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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: November 17, 1869

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Our Noble Dead
(Column 02)
Summary: Pays homage to local veterans who recently passed away, saddened by the fact that so many have died in such a short period of time.
Full Text of Article:

Death has been busy lately amid the ranks of our illustrious men. In rapid succession, some of those who have shed imperishable lustre upon the American name, have gone down to their graves. Almost before the funeral dirge was chanted for one, we have been called to mourn the loss of another. Pierce, Bell, Stewart, Wool, Pratt, Wickliffe, Peabody, Walker and Kendall, all old in years and crowned with honor, have passed that "undiscovered bourne from whence no traveller returns." Their names are associated with deeds worthy of high renown, on the field of battle, on the stormy ocean, or in the council chamber. True Americans were they all, wedded to the interests of the nation and glorying in her great name and fame. May they sleep in peace. And may we who are left behind, imitate their bright examples and follow in their footsteps, so that when the hour of our departure is at hand and our spirits are about to wander out into the death river, we, too, may approach our graves "like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper endorses the Greencastle Echo's push for a Town Hall in that borough.
Officers Elected
(Column 01)
Summary: The Chambersburg Building Association elected officers on Monday night.
(Names in announcement: W. D. Guthrie, Frank Henderson, Calvin Gilbert, R. P. Hazelett, M. A. Foltz, N. P. Grove, B. L. Maurer, William Heyser, B. F. Nead)
Episcopalian Church
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. William G. Hawkins, rector of the Episcopalian Church will preach on "National Blessings and National Duties" on Thanksgiving Day. The choir and Sunday School will provide appropriate music. On Thanksgiving evening the Sunday School will give an exhibition of the Magic Lantern for all of Chambersburg's children.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William G. Hawkins)
Railroad Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: The citizens of Metal and Fannett will meet in Fannettsburg at the public house of C. Grose to take action on extending the proposed railroad from Mercersburg to Loudon.
(Names in announcement: C. Grose, Frank Elliott, Dr. J. S. Flickinger, William Elder, James Furgeson, John McAllen, Dr. J. H. Flickinger, William S. Harris, Dr. W. B. Brown, George W. Skinner, Thomas McAllen, Daniel Skinner, David J. Skinner, Capt. J. H. Walker, James Stark, J. H. Witherow, Maj. James McCurdy, William Noonan, Noah M. Witherow, Porter Skinner)
Charles Sumner in Chambersburg
(Column 02)
Summary: Announces a lecture to be given by Senator Sumner in the next week. Doesn't like Sumner personally or politically but admits the Senator has great abilities and will likely draw a large crowd.
Full Text of Article:

Hon. Charles Sumner, United States Senator from Massachusetts, will deliver a lecture in Repository Hall on the evening of Thursday, the 25th inst. His subject will be, "The Question of Caste." There will, of course, be a great desire on the part of our people, to see and hear the distinguished Senator. He has, for a long time, been a prominent actor on the stage of National politics. And although we cannot commend his political doctrines, or admire his political career, yet we must acknowledge his ability, and confess to an anxiety on our own part, to bear him for ourselves. The subject announced will afford him ample scope for the presentation of his ideas of the proper theory of government, as well as exultation at the success of those who have adopted his own political notions. The lecture will, doubtless, be replete with the political experience of the lecturer at the National Capitol.

This lecture is in conjunction with the famous Star Course of Philadelphia, a series of discourses which has been the source of great attraction in that City as far as it has gone. We do not doubt that a large audience will assemble in the Hall to hear Mr. Sumner. Tickets, 50 cents. Reserved seats, 75 cents.

(Column 02)
Summary: The First Lutheran Church will open for worship on November 21st after having undergone extensive renovation. A new front has been added to the gallery and a new pulpit has been constructed.
(Names in announcement: V. McCoy, L. B. Eyster, Frank Henderson, J. W. Seibert, Frank Keagy, Henninger)
(Column 05)
Summary: John P. Grove of Hamilton died on November 6th. He was 53 years old.
(Names in announcement: John P. Grove)
(Column 05)
Summary: Mrs. Rachel Annie Fleming, wife of Robert Fleming from near Shade Gap, died at the residence of her father, Andrew Campbell, near Dry Run on October 17th. She was 35 years old.
(Names in announcement: Rachel Annie Fleming, Robert Fleming, Andrew Campbell)
(Column 05)
Summary: Mrs. Jane C. Denison, formerly of Franklin, died in Dauphin County on November 11th.
(Names in announcement: Jane C. Denison)

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