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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: April 22, 1868

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(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that the counsel for President Johnson has rested its case. The editors refuse to speculate, but reiterate their conviction that Johnson has done nothing to warrant conviction. The paper claims that the public is much troubled and worried by the suspense.
Pompey Smash--X--His Mark
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper ridicules the African Americans who participated in the Virginia Constitutional Convention. The editors assert that only the president and secretary of the convention had to sign the document because "very few of the niggers who helped to make that instrument were able to sign it, because very few of them knew how to write their names."
Getting Scared
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper asserts that the Radicals fear the outcome of the impeachment trial.
Sambo Puts Down his Heel
(Column 04)
Summary: A racist article on General Schofield's supposed preferable treatment towards blacks over whites in Virginia. Tells about the Virginia Convention, Schofield's recommendation against an iron clad oath, and his inactivity after the Convention passes an iron clad oath. Also tells the tale of Dan Rice's "Sacred Cow" as a metaphor for the situation.
Full Text of Article:

Gen. Schofield can do pretty much as he pleases with the white men of "District Number One," formerly known as Virginia, but he can't make headway against the niggers. He says to Gov. Pierpoint, "go, and he goeth;" but when he says the same thing to a nigger, the "American citizen of African descent" puts down his heel and refuses to move a peg.

The General addressed the Virginia Convention on Friday last in opposition to the "iron clad oath." He said his experience had taught him that it would be impossible to carry on the State Government with such a test, and he thought that as a party measure it would be fatal to the new Constitution. When he left the Convention, an effort was made to reconsider the oath, but this was refused by a vote of 32 against 26.

If this were a body of white men, we have no doubt that Gen. Schofield would send a squad of soldiers into the hall in which it sits and disperse it for venturing to disregard his wishes. But Sambo, like Dan Rice's "Sacred Cow," is altogether too sacred or too dangerous an animal to be trifled with. The "Sacred Cow," it will be remembered, deeming her sacred character insulted by something that Dan did or said on one occasion, elevated her tail and lowered her horns, and then quickly reversing the position of both, tossed Dan out of the ring, doing considerable damage to his "tights."--If Gen. Schofield should undertake to treat this Convention as he treated the white Governor, Sambo would butt him out of "District Number One" before the sun had time to go down on his wrath.

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Temperance Lecture
(Column 01)
Summary: N. W. Pratt of Philadelphia, Grand Worthy Patriarch of the Sons of Temperance, will deliver a lecture at the Court House.
(Names in announcement: N. W. Pratt)
Bible Society
(Column 01)
Summary: The Presbyterian Church will host the anniversary celebration of the Franklin County Bible Society. The Rev. J. Agnew Crawford will give the address.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Agnew Crawford)
A Rail Road Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: A meeting will be held to discuss connecting Chambersburg and Waynesboro by rail. The paper urges all businessmen to attend, and stresses the importance of securing Chambersburg as the hub. "The section of country which it is proposed to thus open for our benefit is exceedingly fertile and productive. It is the richest portion of our country." Failure would risk cutting Chambersburg off from the lower portion of Franklin County. Col. George P. Wiestling will address the meeting.
(Names in announcement: George P. Wiestling)
Court Proceedings
(Column 01)
Summary: Summary of county court proceedings.
(Names in announcement: Rowe, King, Irving McDowell, Daniel Raffensberger, Kimmell, Sharpe, Stenger, P. D. Ostrander, Duncan, Isaac Wright, Stewart, Patrick Conner, Brewer, James Turpin, Mary Beasly, Eyster, John Lane, Jacob Myers, McCauley, William Furley, Susannah Furley, Caroline Furley, Virginia Shatzer, Rebecca Grove, Lydia Grove, Allen Ward, Upton Ward, Jane Duncason, Michael L. Diehl, John Schlosser, Francis Bowden, Samuel C. Seylar, S. D. Kell, William Weicht, William Flory, Cornelius Vincent, David Snyder, Hanson Horner, Michael Cressler, George L. Maxwell, Jacob Spoonhour, Peter Sewell, Elizabeth Sewell, Elias Brumbaugh, Samuel Berger, David Smith, John Bray, Thomas Attlesperger, Henry Bartle, Lewis Etter, Josephine Franklin, Joseph Miller, R. W. Ramsay, Caroline Stoops, John Lane, James H. Kaufman, Jacob Strealy, E. J. Wallace, Caroline Jackson, David Bergenstock, A. J. Sultzer, Jacob Flory, Samuel Ellis, Samuel Frederick, Charles W. Eyster, Christian S. Eyster, Jacob Oyster, James L. Black, Christian Stouffer, Bonbrake, Douglas, McCaulay, William McNulty, Benjamin Bert, James Anderson, J. Kauffman, M'Gowan, Levi Young, Isaac Miller, James H. M. M'Gaughey, Nancy J. Horner, R. C. Horner, L. B. Kurtz, D. O. Gehr, Levi Sanders, Rutledge, Perry, William C. McNulty, A. McElwain)
Full Text of Article:

Court is still in session, Judge Rowe presiding since Wednesday last, owing to the absence of Judge King, who is expected to resume his seat on the Bench to-day. The following cases have been disposed of since our last report:

Com. vs. Irving McDowell. Disturbing Singing School. Daniel Raffensberger Prosecutor. Verdict Guilty--Motion for a new trial filed. Stenger and Kimmell for Com; Sharpe for Def't.

Com. vs. P. D. Ostrander. Passing counterfeit money. David Hoover Prosecutor. Verdict Not Guilty. Stenger for Com; Duncan for Def't. The Dist. Att'y asked the Court to recommit this Defendant for trial at the next term, upon another bill found by the Grand Jury, charging him with having a large quantity of counterfeit money in his possession with intent to pass the same. In default of $600 bail, the Defendant was recommitted.

Com. vs. Isaac Wright. The indictment contains three counts--the first charging Def't with setting fire to a Stable on the "Poor House Farm"--the second with attempting to set fire to said Stable--the third with setting fire to a wood-pile on the same premises. Verdict Not Guilty on all three counts, but Guilty of an attempt to set fire to the wood pile. Sentenced 6 months to county jail. Stenger for Com; Stewart for Def't.

Com. vs. Patrick Conner. Larceny of a suit of clothing, the property of Charles Wright. Defendant pleaded guilty. Sentenced to 2 months imprisonment in the county jail. Stenger for Com.; Sharpe and Brewer for Defendant.

Com. vs. James Turpin. Surety of the Peace. Mary Beasly, Pros'x. Case dismissed and the Prosecutrix sentenced to pay the costs. Stenger for Com.; Eyster for Defendant.

Com. vs. John Lane. Surety of the Peace. Jacob Myers Prosecutor. Case dismissed and Defendant sentenced to pay costs. Stenger for Com.; McCauley for Defendant.

Com. vs. William Furley, Susannah Furley, Caroline Furley, and Virginia Shatzer. Assault and Battery on Rebecca Grove, Daughter of Lydia Grove the Prosecutrix. Verdict not guilty but Susannah Furley and Caroline Furley to pay one-half the costs and the Prosecutrix the other half. Stenger for Com.; Kimmell for Defendant.

Com. vs Allen Ward, Upton Ward and Jane Dunesson. Disturbing Singing School at Pine Grove School House in Hamilton Township. Michael L. Diehl Prosecutor. Verdict not guilty, but Upton Ward to pay one-half the costs, and the Prosecutor the other half. Stenger and Sharpe for Com.; Kimmell for Defendants.

Bills Ignored

Com. vs John Schlosser; Com. vs Francis Bowden; Com. vs Samuel C. Seylar; Com. vs S. D. Kell; Com. vs William Weicht; Com. vs William Flory; Com. vs Cornelius Vincent; Com. vs David Snyder.

Cases in which a nolle prosequi was entered.

Com. vs Hanson Horner; Com. vs Michael Cressler; Com. vs George L. Maxwell; Com. vs Jacob Spoonhour; Com. vs Peter Sewell and Elizabeth Sewell; Com. vs Elias Brumbaugh and Samuel Berger; Com. vs David Smith; Com. vs John Bray; Com. vs Thomas Attlesperger; Com. vs Henry Bartle; Com. vs Lewis Etter; Com. vs Josephine Franklin; Com. vs Joseph Miller; Com. vs R. W. Ramsay; Com. vs Caroline Stoops; Com. vs John Lane; Com. vs James R. Kaufman; Com. vs Jacob Streely; Com. vs E. J. Wallace; Com. vs Caroline Jackson; Com. vs David Bergenstock, et al.; Com. vs A. J. Sultzer; Com. vs Jacob Flory.

In the case of the Com. vs Samuel Ellis, the Defendant was discharged after bill found, owing to the Prosecutor not appearing. Several cases were continued to the August Sessions. The Court finished the criminal business on Thursday at noon, and in the afternoon began the trial of civil causes.

Common Pleas, First Week.

Samuel Frederick's Executor vs. Chas. W. Eyster and Christian S. Eyster, Executors of Jacob Oyster, dec'd., with notice to the widow, and Heirs and Legatees of said deceased, and also notice to Chambersburg Woolen Manufacturing Co., James L. Black, Christian Stouffer, terre tenants.--Scire Facias Sur judgement No. 210, August Term 1867. Verdict for Plff. for $1188.08 with int. from Nov. 9, 1867. Eyster and Bonbrake for Plff.; Kimmell, Sharpe, Douglas and McCaulay for Defendants.

William McNulty, use of Benjamin Bert, vs James Anderson. Appeal by Def't from judgement of J. Kauffman, Justices.--Judgement confessed by Def't in favor of Plff. for $28 and costs. Kimmell for Plff.; M'Gowan for Deft.

Levi Young vs. Isaac Miller. Foreign Attachment. Judgement confessed by Deft. in favor of Plff. for $35 and costs. Joseph Douglas for Plff.; Reily for Deft.

James H. M'Gaughey vs Nancy J. Horner, Ext'rx of R. C. Horner. Summons in assumpsit. Verdict for Plff. for $235. Kimmell for Plff.; Stenger for Deft.

L. B. Kurtz, now for the use of D. O. Gehr, vs Levi Sanders. Summons in Assumpsit. Verdict for Plaintiff for $2756.25.

Rutledge, Perry & Co. vs Wm. C. McNulty. Appeal by Deft. from judgement of A. McElwain, Justice. Judgement confessed for $62.11. McGowan for Plff.; Douglas for Defendant.

(Column 05)
Summary: William Bleske, of Cumberland County, and Miss Mary A. Kendig, of Orrstown, were married on April 6th by Elder W. L. Jones.
(Names in announcement: William Bleske, Mary A. Kendig, Elder W. L. Jones)
(Column 05)
Summary: Nathaniel Barney died in Letterkenny on February 25th. He was 77 years old.
(Names in announcement: Nathaniel Barney)

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