it with other paintings, noting the dearth of people and soldiers visible in Hershberger's work.
Full Text of Article:

Agreeable to notice Hershberger's "Panorama of the Invasion of Pennsylvania and Burning of Chambersburg" was exhibited in the German Reformed church in this place, on Saturday evening last, to a large and appreciative audience. Without intending to draw invidious comparisons between Major Hershberger's paintings and those of other artists whose productions have become historical, we will endeavor to particularize:

"Gen. Stewart crossing the Potomac," is grand beyond description. True, it represents only twelve or fifteen cavalrymen; but then the "trimmings" make up for the woeful deficiency of sabres, horseflesh, et. cetera. Considering that the crossing took place in the early part of October, the representation of the trees, other than pine, along the river bank, in bright green foliage, is true to nature--on the supposition that Nature accommodated herself to the occasion.

The "Burning of Chambersburg" is represented in four different views, giving the principal streets on fire. The scenes represent the conflagration after it had fairly got under headway, but before the heat had driven the people out of the streets; yet all is as quiet as a well-ordered Presbyterian village on a sabbath afternoon. Not more than a half dozen Rebels and a score of citizens are visible in a population of probably 3,000 excited and almost frantic people. We are willing to concede to the people of Chambersburg a full share of composure and self-possession, on all occasions, but seriously doubt whether the gentleman represented standing with his hands in his breeches pockets on the pavement in front of the Bank building was the disinterested spectator he appears to be. As a picture of Goldsmith's "Deserted village" on fire, the views would, probably, be correct--as the "Burning of Chambersburg," we think a regiment or two of terribly excited men in the foreground, would give it more of the real. But we weren't at the fire; we merely guess.

But the grandeur of all the other scenes pales before that of "The Harvest of Death." This exquisite poetical conception allegorically blended with the sad realities of the great battle field of the war, is produced upon canvass so truthfully that the audience at once realize, with painful intensity, all the horrors and carnage incident to a mighty conflict of arms.

The scene chosen by the artist for realization of the full fruition of his poetical and historical conceptions is a level plain near the National cemetery, whereon during the second day's fight, the hosts of Gen. Longstreet were so sorely repulsed by the Union army. That truly was a "harvest of death;" and the wheatfields over which the contending armies swayed that sultry July afternoon, that evening gave sepulchre to thousands of dead. All this is represented by a field, upon which are visible nine dead soldiers and a broken caisson.

(Column 04)
Summary: Dr. J. Benedict of Peters and Miss E. A. Reed of New Franklin were married on March 10th by the Rev. J. Keller Miller at the residence of Mr. M. Reed.
(Names in announcement: Dr. J. Benedict, E. A. Reed, Rev. J. Keller Miller, M. Reed)
(Column 04)
Summary: David Gamble and Miss Mary Shearer, both of Spring Run, were married on March 12th by the Rev. William A. West.
(Column 04)
Summary: Mary Bird Culbertson, wife of John P. Culbertson, died in Chambersburg on March 14th. She was 22 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mary Bird Culbertson, John P. Culbertson)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mrs. Jane Henry died on February 29th in Spring Run. She was 64 years old.
(Names in announcement: Jane Henry)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mrs. Mary Fleming died near Dry Run on March 3rd. She was 81 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mary Fleming)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mr. Joseph Whitmore died after an illness of four years in his residence in Antrim on March 8th. He was 70 years old.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Whitmore)
(Column 04)
Summary: David Keller died near the Grindstone Hill Church on March 11th. He was 66 years old.
(Names in announcement: David Keller)

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