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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: October 27, 1869

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Border County Damages
(Column 01)
Summary: Makes another complaint about the refusal of the State and National governments to compensate border counties for losses incurred during the war. Blames Republicans for this, claims Democrats would speedily provide relief if they were in power.
Full Text of Article:

The people of York, Adams, Franklin, Cumberland, Fulton and Bedford counties suffered greatly from the depredations of the enemy during the late rebellion. They have always entertained a hope that the losses they sustained would some day be made good by the National or the State government. The application made in their behalf to Congress received no consideration from that body, but this did not lead them to abandon all hope that their just claim to indemnification would finally be allowed.--As the inaction of Congress weakened the hope they had entertained that the National government would come to their relief, their faith grew stronger that the State would do something for them. The Border Counties were the break-water against which the waves of the rebellion had expended their fury. Behind them the balance of the State had reposed in safety. Every consideration of justice and of gratitude seemed to furnish a guarantee that the three millions of people who had escaped the ravages of the invading foe, would offer to make good the losses of the few thousands upon whom that foe had expended his fury. But though more than seven years have elapsed since the first depredations were committed and it will soon be five years since the war was brought to a close, no relief has been given to these plundered people, except the half million dollars appropriated to the Chambersburg sufferers.

If our National and State governments had been pinched for funds, and if those who administer them had been making a struggle to relieve the people from taxation, there might be some excuse for the failure to do justice to the Border Counties. But it is well known that Congress appropriated from ten to fifteen million dollars a year, for several years in succession, to feed and clothe Southern negroes who were abundantly able to work and maintain themselves, and it is equally well known that the State Treasurer of Pennsylvania has kept from one to two millions on hand all the time, for the exclusive benefit of the "treasury ring" of which he is the central figure.

If this "treasury ring" had not been in existence, the appropriation to Chambersburg would have been a million instead of only half that amount.

Now, who are responsible for the denial of justice to the Border Counties? The answer is plain. The Republicans have been in power in every branch of the State and National governments. They could at any time have given us compensation for these losses. They had full and complete command of the means, and all they lacked was the disposition. Generally speaking, "where there is a will there is a way." In this case the way was clear enough, but the will did not exist.

We presume the claims of the Border Counties will again be presented to the State Legislature at its next session. What probability is there that the Republican majority in that body will take them into favorable consideration? Suppose a few prominent Republicans go from this section to Harrisburg, to importune their political friends in the Legislature to make an appropriation for the benefit of the border sufferers--what answer will they be likely to get? Will not Senators and Representatives from the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of the State say to them: "Gentlemen, we suppose you are not in earnest about this matter. We take it for granted you are only playing off on the people of your section.--John W. Geary has been Governor of this Commonwealth for the last three years.--During all this period he has never said one word in favor of compensating the border sufferers, either in his official communications to the Legislature or in private conversation with any of its members. He was a candidate for re-election last October. You and the Republicans of the Border Counties, whose interests you pretend to represent here, voted for him. Actions speak louder than words. Your votes weigh heavier than anything you can say to us. For three years Gov. Geary has persistently refused to endorse these border claims, and yet the Republicans of the Border Counties have voted for him. We interpret your real desires from your votes, and we will stand by Gov. Geary in opposition to your claims. We are thankful for the support you have given us. Without the twenty thousand Republican voters of the Border Counties we should have been badly beaten. Go home and continue to humbug them. You will have another chance next fall. Like Governor Geary, Congressman Cessna has not crooked a finger in favor of your border claims. He will be a candidate for re-election. A few of our friends may be disposed to inquire why he has not brought your claims before Congress. Your ingenuity in glazing over the matter in Governor Geary's case gives us great confidence that you will succeed in covering Cessna's tracks. Go home, gentlemen, and take with you the blessings of the treasury ring."

What reply could a Border County Republican make to a speech like this? There stands the fact that Geary has never opened his mouth in favor of the suffering people of the Border Counties, and there also stands the facts that the Republicans of those counties voted for him only two weeks ago. Have not the people of other parts of the State a right to infer that those who have so voted do not desire compensation for their losses? We must admit that the inference would be a fair one, and we have serious apprehensions that it will be drawn.

We allude to this matter after the election, in a time of perfect freedom from political excitement in the hope that the Republicans of the Border Counties will look at it in its true light. With scarcely an exception, the Democrats in the Legislature have been favorable to the payment of these claims. With few exceptions, the Republicans in that body have been against their payment. At the last session, there was a solid Democratic vote in the Senate in favor of Duncan's motion to print the report of the Damage Commissioners, and a solid Republican vote against it. We are thoroughly convinced that unless the Republicans of the Border Counties lay aside their political prejudices for a season and vote as their interests demand, payment of the Border Damages never will be obtained. They must make their political friends in other parts of the State feel> the danger they incur by denying the just demands of the plundered people of the Border Counties. Unfortunately the favorable opportunity presented by the late election was not improved as it should have been, and this important matter is enveloped in the thick fog of the future. With Asa Packer in the Governor's chair and a Democratic majority in the Legislature, relief would speedily have come to our long-suffering people. With Geary and a Republican majority, what promise does the future hold out when viewed in the light of the past?

It is time for the Republicans of this section to take a decided stand in this matter? What will they do? Can any of their organs inform us?

The Gold Gamblers
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper demands explanations from President Grant regarding charges that he had been involved in gold speculation.
Pennsylvania Election. The Full Official Vote
(Column 05)
Summary: Results of the election in Pennsylvania. In the gubernatorial election, Franklin cast 4006 votes for the Democrat, Packer, and 3698 for the Republican, Geary. In election for Supreme Judge, Franklin cast 3974 votes for Democrat Pershing and 3707 for the Republican Williams. Statewide, Geary won 290,552 to Packer's 285,956 and Williams won 291,278 to Pershing's 282,575. In elections for legislature, Franklin recorded 4157 votes for George W. Skinner; 3950 for D. B. Milliken; 3741 for William C. M'Knight; 3559 for Jesse L. Gantt. The total vote for the district comprised of Franklin and Perry showed 6538 for Skinner; 6378 for Milliken; 6116 for M'Knight; 6005 for Gantt.

-Page 03-

Law Partnership
(Column 01)
Summary: Senator C. M. Duncan and Col. Theodore McGowan have formed a partnership to practice law.
(Names in announcement: C. M. Duncan, Col. Theodore McGowan)
Death of Capt. Brand
(Column 01)
Summary: Capt. A. J. Brand died in Harrisburg on Wednesday and his remains were brought to Chambersburg the following day. Brand had served as commanding officer of Co. K, 107th PA. "He was a good officer and a brave soldier. His regiment was distinguished for its excellent fighting qualities, being engaged in the battle of second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, and Fredericksburg."
Public Meeting--The Border Damages
(Column 01)
Summary: The convention on war damage claims that met in the Chambersburg Court House has adjourned to meet in November. Though the paper doesn't entertain high hopes of the claims being met, it urges citizens to attend and continue agitation.
Court Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Gives a brief summary of a special term of the County court, naming cases and verdicts. Gives a more detailed description of one particular case involving a Kyner family will. Ends by listing cases to be taken up later.
(Names in announcement: Judge Rowe, Frederick Foreman, Isaac Cushwa, Etter, Strealy, Eyster, Samuel Reisher, D. S. Reisher, David X. Hoffman, Samuel Hoffman, William D. Dixon, Martha Dixon, John Walker, Sarah Ann Walker, William Gillan, John GillanJr., Samuel H. Gillan, Mary Thompson, David Kyner, Alexander Duncan, Euphemia Duncan, John D. Coldsmith, Catharine Coldsmith, Jane Ann Marshal, James McCormick, Georgiana McCormick, George Kyner, John Kyner, James Kyner, Jane Kyner, Margaret Kyner, Rebecca Kyner, Alexander Kyner, Stewart, Sharpe, Brewer, Cessna, Judge King, John Henninger, David Teeter, Philip Weisner, John Sites, Alfred Mohler, Napoleon Beard, Hezekiah Palsgrove, John Lantz)
Full Text of Article:

A Special Term of the Court of Common Pleas began on Monday, the 18th inst., his Honor, Judge Rowe on the Bench. The following cases were tried during the course of the week:

Frederick Forem vs. Isaac Cushwa. capis ad respondendum. Verdict for plaintiff, $189.37.

Etter, Strealy & Eyster vs. Samuel Reisher, owner or reputed owner, with notice to D.S. Reisher terre tenant and present reputed owner. Sotre Facis on Mechanics Lien. Verdict for the Plff., $287.42.

David X. Hoffman vs. Samuel Hoffman's Administrator. Summons in Assumpsit. Verdict for the Plff., $355.63.

Wm. D. Dixon & Martha, his wife, in right of said Martha, and John Walker & Sarah Ann, his wife, in right of said Sara Ann vs. Wm. Gillan, John Gillan, Jr., and Samuel H. Gillan. Amicable action in Assumpsit. Verdict for Plff., $1485.56.

Mary Thompson, David Kyner, Alexander Duncan & Euphemia, his wife, John D. Coldsmith & Catharine, his wife, Jane Ann Marshal, James McCormick & Georgiana, his wife, children of George Kyner dec'd, and John Kyner, James Kyner, Jane Kyner, Margaret Kyner, Rebecca Kyner,-------Reside, children of Margaret Kyner and grandchildren of said George Kyner vs. Alexander Kyner. Summons in Ejectment for a farm in Southampton township containing 146 acres, being the Mansion Farm of said Geo. Kyner, dec'd, a tract of timber land in same township containing twelve acres, and a tract of mountain land containg twenty-three acres.

This last case was begun on Wednesday afternoon and was still on trial on Saturday evening, and the Court adjourned until Monday of this week. The case was argued on Monday by Messrs. Stewart and Sharpe for the Plaintiffs and Messrs Brewer and Cessna for the Defendant. It was given to the jury about three o'clock on Monday afternoon. The jury after being out all night, returned a verdict on Tuesday morning for defendant, sustaining the will.

At the conclusion of the Kyner case, his Honor, Judge King took his seat upon the Bench and after the Constable had made their returns, and motions of Counsel had been heard, the case of the Com. vs. John Henninger was taken up. This was a case of Surety of the Peace in which David Teeter was the Prosecutor. The threats made grew out of difficulties in relation to a division fence between the lands of Teeter and Henninger. The case was dismissed and each party ordered to pay his own costs.

A nolte prosequi was entered in the following cases: Com. vs. Philip Weisner--Maintaining a Nuisance. Com. vs. John Sites--Larceny. Com. vs. Alfred Mohler--Larceny. Com. vs. Napoleon Beard. et al.--Riot, and Assault and Battery. Com. vs. Hezekiah Palsgrove--Fornication and Bastardy. Com. vs. John Lantz--Disturbing Religious Meeting.

[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Lists the names of all people elected to local office in every township in Franklin county. First half of the article was cut off to a degree so some of the names were indistinct.
Full Text of Article:

The Elections held on the 12th inst., for borough, ward and township officers, resulted in the election of the following persons:

Chambersburg--Borough--Burgess, E J Bonebrake; Town Council, F S Gillespie, L B Kurtz, S F Greenawalt, Peter Creighbaum; School Directors, Jacob Henninger, Calvin Gilbert; Auditor, R P Hazelet.

North Ward.--Judge, Samuel Etter, R; Inspectors, D M Desher, W H Boyle; Constable, Philip Hamman.

South Ward.--Judge, John Gerbig. D; Inspectors, W F Eyster, J N Sillito; Justice of the Peace, H B Davidson; Constable, George M'Geehan.

Antrim.--Judge, Benj Snivel, R; Inspectors, John Wilhelm, Joseph Paxton; Supervisors, Abraham Bowim, Issac Kuhu, John Stover, Christian Hege; School Directors, D S Barnhart, I N Zimmerman; Constable, Henry Balsy; Auditor, A A Miller; Township Clerk, E D Detrich.

Greencastle.--Burgess, Joe A Davidson; Town Council, Joseph B Strickler, Wm Osbraugh, John Bert, C F Bonner, Theodore Koontz; School Directors, D Watson, Rowe, William Kreps; Justice of the Peace, A K Weir; Constable, Henry ; Auditor, Jacob L Detrich; Town Clerk, E D Detrich.

Green.--Justice of the Peace, C W ; Constable William Bittinger; Supervisors, Henry Lutz, Michael Riley, Daniel ; School Directors, William Brandt, Jacob Kauffman, A M Criswell; Auditor, Henry Sleichter; Township Clerk, Frank Besore.

Greenvillage.--Judge, William , R; Inspectors, C M Ditslear, William Wallace, Sr.

Fayetteville.--Judge, Samuel C , R; Inspectors, Adam B Winger, John .

Guilford.--Judge, David Overcastle; Inspectors, J C Snyder, A S ; School Directors, Samuel Bender, August Frommeyer; Supervisors, C J , John Reichard, Michael Ebersole; Auditor, John McFerren; Treasurer, Jeremiah ; Township Clerk, Samuel C Weaver; Constable George Stever.

Letterkenny.--Judge, Jeremiah Ashford, D; Inspectors, Wm Forbes, James S ; School Directors, Solomon , Fred'k Rife, John Besore (1 year); Supervisors, David Guyer, John S Brake, Franklin; Auditors, Peter Creamer, C M'Clellan; Township Clerk, J V B ; Justice of the Peace, Daniel Gelwith; Township Treasurer, Joseph Gilmore; Constable, Joseph Gabler.

Funnett.--Justice of the Peace, William Moulder; Constable, James M'Enes; School Directors, William Shearer, John Fleck; Supervisors, George Myers, Joseph Eckenrode; Auditor, Rober Price.

Concord.--Judge, John E Campell; Inspectors, Adam B Seibert, George M'Mullen.

Dry Run.--Judge, David Bair, R; Inspectors, T B Gasten, John Harkins.

Sulphur Spring.--Judge, Conrad Eckerod, D; Inspectors, Ezra Shoemaker, M M'Vitty.

Lurgan.--Judge, S P Shields, D; Inspectors, John H Reed, J P Miller; Supervisors, Samuel Mowery, Daniel Cover; School Directors, David Shoemaker, E D Weaver; Auditor, J H Thomas; Township Clerk; Josiah Shuman; Constable, John Breckenridge; Treasurer, John Pisle.

Metal.--Judge, A A Skinner, R; Inspectors, Frank Rosenberry, James Seibert; Justice of the Peace, Wm Noonen; School Directors, S O McCurdy, J J Hill; Supervisors, Samuel R Jones, George A Miller; Auditor, William S Harris; Treasurer, Jacob J Besore: Township Clerk, R E Typer; Constable, Adam Flagle.

Montgomery.--School Directors, James G. Rhodes, John K Keyser, John W Kuhn, Joseph M Brewer; Supervisors, John W Carbaugh, James Witherspoon, Samuel Speer; Auditor, J B Angle; Township Clerk, G W Kennedy; Constable, Thomas M Geeseman.

Mercersburg.--Judge, W Hays M'Clellan, R; Inspectors, David M'Connel, C Louderbaugh.

Welsh Run.--Judge, Louis H Henkle, D; Inspectors, D E Wolf, Daniel Brewer.

Peters.--Judge, Wm E McDowell, R; Inspectors, Geo W Etter, John Hay; Constable, Jacob Haulman; School Directors, Henry Etter, Samuel Baker; Auditor, Jacob Blattenberger; Supervisors, David Vance, Geo H Potter, James Campbell; Township Clerk, Henry Garns; Justice of the Peace, Jacob Snyder.

Loudon.--Judge, George M Stenger, D; Inspectors, Eli McCullough, Mordecai Duncan.

Quincy.--Judge, James A Cook, D; Inspectors, D D Monn, E J Shank; Justice of the Peace, Wm B Ruby; Constable, Levi Heefner; Auditor, Geo Knepper; Supervisors, John Bushman, Joseph Rock, Jacob Welsh; School Directors, Ephraim Snyder, John Henninger.

Southampton.--Justice of the Peace, Simon Bitner; School Directors, S G Breckenridge, Robert C Johnson; Supervisors, Jacob Mohler, Sr, Geo W Kable; Auditor, John Powders; Township Clerk, John N Hamilton; Constable, Hugh Smith.

Orrstown.--Judge, W A P Linn, D; Inspectors, H H Hoover, Levi Kendig.

Mt. Rock.--Judge, John Miller, D; Inspectors, Jacob Hamsher, Reynolds Wallace.

St. Thomas.--Judge, Daniel Coble, D; Inspector, F H Kerling, John V Small; Supervisors, Daniel Kunkle, Henry, Defendarfer, John Myers; School Directors, Geo Sellers, Thomas Gillan; Township Clerk, Alexander Martin; Constable, Amos Detrich; Auditor, Alburtus Hicks.

Warren.--Judge, J C Cook, D; Inspectors, Abe Zimmerman, Henry Yeakle; Constable, Joseph Phenicie; Supervisors, Jacob Bear, Peter Zimmerman; School Directors, Wm Suffacool, David Fenley, Jonathan Yeakle; Auditor, Jacob Yeakle; Township Clerk, Henry Cole; Justice of the Peace, Issac Suffacool.

Washington.--Judge, Isaac Hoke, R; Inspectors, George Summers, Henry Oaks; School Directors, David M Stoner, Christain Lesher; Supervisors, Geo T Mong, Abraham Deardorf, Daniel Potter, John Rodgers; Auditor, Henry Gilbert; Constable, H A Fisher; Justice of the Peace, George Bender.

Waynesboro'.--School Directors, E A Herring, J H Johnston; Constable, Wm F Horner.

Hamilton.--Judge, Abraham Hafer, D; Inspectors, Samuel Gillan, Henry Keeffer; School Directors, B B Picking. Samuel Overcash; Supervisors, John Rowe, Frederick Mish, William Hafer; Constable, Samuel West; Auditor, B B Picking; Township Clerk, David C Ward.

(Column 05)
Summary: Jeremiah Gossert and Mrs. Catharine R. Mentzer, both of Franklin, were married on October 17th by the Rev. John Fohl.
(Names in announcement: Jeremiah Gossert, Catharine R. Mentzer, Rev. John Fohl)
(Column 05)
Summary: Isaac Wingert and Miss Annie Dieter, both of Franklin, were married on October 14th by Rev. Dr. Schenck.
(Names in announcement: Isaac Wingert, Annie Dieter, Rev. Schenck)
(Column 05)
Summary: John Gordon and Josephine Wingert, both of Franklin, were married at the same time as the above on October 14th by the Rev. Dr. Schenck.
(Names in announcement: John Gordon, Josephine Wingert, Rev. Schenck)
(Column 05)
Summary: The Rev. S. A. Mowers, of the Pennsylvania Conference, and Miss Maria C. Gelwicks, daughter of Frederick Gelwicks from near St. Thomas, were married on October 14th at the Pleasant Retreat Parsonage by the Rev. J. M. Bishop.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. A. Mowers, Maria C. Gelwicks, Frederick Gelwicks, Rev. J. M. Bishop)
(Column 05)
Summary: Daniel Shire of Guilford and Miss Mary I. Karper of Letterkenny were married at the residence of the bride's father on October 19th by the Rev. A. H. Sherts.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Shire, Mary I. Karper, Rev. A. H. Sherts)
(Column 05)
Summary: Henry Beumont and Miss Mary C. Evans, both of Franklin, were married on October 21st by the Rev. A. Tripner.
(Names in announcement: Henry Beumont, Mary C. Evans, Rev. A. Tripner)
(Column 05)
Summary: Samuel Fisher and Mrs. Barbara Grove, both of Shady Grove, were married on October 7th.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Fisher, Barbara Grove)
(Column 05)
Summary: Ezekiel Elden and Miss Caroline Weagly were married on October 12th at the residence of the bride's parents in Waynesboro by the Rev. A. Buhrman.
(Names in announcement: Ezekiel Elden, Caroline Weagly, Rev. A. Buhrman)
(Column 06)
Summary: John R. Hoeflich and Miss M. C. Resser were married on October 19th at the residence of the bride's parents in Waynesboro by the Rev. Hibshman.
(Names in announcement: John R. Hoeflich, M. C. Resser, Hibshman)
(Column 06)
Summary: John Calemore and Miss Nervina Patterson, both of Quincy, were married on October 19th by D. B. Russell.
(Names in announcement: John Calemore, Nervina Patterson, D. B. Russell)
(Column 06)
Summary: Lewis Ritten died in Fayetteville on October 7th. He was 67 years old.
(Names in announcement: Lewis Ritten)
(Column 06)
Summary: Mrs. Annie Brake died in her home in St. Thomas on October 16th. She was 34 years old. "Sleep gently, dear mother, sleep,/Beside thy little boy,/Who was once thy tender care,/Thy fondness and thy joy."
(Names in announcement: Annie Brake)

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