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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: May 25, 1870

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The New York Elections. Victory for White Men.
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper hails Democratic electoral victories across the state of New York as a blow to Radicals and a "victory for white men." "Although some fifteen thousand negroes were clothed with the right of suffrage and exercised it in support of the Radical candidates, twice that number of white men came out from the ranks of the Radical organization, and, enlisting under the banner of the White Men's Party, fought the good fight with courage and unswerving zeal, and won a most glorious victory. White men have made up their minds to rule this country."
A Bill to Imprison White Men so as to Let Negroes Vote
(Column 01)
Summary: Denounces laws passed in Congress for enforcing the 15th amendment, claims its an assault on state sovereignty. Claims the only way to reverse the situation and save white rights is to vote for the Democrats.
Full Text of Article:

So obnoxious is the Fifteenth Amendment to the white people of the country, that Congress finds it necessary to pass the most stringent bill for its enforcement. The pains and penalties prescribed by the Act that recently passed the Senate are terrible. These "wards of the nation" are to be protected in the exercise of the right of suffrage in every State, territory, district, municipality, or other territorial sub-division, no matter what may be contained in any constitution, law, custom, usage or regulation of any State of Territory to the contrary. Congress, at one sweep, wipes out the power of any State to regulate the elective franchise within its limits for any purpose. If this is not a centralization of power in the General Government equal to any demand ever made by the original advocates of that theory, we fail to understand the effect of this new measure. Why it is almost as much as a white man's liberty is worth for him to attempt to challenge a negro's vote, for he may be construed to be hindering him in the exercise of the right of suffrage. White men, the only privilege you have left, and the Lord only knows how long this may be left to you, is to vote against the party that forces such a monstrosity upon you. Your necks are under the heels of these Radical fanatics. They do not stop to reason. They are hurried on by passion from one outrage to another. And, if allowed to go on unchecked they will undertake ere long to disfranchise those who dare to vote against their nefarious schemes. New York has led off gloriously. Conservative men of Franklin County, cast in your lot with us and help us to crush the Radical demagogues who pretend to represent Pennsylvania in Congress. Let us teach them that the white men of the old Keystone State have rights which they are determined shall be respected. Join with us in the cry, White men must rule America.

Grant's Insult to Hancock
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper criticizes Grant for refusing to award General Winfield Scott Hancock command of a division. Grant based his decision on political differences. In the opinion of the editor, the move dishonors a war hero and "reflects disgrace upon the nation."
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper asserts that the Republicans are ignoring the needs of German and Irish voters in their pursuit of African American voters. "White men--naturalized citizens and Americans born--let us join hands to defeat these negro-worshipers. Let white men rule America."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: George Eyster, Assistant Treasurer at Philadelphia, visited Chambersburg last week.
(Names in announcement: George Eyster)
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. S. N. Callender has resigned as pastor of the Reformed Church at Greencastle. His health is not good.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. N. Callender)
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper applauds the decision to extend cemetery closing hours until 7:00.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: George Bender, Justice of the Peace at Waynesboro, died on May 12th after being "attacked by apoplexy." "He was a worthy citizen and a very useful man."
(Names in announcement: George Bender)
Franklin County Cases
(Column 01)
Summary: The Supreme Court heard the following Franklin County cases: Jacob Barncord and E. Emerson vs. Maria Parker, judgement affirmed; Gillan's Executors vs. W. D. Dixon and wife and John Walker and wife, judgement affirmed; Bitner vs. Bitner, judgement affirmed.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Barncord, E. Emerson, Maria Parker, W. D. Dixon, John Walker, Bitner)
The Beautiful!
(Column 01)
Summary: An exhibition of art and photography will be held in Repository Hall this week. The Silver Cornet Band will perform. A Saturday afternoon exhibition will be held for children and those who cannot attend at night.
Old Citizens Gone
(Column 01)
Summary: Samuel Mohler died in Orrstown on May 8th. He was 80 years old. "He was an upright man, a consistent Christian, having been a member of the Lutheran Church for upwards of sixty years." Ex-sheriff Jacob S. Brown died in Chambersburg last week. "Mr. Brown was elected Sheriff of this County in 1856 and served three years. On the election of Sheriff Fletcher in 1868, Mr. Brown was appointed Deputy Sheriff and served in that capacity up to the beginning of his recent illness."
(Names in announcement: Samuel Mohler, Jacob S. Brown)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: "Public Opinion" asserts that the mechanics of Franklin County have not been paying for their papers. "We are happy to say that there is no class of men who pay for the Spirit more promptly than the mechanics. If any of them do not pay for the Opinion, there are likely two reasons for it. One is because their names have been put upon its subscription lists without their orders, and the other is because they do not consider it worth paying for."
After the Negro Vote
(Column 02)
Summary: Prints a letter from Cessna to the black voters in Chambersburg, clamoring for their support. Claims that will not help him because whites are flocking to the Democratic party to protest the 15th amendment.
(Names in announcement: John Cessna)
Full Text of Article:

Some weeks ago we stated that immediately upon the issuing of the proclamation announcing the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment, John Cessna began a correspondence with the colored men of Chambersburg with a view to procuring their votes. We now have the pleasure of laying before our readers one of the letters since addressed to a colored man in this Borough, by the Honorable John's Secretary. It seems that the member from the 16th Congressional District is able to keep a clerk for the simple purpose of conducting his correspondence with the negroes and "sending them all the speeches and documents he may have." Cessna wants a list of these voters for the purpose of calculating his chances for re-election. We tell him now that if he gets 800 negro votes in this Congressional District, it will not save him. He ought to strain his ear and listen to the mutterings of discontent that are coming up from the throats of white men who voted for him before, but who have now joined the "white men's party," and, of course, intend to tomahawk him next time. Let him get 500 negro votes in Franklin County, if he can, and we will still beat him 800 here without any trouble. Every day white men are declaring their purpose to quit the rotten hulk of Radicalism. These men will vote the straight Democratic ticket. But these are not all that will strike at John Cessna. Go where you will in this County you can hardly meet a man who speaks well of him. He is as deeply despised as any man within the range of our acquaintance. How well he will run among the Republicans can be predicted from this state of facts. But here is the letter:

May 2, 1870.

Dear Sir: This package of speeches is from the Hon. Jno. Cessna, who desires that you distribute them among the colored voters in Chambersburg. They are the speeches of Hon. Mr. Revels the U.S. Senator from Miss., the colored man who has held that very high and exalted position.

Mr. Cessna requested that you have a list of all the colored voters in Chambersburg made out and sent to him, as he wants to send them all the speeches and documents he may have. Please attend to this at once and send on as many names as possible and direct your letters to Hon. Jno. Cessna, Washington D.C.

Habeas Corpus Case
(Column 03)
Summary: Samuel Rohrer, charged with assault and battery and attempt to commit rape upon Miss Harriet Mackey, was brought before Judge Rowe on a writ of habeas corpus. He was committed to jail in default of $1000 bail. Kimmell and Reilly handled the defense.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Rohrer, Harriet Mackey, Judge Rowe, Kimmell, Reilly)
(Column 03)
Summary: Expresses disappointment and disgust at a Democratic Board of Commissioners selecting a Republican as Assessor. Counted on Democrats following Democratic principles, sees this recent action as a failure of that mission.
(Names in announcement: John Doebler, George Foreman, William Flory, John Rhodes)
Full Text of Article:

Mr. John Doebler was elected last Fall as the Assessor of this Borough.--Owing to private reasons, he resigned his position recently. It became the duty of the Commissioners to appoint an Assessor. They appointed Mr. George Foreman. A Board having a Democratic majority selects an extreme Radical as Assessor. Here was the opportunity to insure an honest registration of the voters of this Borough by the appointment of some faithful and competent Democrat, and especially was it important because of the addition to the registry of the names of the colored voters. A Democrat would have prevented the registration of those negroes who, we understand, are to be imported from Maryland to help to beat white men.

When Democrats elect men to office they expect them to carry out the principles of the party, or at least to do nothing that will tend to the defeat of those principles.

Contrast with this the action of a Republican Board a few years ago. Mr. Wm. Flory had been elected Assessor of this Borough. He died, and a Republican Board appointed Mr. John Rhodes, dec'd., a thorough Republican. That party never does such foolish things as a matter of personal favor.

We are heartily sick of, and disgusted at this kind of Democracy. We regret that we obliged to write thus, on account of our personal relations with the Democratic Commissioners, but it has become a necessity. The Democracy can not overlook such a want of fidelity to their interests.

Decoration Day
(Column 03)
Summary: Reports on the preparations for Decoration Day. Prints the names of the men involved, their requests for local men and women to contribute flowers and flags for the graves, and the schedule of events to take place.
(Names in announcement: John A. Selders, T. M. Mahon, Harry Strickler, George Wampler, S. W. Hays, D. F. Lesher, J. L. P. Deitrich, Dr. G. F. Platt, Daniel Glass, H. W. Houser, Solomon Swert, Jere Donavan, John Shinefield, Dr. S. G. Lane, G. W. Welsh, W. Clugston, S. G. Barnes, T. J. Grimison, George W. Skinner, Thad M. Mahon, Col. Theodore McGowan, George W. Skinner, John A. Selders, Lieut. G. F. Platt, Lt. George W. Welsh)
Full Text of Article:

At a meeting, on Monday evening last, of the Committee appointed by the soldiers to make arrangements for the ceremonies attending the decoration of the soldiers' graves in this place, on Monday next, the following committees were appointed:

Committee to mark the graves of soldiers and place flags over the same--John A. Selders, T. M. Mahon, Harry Strickler, Geo. Wampler.

Committee on Invitations and Music--S. W. Hays, D. F. Lesher, J.L.P. Deitrich, Dr. G.F. Platt.

Committee to see to the tolling of the bells--Daniel Glass, D. W. Houser, Solomon Swert, Jere. Donovan, John Shinefield.

Committee to secure an orator for the occasion--Dr. S.G. Lane, G. W. Welsh, W. Clugston, S. G. Barnes.

The different secret societies and the citizens generally are cordially invited to appear in the procession, and to take part in the ceremonies of the day.

The following circular has been addressed especially to the ladies:
"Strew Garlands of Flowers around each sleeping Hero's Grave."

CHAMBERSBURG, May 23, 1870.

To the Ladies of Chambersburg:--At a meeting of the Soldiers of the Borough of Chambersburg, held Monday evening May 16th, the undersigned were appointed a Committee to invite the Ladies to join with them in procuring flowers for the purpose of strewing the graves of those of our Soldiers who sleep in our midst. The Committee remember with gratitude and pleasure your noble response on former occasions, and take this method of reminding you of the return of the Annual Decoration Day, believing that this alone will be necessary to insure a liberal donation of choice flowers and boquets. The living comrades of our gallant dead desire to make the coming occasion one of peculiar interest. They realize that one after another the years are setting down over their passionless mounds and over the events which called so many of them from life to death, hence they believe that on each successive occasion redoubled efforts should be made to keep alive the memory of their invaluable services.

"A debt of gratitude we owe
To them--is justly due--
And till our nation's latest day,
Our children's children still shall say,
They died for me and you."
T. J. Grimison,
Geo. W. Skinner,
Thad. M. Mahon,

Contributions of Flowers will be left in Repository Hall between the hours of 8 and 12 A. M., on Monday next.

Col. Theodore McGowan, Chief Marshall, has appointed as his aid Capt Geo. W. Skinner, Sergt. John A. Selders, Lieut. G. F. Platt, Lieut. Geo. W. Welsh.

The procession will form in front of the Court House, at 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon next, and move off in two detachments, one to decorate all graves South of Market street, and the other all North of Market street, when they will join in the Diamond and proceed to the cemetery, where the oration will be delivered.

The procession will then countermarch to the Court House and be dismissed.

The Orrstown Election
(Column 03)
Summary: Takes offense at Radical declarations of a recent victory for their party in the Orrstown elections. Insists the Radical members were only elected because they supported certain improvement measures with Democrats and not because they carried any weight with the local voters.
Full Text of Article:

ORRSTOWN, May 20, 1870.

Editors Spirit:--The local editor of the Repository last week took advantage of a little progressive movement in our Borough and styled it a Radical victory, desiring to convey the impression that because two Radicals had been elected, "Orrstown, the former stronghold of Democracy, ratifies the fifteenth amendment." This is an impression far from being correct, and I think a mere statement of the facts will at once set the matter in its proper light.

A regular ticket was nominated by the Democrats at their convention, but as this ticket was composed entirely of men opposed to certain improvements, on the following day a ticket was formed of men favoring these improvements, made up in part of the regularly nominated ticket and besides containing the two Radicals elected. As but little interest is manifested in our Borough elections, it was no matter of surprise to those who got afloat the new ticket to know that it was elected by a small majority. But it was a matter of much surprise to those of us who supported this ticket to have it heralded about as a Radical victory and every Democrat who voted for it, most severely condemns this unkind act of our Radical neighbors. Not a half dozen Radical votes were polled, yet they cry because of a mere local success, "Radical victory." The truth is, were an election to be held in our Borough to-day both of these men would meet with a most inglorious defeat. There is no complaint of them as public officers, but it certainly is a question of honesty whether they did right in proclaiming themselves victorious champions of the Radical party because a mere local matter without any regard to politics, was the sole reason for their selection.

Neither Mr. Dehart or Mr. Kniseley, the successful Radicals, owe their election to their personal popularity or any superior qualification they possess over their defeated opponents (as the Repository would have its readers belive) but only because they were supporters of this new measure. It is but justice to the Democrats who supported this ticket to have these facts made known, that it may be plainly understood that they voted for no Radical for political reasons, and that they consider it unmanly and unjust in the successful Radicals to have so attempted to construe it before the public. Probably the astute correspondent of the Repository will find Orrstown not as entirely given up to the reprobateness of Radicalism, when he comes before its people again for their suffrages.

Hoping this may fully explain away "the ratification victory," I am truly yours,
A Supporter of the

(Column 05)
Summary: George S. Doran and Miss Elizabeth M. Appleby, both of Burnt Cabins, were married on May 19th by the Rev. J. A. Crawford.
(Names in announcement: George S. Doran, Elizabeth M. Appleby, Rev. J. A. Crawford)
(Column 05)
Summary: J. D. Kegerreis and Miss Nannie J. Kunesman, both of Spring Run, were married on May 12th by the Rev. William A. West.
(Names in announcement: J. D. Kegerreis, Nannie J. Kunesman, Rev. William A. West)
(Column 05)
Summary: David H. Lehman and Miss Maria Frey, both of Chambersburg, were married on May 19th by the Rev. Dr. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: David H. Lehman, Maria Frey, Rev. Dr. Schneck)
(Column 05)
Summary: A. M. Dubbs and Miss Lizzie Aller, both of Burnt Cabins, Fulton County, were married in Chambersburg at the National Hotel on May 19th by the Rev. David Townsend of the Church of God.
(Names in announcement: A. M. Dubbs, Lizzie Aller, Rev. David Townsend)
(Column 05)
Summary: Samuel Strock and Mrs. Catherine Foutz, both of Hamilton, were married on May 19th at the Parsonage of the Grindstone Hill Pastorate by the Rev. A. C. Felker.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Stock, Catherine Foutz, Rev. A. C. Felker)
(Column 05)
Summary: B. F. Groover and Miss Maggie Snyder, both of Hamilton, were married on May 19th at the Parsonage of the Grindstone Hill Pastorate by the Rev. A. C. Felker.
(Names in announcement: B. F. Groover, Maggie Snyder, Rev. A. C. Felker)
(Column 06)
Summary: David Brandt died at his residence in St. Thomas on May 13th. He was 71 years old.
(Names in announcement: David Brandt)
(Column 06)
Summary: Miss Isabella McCartney died near Spring Run on May 9th. She was 79 years old.
(Names in announcement: Isabella McCartney)
(Column 06)
Summary: Miss Hannah E. Sharper died at the residence of her father on May 18th. She was 18 years old.
(Names in announcement: Hannah E. Sharper)

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