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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 11, 1869

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The Radical Platform
(Column 01)
Summary: The Spirit denounces the platform of county Republicans that openly supports the 15th amendment that would guarantee voting rights to African Americans.
Radical County Convention
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper ridicules the ticket chosen at the Republican County Convention as "one of the weakest tickets ever presented to the people of Franklin County."

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Camp Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: The United Brethren are holding a camp meeting on the grounds of John Yaukey.
(Names in announcement: John Yaukey)
Circus and Menagerie
(Column 02)
Summary: John Robinson's Circus and Menagerie will perform in Chambersburg on August 18th. The circus will boast one of the largest collection of exotic animals ever displayed in town. Acrobatic and equestrian performances along with a Female Lion Enchantress should also draw large crowds.
Franklin County Horticultural Society
(Column 02)
Summary: The Franklin County Horticultural Society met and discussed, among other things, merging with a national organization.
(Names in announcement: Rev. L. S. Gotwald, D. W. Rowe, Col. F. S. Stumbaugh, Hastings Gehr, Charles F. Miller, Jenkins, S. W. Sollenberger, Guthrie, Ryder, Schofield, J. P. Keefer)
Proceeding of Court
(Column 03)
Summary: Proceedings of the Franklin County Court.
(Names in announcement: Judge Rowe, Judge King, Samuel Seylar, Moses Cager, John Swingler, Andrew Meads, Martin Scott, Susan Plowden, Benjamin Plowden, Richard Ramsay, Matthew Sharp, Henry Hoppenstall, Samuel Bowermaster, William Gothard, William Byers, Robert Harris, Dr. John Montgomery, Branton Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Andrew Meads, John Diggs, James Hunter, John Huber, John Shatzer, John P. Rice, John Swingler, John Bowers, James Barnes, George Brunar, Robert Stoner, A. J. McCurdy, John B. Guyer, Elizabeth Banks, William McCane, Vincent Smith, John Lininger, Cyrus Kelly, Hugh B. Blair, John Allison)
Full Text of Article:

Court convened on Monday morning at half past ten o'clock, His Honor Judge Rowe presiding. In the forenoon, the Grand Jury was sworn and the Constables made their returns. In the afternoon at half past one, His Honor, Judge King took his seat upon the Bench and after the motions of Counsel were heard, the case of Com. vs. Samuel Seylar was called. The prosecutor not appearing and no witness being in attendance, a verdict of not guilty was rendered.

Surety of the Peace classes were disposed of.

Com. vs. Moses Cager, wherein John Swingler was prosecutor was heard and the def. was sentenced to pay costs.

Com. vs. Andrew Meads was dismissed and the prosecutor Martin Scott ordered to pay costs.

The [unclear] of Susan Plowden [line unclear] forfeited for their non-appearance.

The case of Com. vs. Benj. Plowden, Surety of the Peace, was dismissed and the prosecutor, Richard Ramsay, ordered to pay costs.

Com. vs. Matthew Sharp, charged with Fornication and Bastardy, was called and def't pleaded guilty. Sentence deferred until Tuesday of next week.

Com. vs. William [unclear] was tried. The def't., in connection with Henry Hoppenstall, Samuel Bowermaster and William Gothard was indicted for Riot and a most brutal Assault and Battery upon William Byers, of St. Thomas township, in February last. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to 30 days imprisonment.

Com. vs. Robert Harris, charged with stealing Dr. John Montgomery's horse. Defence drunkenness. Verdict not guilty.

Com. vs. Branton Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Andrew Meads, John Diggs and James Hunter, charged with conspiracy to extort money from Mr. John Huber. On trial.

Bills ignored--Com. vs. John Shatzer and John P. Rice, prosecutor to pay costs.

Com. vs. John P. Rice and John Shatzer, prosecutor to pay costs.

Com. vs. John Swingler, and county to pay costs.

Com. vs. John Bowers, and county to pay costs.

Com. vs. James Barnes, prosecutor to pay costs.

Com. vs. George Brunar and Robert Stoner, prosecutor to pay costs.

Cases in which a Nolle Prosequi was entered,--Com. vs. A. J. McCurdy.

Com. vs. John B. Guyer.

Com. vs. Elizabeth Banks.

Com. vs. Wm. McCane.

Com. vs. same

Com. vs. Vincent Smith.

Com. vs. John Lininger.

Com. vs. Cyrus Kelly.

Com. vs. Hugh B. Blair.

Com. vs. John Allison.

A Card
(Column 04)
Summary: The Chambersburg Cornet Band thanks the people of the borough for their support. They also thank Prof. Shumaker for use of the Academy grounds and the Misses Chambers for the use of the Rosedale Grounds. The band hopes to be a source of entertainment, pleasure, and charity for some time to come.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Shumaker, Ms. Chambers, F. J. Keller)

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