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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: October 13, 1869

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Conservative Citizens of Franklin County!
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports on the early returns, which appear to indicate a large majority for Democrats in Franklin county. Congratulates all Democrats for their victory against great odds.
Full Text of Article:

You have fought a good fight and won a grand victory. From the returns sent in, up to the time that we go to press, the Democracy have swept the County by three hundred majority. Your whole County ticket is elected by handsome majorities. Your candidates for the Assembly have both been triumphantly elected, and you have thus given an emphatic expression of your opinions on the question of negro suffrage and negro equality. You have declared in favor of the repeal of the resolution ratifying the infamous fifteenth amendment. In spite of treachery in a certain quarter, from which it should have been least expected, the Democratic candidate for Assembly from this County most likely leads the whole ticket.

You have filled the Court House with Democratic officials.

You have made a complete Board of Democratic Directors of the Poor, thus rebuking the terrible extravagance which has characterized Radical control of the Poor House.

In this result, all conservative men will rejoice. For many years, the Democracy have been fighting valiantly against odds, pursued by malignant enemies who coined and circulated the basest falsehoods in relation to their candidates, and who, in addition, poured out money like water to accomplish their ends.

The people have spoken now with emphasis, and have given a larger Democratic majority for the Democratic State ticket in the County than has been given for thirty years.

A party that has thus struggled against obstacles like those with which you have contended may well feel proud of the victory which you have so gloriously achieved. The tide so long against you, has at last turned in your favor, and you may now safely expect to reap the fruits of faithful service to the Democratic cause, and earnest devotion to the time-honored principles of the Democratic organization.

We congratulate you on your triumph and share with you in your joy.

Franklin County Election. Democracy Triumphant
(Column 05)
Summary: Lists the returns of the election up to this point, includes returns from previous elections for comparison.
Full Text of Article:

The returns as far as received we give below. The election of the whole Democratic County ticket is certain. Packer's majority in the County will likely reach three hundred, and may perhaps exceed it.

Districts. Geary, 1866 Clymer, 1866 Hartranft, 1868 Boyle, 1868 Rep. Maj., 1869 Dem. Maj., 1869 Antrim 545 521 570 517 24 Chambersburg, N.W. 379 216 400 253 71 Chambersburg, S.W. 297 275 285 281 15 Concord 29 106 30 108 -- -- Dry Run 121 99 117 118 -- -- Fayetteville 234 224 252 235 7 Greenvillage 215 112 213 113 69 Guilford 207 224 220 212 28 Hamilton 128 173 128 186 70 Letterkenny 163 249 173 240 -- -- Lurgan 112 147 99 153 -- -- Loudon 93 113 95 131 -- -- Metal 166 96 146 120 -- -- Montgomery 249 181 243 194 32 Orrstown 80 149 88 150 63 Peters 175 52 169 73 68 Quincy 247 365 258 323 88 Southampton 69 82 60 86 25 Sulphur Spring 34 41 32 42 -- -- St. Thomas 167 227 166 225 73 Washington 351 279 387 309 30 Warren 51 66 59 61 -- -- Welsh Run 134 178 141 148 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4299 4106 4321 4278 -- -- 4106 4278 -- -- Majorities 193 43

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Mt. Alto Railroad
(Column 01)
Summary: Mr. A. Winton, a Civil Engineer, is in Franklin surveying the best route for a railroad between Chambersburg and Mt. Alto.
Democratic Meetings
(Column 02)
Summary: A Democratic campaign meeting was held in Funkstown and addressed by C. M. Duncan and Capt. George W. Skinner. Another was held in Fayetteville and addressed by F. M. Kimmell and Capt. George W. Skinner.
(Names in announcement: C. M. Duncan, Capt. George W. Skinner, F. M. Kimmell)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The Franklin County Horticultural Society met and inducted new members. It now numbers 60 people. An invitation to join was extended to the ladies of Chambersburg.
(Names in announcement: Joseph G. Cressler, John E. Shively, M. E. Batton, C. N. Cressler, Solomon Shively, William Dios, I. H. Keefer, S. N. Sollenberger, Daniel Herman, Jacob Eberly, W. A. Hazelet, John Huber, Dr. J. McLanahan, D. K. Wunderlich, Adam F. Smith, Robert Mahon, B. Y. Hamsher, Jacob Henninger, John B. Davison, J. W. Douglas, H. B. Davison, William Tolbert, Dr. E. Culbertson, Frank Henderson)
(Column 04)
Summary: Samuel Kessler of Franklin and Miss Elizabeth Bender of Shippensburg were married on September 30th by the Rev. Eckerman.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Kessler, Elizabeth Bender, Rev. Eckerman)
(Column 04)
Summary: Lewis Bruner died in Fayetteville on October 9th. He was 67 years old.
(Names in announcement: Lewis Bruner)
(Column 04)
Summary: Miss Ellie R. Beale, formerly of Mercersburg, died in Cape Girardeau on September 21st.
(Names in announcement: Ellie R. Beale)

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