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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: February 10, 1869

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To Young Men
(Column 07)
Summary: The article denounces young men "who make night hideous with their drunken brawling."

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Virginia and the Carolinas--No. 7
(Column 01)
Summary: Ongoing account of a trip through Virginia and the Carolinas.
The National Life Insurance Company
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper praises the establishment of the National Life Insurance Company that promises to make insurance available to many Americans, including those less well-off, at affordable prices.
State Temperance Convention
(Column 03)
Summary: Reports on the activities and resolutions of the State Temperance Convention, lists the main people involved in it. Points out specifically John Cessna's involvement, especially since he pledged not to advocate temperance during the election. Claims Cessna cannot be trusted since he deserts parties at will.
(Names in announcement: Dan Trostle, John Fisher, John Adams, Francis Bowden, Charles Ridgely, John Hassler, E. S. Shank, John T. Stull, Thomas McAfee, Charles G. Lowe, John Cessna)
Full Text of Article:

A general desire having been expressed, by friends of Temperance, for a State Temperance Convention, for consultation and harmony of action in the effort to lessen the evils resulting from the use of, and traffic in, intoxicating liquors in Pennsylvania, the undersigned earnestly and cordially invite all interested in the cause of Temperance to meet in State Convention, in the Court House in Harrisburg, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of February, 1869, at ten o'clock, A.M.

The past year has witnessed greater and made successful efforts in public instruction, by the Church and Temperance Societies, in the religious, social, moral, political and economic relations of the Temperance Question, than during many years past,--but, alas! the heavy and unjust taxes imposed by our drinking customs and the insatiable liquor trade--he sad wail of anguish from hopeless hearts--the violent and premature deaths--the broken fortunes and reputations--our crowded prisons, alms-houses and benevolent institutions--the open, persistent violation of the laws of the Commonwealth, and setting at naught of the American Sabbath of our fathers, by those engaged in liquor selling and liquor drinking, admonish as how much remains to be done, and the need of counsel and concerted effort for the future.

The Liquor dealers have organized for the purpose of controlling political action in the future as in the past, and to make "party" the shield and defender of their trade--boldly declaring they will make the continuance of the liquor license system a political issue; and that they "will sustain no candidate of whatever party, in any election, who is in any way disposed toward the total abstinence cause." The Sixth National Temperance Convention, which met at Cleveland, Ohio, July 29th and 30th, 1868, carefully considering the duty of Temperance Voters to the question thus raised, unanimously.

Resolved: That Temperance, having its political as well as moral aspects and duties demands the persistent use of the ballot for its promotion; and the Convention urge the friends of the cause to refuse to vote for any candidate who denies the application of the just powers of civil government to the suppression of the liquor traffic, and exhort the friends of Temperance, by every practical method, in their several localities, to secure righteous political action for the advancement of the cause."

It therefore has become the duty of Pennsylvania's Temperance Voters to determine the position they will take in this advanced step in the progress of the Temperance reform.

We do earnestly call upon all Churches, Sunday Schools, Colleges, Divisions of Sons of Temperance, Lodges of Good Templars, Temples of Honor and Temperance, and all Temperance Societies of whatever name, to send their ablest and best men and wise men as delegates to this Convention. We also ask that public and private prayer be constantly offered to Almighty God that His presence and blessing may be with the Convention, and for the success of the cause it meets to promote.

A Public Prayer Meeting will be held in the Court House from 10 to 11 o'clock, A.M., preceding the Convention.

ALBERT BARNES, D. D., Philadelphia.
REV. MATTHEW SIMPSON, D. D., Bishop M. E. Church.
JAMES POLLOCK, Ex-Governor of Pennsylvania.
LEMUEL MOSS, D. D., Editor, National Baptist.
E. R. BEADLE, D. D., Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.
ALEXANDER REED, D. D., Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, Phil'a.
GEN'L LOUIS WAGNER, Philadelphia.
JOHN SHALLCROSS, G. W. P. Grand Division S. of T., of Pa.
SIMEON B. CHASE, G. W. C. T., I. O. of Good Templars, Pa.
JAMES BLACK, President of Pennsylvania State Temperance Union.
GEORGE GABEL, G. W. T. Temple of H. and T. of Pa.
PROF. WILLIAM S. WYERS, Boarding School, Westchester, Pa.
A. K. BELL, D. D., Alleghany City Baptist Church.
COLIN M. REED. ESQ., Washington, Washington County, Pa.
WILLIAM J. MULLEN. ESQ., Prison Agent, Philadelphia.
JACOB WISMER, ESQ., Springville, Chester County, Pa.
JOHN S. MANN, ESQ., Coudersport, Potter County, Pa.
LUTHER S. KAUFFMAN, Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pa.

The foregoing call for a State Temperance Convention has been sent all over the State, in the form of a circular letter, with a note requesting editors to publish it in full or give the substance of it. We have concluded to give it in full for the information of the public, and for the special benefit of the distillers, liquor dealers and hotel and restaurant keepers who voted for John Cessna. Of course it will not escape their observation that the name of the Honorable John is signed to the call. We told them during the late campaign that Cessna was the "Temperance candidate," but we must admit that we did not expect he would take such an early occasion after the election to enter upon a temperance crusade. His success has made him unusually bold.

This call, it will be observed, quotes a resolution adopted by the National Temperance Convention which met in Cleveland on the 29th and 30th of July last, and of which John Cessna was Temporary President. That resolution declares that Temperance "has its political as well as moral aspects and duties," and that it "demands the persistent use of the ballot for its promotion," and "the Convention urge the friends of the cause to refuse to vote for any candidate who denies the application of the just powers of civil government to the suppression of the liquor traffic."

This was the platform laid down by the Temperance Convention over which Cessna temporarily presided at Cleveland, but that foxy politician kept it out of sight during his candidacy for Congress. He did not tell Dan. Trostle, John Fisher, John Adams, Francis Bowden, Charles Ridgely, John Hassler, E. S. Shank, John T. Stull, Thomas McAfee, Charles G. Lowe, and others of his Republican friends in this district who are engaged in the liquor traffic, that he had pledged himself not to vote for them if they should become candidates. But the election being over, he does not hesitate to sign his name to a paper which declares that it "has become the duty of Pennsylvania's Temperance voters" to make an assault on the liquor dealers and if possible ruin their business and destroy the value of their property.

John Cessna does not care a pinch of snuff for the Republican party. He will desert it, as he did the Democratic party, if he finds it his interest to do so. If he can climb higher by organizing and leading a Temperance party, he will do it. His future political connections will depend upon the success of the movement to establish a Temperance party. If a Temperance party strong enough to exercise a controlling influence in the politics of Pennsylvania can be built up, he will desert his present political associates and denounce them as foully as he now denounces his former political friends in the Democratic party.

-Page 03-

(Column 01)
Summary: John R. Orr, chairman of the Franklin Democratic Party, calls a meeting of the County Committee.
(Names in announcement: John R. Orr, Joseph S. Loose, H. M. White, D. K. Wunderlich, James L. Reily, Alex Martin, James H. Little, Martin Hammond, Sol Shively, Joseph C. Clugston, Daniel Palmer, Abraham Hafer, Jacob Wistar, Joseph Gilmore, John W. DeHaven, John S. Nimmon, A. R. Rhea, H. G. Skiles, A. J. Unger, George W. M'Cleary, W. W. Kuhn, Simon Bitner, Daniel Stake, D. B. Tenley, George W. Welsh, Jacob Elliott)
Court Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Continues its coverage of the county court cases and its verdicts.
(Names in announcement: Judge Rowe, Nicholas Bonebrake, Lewis Hollinger, John Hollinger, John S. Oiler, Sharpe, J. Wyeth Douglas, Joe Douglas, Kimmell, John A. Grove, John R. Turner, Kennedy, McLellan, Stewart, Stenger, John W. Barr, Christiana M. Barr, David Greenawalt, John Daley, Jacob F. Shaffer, Samuel G. Hollinger, Abraham Eshelman, James Shenabrook, Jacob F. Shaffer, Emma C. Embick, John Embick, Henry Myers)
Full Text of Article:

His Honor, Judge Rowe presiding.

Nicholas Bonebrake, Guardian of Lewis Hollinger, minor son of John Hollinger, dec'd vs. John S. Oiler, Adm'r of John Hollinger, dec'd. Verdict for Plaintiff. Sharpe, J. Wyeth Douglas and Joe. Douglas for Plff; Kimmell, Adams and Bonebrake for Deft.

John A. Grove vs. the Bank of Chambersburg, owner; John R. Turner, Contractor. Sci. Fu. sur Mechanics lien. Verdict for Plaintiff for $385. Kennedy and Sharpe for Plff.; Kimmell, McLellan and Stewart for Defts.

P.A. Ahl & Bro vs. Jeremiah Monn. Summons in Assumpsit. Verdict for Plffs. for $250. Motion for new trial filed. Stewart and Stenger for Plffs.; Kimmell and Sharpe for Deft.

John W. Barr and Christiana M. Barr his wife, in right of said Chrisitana vs. David Greenawalt. Summons debt on note for $2275. Verdict for Deft. Kimmell and Stenger for Plffs.; McGowan and Sharpe for Deft.

John Daley vs. Jacob F. Shaffer and Samuel G. Hollinger, Executor of Abraham Eshelman, deceased. Summons in Debt against Defendants as sureties on a note for James Shenabrook. Verdict for Deft. Eshelman, Executor, and against Jacob F. Shaffer for $48 with interest from Feb. 28, 1866. McGowan and Cook for Plff.; Adams for Defts.

Emma C. Embick by her next friend John Embick vs. Henry Myers. Capias in case. Verdict for Plff. for $131. Kimmell and Sharpe for Plff.; Cook and McGowan for Deft.

The Court continued in session until Saturday evening and then adjourned until the ringing of the bell to receive the verdict of the jury in the last case. The jury agreed about one o'clock on Sunday morning.

(Column 04)
Summary: Philip James Pills and Miss Zarah Jane Burk, both of Dry Run, were married on January 31st by the Rev. William A. West.
(Names in announcement: Philip James Pills, Zarah Jane Burk, Rev. William A. West)
(Column 04)
Summary: Jacob Baker and Miss Louisa Reifsnider, both of Franklin, were married at the Montgomery Hotel on February 9th by the Rev. James M. Bishop.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Baker, Louisa Reifsnider, Rev. James M. Bishop)
(Column 04)
Summary: Clara Emma Wingert, daughter of L. W. and Prudence Wingert, died in Chambersburg on February 7th. She was 6 months old.
(Names in announcement: Clara Emma Wingert, L. W. Wingert, Prudence Wingert)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mrs. Mary J. Zueh, wife of Abram B. Zueh, died on January 23rd. She was 43 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mary J. Zueh, Abram B. Zueh)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mary Wingard died on February 1st. She was 45 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mary Wingard)

-Page 04-